OUT: Richo, Wallace and bad times. IN: D Martin, Hardwick and FINALS!

By Jeff Paterson.

Well, I’ve been reading the newspaper (mostly the Herald sun) and reading what they’ve had to say on the internet – and something’s come to my attention. For the first time in quite a while Richmond, the team I’ve supported most of my life, isn’t getting talked up to do anything spectacular this year. This time last year a lot of tipsters and commentators and the like were tipping Richmond to finish in the top 8; they ended up finishing 15th.

Although this year it’s a totally different story, I don’t know if it’s the departure of the Tigers favourite son Richo, or if it’s just everyone has stopped believing in them. But the Tigers are now getting tipped to finish in the bottom 4 and even to get the wooden spoon which they’ve have collected twice recently-  in 2004 and again in 2007.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I think it is a good thing all the hype is off them. But is it going to stay that way? That’s a different story, especially when the Tigers have chopped and changed coaches so much, Terry Wallace being the last coach shown the door, and all the mishaps and stories about Wallace and the players. What a horrid time that must have been for the club.

Now though, it’s looking like there could be some light at the end of the tunnel for the Tiges, with Damien Hardwick signed as the new head coach. They have also drafted reasonably wel,l taking Dustin Martin with pick 3, Ben Griffiths with pick 19 and David Astbury with pick 35. Dustin Martin is the standout. He is a tough nut who also has great skills, and he will work well with the 2004 number 1 draft pick, Brett Deledio and the 2007 number 2 draft pick, Trent Cotchin.

And then there’s the biggest question of them all – just who will fill Richo’s spot in the team? I think that it’s time for Jack Riewoldt to take another big step forward and become a 50-60 goals a year full forward. He is only a mid-range player at the moment and I think it’s time for him to step out of his cousin Nick’s shadow and make a name for himself!

In all I think Richmond will actually go quite well this year, but I seem to be the only one. I’m predicting them to finish 7th.

Oh and don’t forget – Go the Tiges!

About jeffrey paterson

I'm 15 and I live in a little town called Numurkah. I play footy for Katunga under 17s and i play forward and back. I support the mighty Richmond Tigers and my favourite player is Dustin Martin because he wears my number 36 ;).


  1. Nice work. You forgot to mention Jayden Post, he’ll be a good foil for Richo.

  2. Thanks Josh. Ah yes Post could go alright this year, showed glimpses of what he could do last year.

  3. Gday, my name’s Adam, I’m new to this site, a Tiger fan like yourself.
    Yeah I think Posty has a massive upside in the AFL, I’m tipping him to be one of the Tiges big improvers in 2010. Him and Cotchin and Jack.

  4. Stephen Cooke says

    Why is Justin Kochitzke still getting a game when Kayne Pettifer was delisted? They have both had a brilliant patch of four games in one season followed by years of mediocrity and inconsistency. Why the double standards? Poor old Kayne.

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