Worth the trip: Tiges too good in a thriller

In my mind there is nothing better than making the 2 and a half to 3 hour trip down to Melbourne just to go watch the footy, and it’s made better that Dad and I are going down in the Torana which is mine when I get my license so I just recently spent $1500 on getting the interior done. I make sure I’ve got all my tiger gear including my Richmond shirt, jumper, jacket, beanie with dreads and my old faithful scarf. Dad and I jump in the Torana on the new leather seats as mum waves us goodbye we head off for the big drive. We get to Nagambie where we usually stop but I’d rather stop at Wallan and dad knew it so he just kept going. When we get to Wallan dad asks what I was going to get, “Maccas.” I replied. We order and while we wait I look outside and walking in is a mate from footy, John Russo. We have a chat while we eat then we bid our farewells and it’s back on the road for Dad and I.

We finally reach our destination of my uncle and aunts house in Doreen after a couple of hours of waiting we decide to go catch the train. We get on the train and get to Flinders Street where everyone gets off except for us, my uncle and cousins assure us that the train will keep going to Southern Cross, coming from the bush dad and I trust him but I’m sure this train is going to end up going the other way. The train doesn’t move for 5 minutes and when it does the computer voice says “Stopping all stops to Hurstbridge.” We all had a bit of a chuckle when we get to Jolimont we all get off only to get on another train just to go back to flinders where it stops again so we make sure we get off it this time. Some bloke says that there fixing the tracks and we have to catch a train on the other side. So after all that we get to Southern Cross, we walk to Etihad get our seats Level 1 aisle 16 row K and I was seat 63.

The first quarter kicks off and straight away North look dominant over the young tigers, Petrie kicked the first of the game and went through our three main defenders in the first 15 minutes. Mcguane, Rance and Grimes all failed to stay in front of the North Big man and he was marking everything and with Hansen going well as well they made the Tiger defence look very ordinary. Richmond’s forward line didn’t look half as strong but around the ground you would say Richmond was on a par with North, Jack kicked Richmond’s only goal for the quarter and for North Petrie kicked 2, Hansen, Cunnington and Swallow all kicked singles.  As I got up to get a drink this big security guard grabs me and explains this is where the North coaches run down, as I waited for Brad Scott and his fellow coaches ran down I’m proud of myself that I didn’t say anything because at this point in time I wasn’t a happy camper. I check my phone ‘You have 1 new message.’ I check it all though I know who it’s from and what it says, Josh Barnstable: “Use are getting flogged J”, I decide to turn my phone off.

I find my seat next to my already over-confident cousin who insists that the love of her life Wells will dominate this quarter, I just laugh that comment off. The ball goes up and Angus Graham one of my least favourite players decides he’s going to fall over instead of jumping up and going for the ball, I mumble some inappropriate words. As I calm down and start watching the match it looks like Richmond are having more of a ‘crack’ this quarter we get the first goal after a shocking kick from Brady Rawlings lands in the hands of Bachar Houli who handballs it about 20 metres to Jack who then un-selfishly hands it off to Jake ‘the push-up’ King. Unfortunately for me and Richmond Petrie is still smashing us and he kicks another 2 goals this quarter, Richmond were much better then North this quarter, we made fewer mistakes and added more pressure which seen us go into the long break 10 points down. As we head out so Dad and my uncle can have a smoke we bump into some old friends and we have a chat with them before I know it I hear the siren so my Daniel-Wells-loving cousin and I head back in to our seats for the premiership quarter.

We find our seats and my cousin makes sure I know Daniel Wells is her favourite and that she wants to marry him, I reassure her that she is only 17 and he is older so it won’t happen she disagrees. Richmond kick the first two goals of the quarter through Matt White and Jake ‘the push-up’ King and I can hear my uncle 4 seats away get angry. We keep Petrie quiet which was pleasing, then Wells got the ball ran into the corner of the square and bombed home a long range goal, my cousin sure did let me know about that one my ears are still ringing from the ‘WELLSY!!!!!! THAT’S WHY I LOVE HIM!!’ That was one hell of a goal though, but straight after it I had something to cheer about Dustin Martin kicked his first after he got the crumbs and dribbled it through this guy is a star. North finished the quarter more strong and went into the final break with a 2 goal lead, Richmond were paying $3.00 which my uncle and I reckon is an absolute joke. Although he is a North supporter he thought we were going to run all over them and so did I.

And that is exactly what we did, 7 goals to 2 in the last quarter with Dustin Martin kicking another 2 goals to end up with 4 and 30 plus touches Jack kicked 5 goals and got oodles of contested touches and took a few hangers and Cotchin again proved that he is an out and out star. When the final siren went I jumped around and sang the song loud and like everyone I sang YELLOW AND BLACK louder. We made our way out of the ground I shake my uncles hand and just give a cheesy grin to my cousin and say yellow and black. I update my facebook status Josh Barnstable stated that he wasn’t happy with me and that I shouldn’t text him, I did though saying ‘YELLOW AND BLACK! Use got flogged hahahaha!’ Again he stated he didn’t want to talk. It sure was worth the trip down to see that great win and get bragging rights.

Final Scores:

Richmond: 1.3.9-6.8.44-10.10.70-17.10.112

North Melbourne: 5.1.31-8.6.54-12.11.83-14.19.103

Best Players:

Richmond: Martin, Cotchin, Riewoldt, King and Foley

North Melbourne: Swallow, Petrie, Harvey and Rawlings

My Votes:

3. Dustin Martin- Great game from the former number 36, 34 touches and 4 goals, this bloke is a star.

2. Drew Petrie- Second best game I’ve seen him play live the best was when he kicked 6 in the first quarter of a match though. Played a great match and made Richmond’s backline look very ordinary.

1. Trent Cotchin- With a full pre-season this season he is really showing why he was taken at number 2 in the 07 draft, adds a bit of toughness and class to Richmond.

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I'm 15 and I live in a little town called Numurkah. I play footy for Katunga under 17s and i play forward and back. I support the mighty Richmond Tigers and my favourite player is Dustin Martin because he wears my number 36 ;).


  1. Terrific footy yarn, Jeff. I love the innocense and loyalty which allows you to describe your Tiges scarf as ‘old faithful’. I think your screaming Wells-loving cousin should meet Danni for a latte and a yack about pin-up footy players. Great to see a win. Poor old Josh.

  2. Cheers John :)

  3. I hate this article.

  4. Haha, chin up Barney :)

  5. Jake 'Cobba' Stevens says

    Sounds like a good day out Jeff! :)

    Man! Those trains can be annoying! Sometimes I wish there was a train that went straight from my house directly to the MCG (or etihad in this case) non stop. Now wouldn’t that be nice and simple!

    Jake Stevens fun fact #4: Haha by the way my mum and her family used to own the old general store/milkbar in Doreen.

  6. It sure was Cobba, yeah trains get on ya nerves a bit when ya in a rush. Haha I’ve never actually been in there but thats awesome

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