Footy: I’ve got my number

By Jeffrey Paterson

Number 36 is not highly fought after at any club, really. Simon Goodwin, Dane Swan, Aaron Davey and Dustin Martin are the players that spring to mind when I think of the AFL players who don the number 36. Also it’s the number I don for my team the Katunga Swans, although before 2007 I didn’t even think of wearing the great number that is 36.

As a youngster in primary school I was always a fan of 12 (Richo) and 21 (Tucky). But when it came to school sports I wore 7 because of Browny.

7 was a lucky number for me. I kicked bags of goals for the school in year 6 as full forward. Until our game against St.Josephs that year I kicked it and it was looking like it was going to sneak through the big sticks when something shocking happened. The right hand goal post moved! I didn’t believe it I was shattered and after that match I decided 7 wasn’t the number for me.

In 2007 I decided it’s about time I went out and played footy with the big boys. I got to the first training session in, and decided on 31 for no reason at all. Then the lady who signed me up said we have a number 36 out the back in your size; you can change it to 31 if you want. I decided to give 36 a crack.

My first match we played against the cellar dwellers Wunghnu. I was chosen to play in the back pocket and I didn’t get a touch until 5 mins to go. I got moved to the forward pocket and found myself in plenty of space. The ball was ball kicked to me, I dropped the mark, picked it up and ran until about 10 metres out just to make sure, I put it on the boot . . .  GOAL !! I ran off celebrating, as I’m known for, and 36 is a keeper.

Ever since then 36 has been, and hopefully will be, my number my whole career.

About jeffrey paterson

I'm 15 and I live in a little town called Numurkah. I play footy for Katunga under 17s and i play forward and back. I support the mighty Richmond Tigers and my favourite player is Dustin Martin because he wears my number 36 ;).


  1. I swear that goalpost moved that day

  2. It DID!!!!
    I was pretty shattered.
    1 of the worst things that have happened to me.

  3. I was shattered that day too, remember i kicked the first goal of the game and was lining up for my second and the umpire restarted the game coz the timekeeper had forgot to start the timer?

  4. Yer that was shattering lol.
    And was that the same game we all thought you kicked the winning goal but you didnt ?

  5. Hey Jeff nice piece.
    i have my number too, number 9.
    I love it so much :)

  6. I dunno, lets not talk about that missed goal

  7. Thanks Danielle.
    Number 9 is a good choice is it because of Jack Anthony ?
    An Josh you need to deal with it lol

  8. yeah, for 17 years i have been numberless untill Jack kicked the sealer against the Crows, that was the defining moment when i said that i would not only get a number but get a number 9.

  9. Sounds good recon he can get 60-70 goals this year?

  10. Sure he can if he leads more often and keeps up his accuracy. :)
    i hope he can :)

  11. He is almost a certainty for my supercoach team :)

  12. There’s a picture of Anthony blubbering like a baby in the Side by Side book

  13. yeah Same for me Jeff, i havent played Supercoach b4 but i might give it a try this year.

    Josh- he is a babyyyy!! my babyyyyy!! :)
    nawwwwwwwwww i love Superman!

  14. I can take a picture of the picture and email u if u want..even though that’d mean you would die..

    I’m thinking of writing a report on the differences of Dream team and Supercoach

  15. naww yes please!!
    i havent died for a while….
    :) lol
    this morning not knowing what time Fed was going to play the second i woke up and went into the lounge dad was laughing he goes
    “Well Danielle’s up right in time for the Federer match, theres a shocker!”

  16. You died last night.

    Lol so many people would be going crazy if Federer lost to an unknown opponent.

    Status – annoyed at the fact Jeff’s house got visited by mr. whippy

  17. :D:D I’m bloody rapt that happened !!! I thought he was gonna drive straight past so i just casually walked onto the middle of the road lol !

  18. ohh yeah lol i forget cos i die a lot. :P

    lol u guys are so random

  19. ^15: Hahahaha your Dad’s a funny guy Danielle

    There’s no way I’m putting Anthony in my Supercoach. Who would consider that?

  20. Mr. Whippy dosn’t visit us much we have to make the most of it.
    Dw Josh I’m sure he’ll think of you. . 1 day :)

  21. I would Adam he should be cheap and score 60plus a week hopefully

  22. I suspect he’ll go great some weeks and shithouse in others. He went terrible this finals series.

  23. lol yeah i got sarcasm for breakfast!

    ofcorse i would have Jack in my supercoach team, HES MY SUPERMAN!

  24. I think he’ll go alright most weeks a go shizzen for only a few weeks should be a good though

  25. I’d rather have Jack Riewoldt.

  26. …Riewoldt????!!!!!

    Josh, he said RIEWOLDT!!

  27. I’m getting Jack Riewoldt and Jack Anthony lol

  28. Adam…me and the Riewoldts..we dont go down well..theres been history.

  29. Jeffrey are you getting Jack Watts?

  30. Do you have some sort of grudge against rangas Danni?

  31. Michael Allan says

    lol, well where comparing to super coach dud’s here. I guess I’d take Riewoldt because he’d be more likely to move up the ground. Wouldn’t take either though. I’m against supercoach CHF’s. We should have our own league this year.

  32. Ummm i’m actuall thinking about it adam ! lol he’ll prob sit on my bench though

  33. no not rangas but i do against RIEWOLDTS!!

    lol are u a ranga Adam?

  34. Michael Allan says

    lol she certainly does Adam. She can’t stand em.

  35. Michael Allan says

    Speaking of Riewoldt’s Nick was sitting in Stosur’s booth last night.

  36. Watts will definitely be the cheapest, so he’d actually be the one I’d consider most. Riewoldt’s put on some muscle this preseason I hear.

    Yeah we should have our own league…do you reckon we’d be able to get 16?

  37. Michael you need some duds in your team wait for there price to go up and trade them thats what i do anyway.

  38. No Danielle, I am not a ranga. Although it would be funny if I was, we’d have 2 Richmond supporting ranga’s here then!

  39. It was actually this morning Michael when Nick was in Sams booth they went to Primary school together

  40. lol my team is going to be the best looking team ever!

  41. Michael Allan says

    Well I know that Jeff but I wouldn’t get those duds, I don’t like my cheap players as full time forwards. I’d rather get flankers who get their points from possies rather than goals. Just my philosophy.

  42. Good idea Danni, I hear they’re giving out points for good looks this season. Guess that means no-one will pick Ben Hudson.

  43. or Nick Riewoldt

  44. This is my potential forward line for supercoach/dreamteam (are use all doing supercoach? If so, i’ll go with that then. Steve’s the only one doing dreamteam)

    HF: M. LeCras–J. Brown–N. Riewoldt
    FF: L. Davis–M. Pavlich–B. Cunnington
    Reserves: T. Notte–Lew. Jetta

  45. no worries michael

  46. Ziebell was a good forward last season, he got most of his points from disposals.

  47. Michael Allan says

    lol yeah, Stosur played today my bad.

    that’s alot of money used up on your forward line Josh.

    Ben Hudson’s a babe.

  48. By the way, does anyone know when we can start making teams for SC or DT?

    jeff, someone got killed where we stayed at on camp. That Marla place

  49. thats 1 very expensive forward line josh if i was you i’d use more money on my mids

  50. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I had Ziebell. Bit annoyed about Dane Swan, he can be a forward for the AA team but not for the SC team.

  51. I think DT starts around the start of Feb Josh, not sure about SC.
    Also, you have 9 forwards in DT.
    Is Cunnington a forward?

  52. HF: J.Brown- J.Anthony- L.Franklin
    FF- P.Medhurst- A.Monfries – A.Didak

  53. FRUIT really ?

  54. Michael Allan says

    Don’t help him Jeff.

  55. Gay much Michael? Lol

    Yeah, the forward line is where you get the majority of your points from. I might actually delete J. Brown from that list, might give me some money to put S. Hill, Ziebell and C. Masten in my midfield

  56. Gone a bit light on the Collingwood players eh Danni?

  57. Michael Allan says

    you have 9 forwards in SC aswell. Because you need someone on the bench. (not the reserves)

    Haha if Danni makes a team she wont make any trades after Round 2 and it will be Collingwood biased.

    What did you guys average last year?

  58. Danni sometimes you have to go with your head in SC, don’t pick Medhurst, he won’t get you much points.

    I loved how i could get Bradshaw and Roughead in my backline last year lol.

    Yeah they crashed on the Ramp Highway

  59. worried about you.. LMAOOO

    Adam, what are you trying to say? lol

  60. Brett Deledio should be in every1s midfield and make him captain ;)

  61. Hang on a sec…checking my Supercoach from last year…

    I averaged 2081 points per game and came about 10,600th overall.

  62. Michael Allan says

    lol I kept the faith in lid’s last year cause he went down in value so much there was no ppoint getting rid of him. He came good at the end of the year.

  63. …but Josh Medders is said to be injury free atm! :)

  64. Danni I was expecting you to put in more Pies than you did :)

    Jeffrey: I’m putting Deledio in my mids, unless he’s a forward like last year :)

  65. Thats no good then Josh is it.. .
    Marla was where we watched the Brownlow last year and i was commentatin it LOL !

  66. Deledio is overrated

    I reckon we could rack up enough Almanac members for a full league, and throw in Kevin Sheedy as well lol

  67. ohhh okay lol i thought u were being sarcastic.
    do ya recon i can get away with prince William in the ruck? lol

  68. Yer good on ya adam ! and make him your captain !! he will get you 300 a game mate he will be like gazza this year IMO

  69. DELEDIO is NOT overrated!! :(

  70. Dlids isnt overrated he will have a real go this year and blow every1 away you watch

  71. You mean William Minson Danni? Yeah he would be a good buy for the Ruck

  72. Prince Willy is pretty tall, not sure if he will be a consistent scorer next year though :P

  73. no Josh i mean PRINCE WILLIAM OF ENGLAND!!
    lol just ask ur mum if ur confuzzled! :P

  74. That’s what Cousins, Richo and Foley were supposed to do last year (Cousins was good, didn’t blow everyone away)

  75. Michael Allan says

    That’s better than me Adam. My average was only 1939 point. I was proud of getting Dane Swan at round 1 though.

  76. Well he doesn’t handle footballs very well, did you see what happened to him in NZ? LOL

  77. Well done Danielle :D

  78. Deledio will be our best SC scorer next season, but he won’t be Ablett standard. Ablett has the advantage of playing in a top team.

    Apparently Prince William is 6’3 tall…

  79. Watch yaself Josh or ill get me mate Dan Jackson onto ya and he’ll chicken wing ya !

  80. lol Josh ill fix that!
    lol..what did i do Jeff?
    hmmm interesting Adam.. if Jolly doesnt work out i will have to make a call to the Queen. :)

  81. Michael Allan says

    Well Josh how man 34 and 30 year olds do blow the football world away? Not many.

    In terms of points at the end of the season I’d probably say Chris Newman. He’s our most consistent SC scorer. Dustin Martin will go up the most in value I’d say.

  82. I think Dlids will be up there

  83. Trent Cotchin = HELLOOOOO!!!!!!! ;)

  84. Dustin Martin to be the guy that goes up the most in value? It would be a surprise if he wasn’t.

  85. Michael Allan says

    I was dissapointed Jolly went to Collingwood. He seems like such a good upstanding citezen and now he’s joined the feral mob. Disgusting.

  86. Eagleton hurt his knee yesterday

    Hating comment 79 at the moment

  87. You stuck up for dlids !! thanks danielle ;)

  88. Do you guys have Facebook?

  89. Sorry Josh but your asking for it :P

  90. Michael Allan says

    Cotchin = Hello

    What does that mean Danni?

  91. Sure do Adam

  92. Michael Allan says

    I do aswell adam.

  93. Cunnington will be the best buy this year, he’ll win the NAB Rising Star too

  94. Michael Allan says

    haha, you certainly have alot of optamism Josh.

  95. what happened to eagleman?

  96. Cunnington will be left in the Dust behind you-know-who…

  97. I do too.

    I always think before the year that i could win Supercoach if i really stuck at it, but there’s so many people in it.

  98. ya know.”HELLLLLLOOOOOOO!!” ;)


  99. Cunnington = dud !

  100. I added you Jeff…I think I found Josh as well…

  101. Your a dud at supercoach Josh no offense :)

  102. Michael Allan says

    haha someone’s having a tantrum.

    Josh what was your supercoach average last year?

  103. Yer i noticed Adam i accepted

  104. Dusty can’t break a smile, but he can sure break a pack.

  105. It would of been like 1400 lol !

  106. SC should have an eliminator like DT does…

  107. Martin has some Gun as tats aswell

  108. Michael Allan says

    Ok, Josh your not allowed in. This league is only for the top players. lol

  109. 1843 it was in fact

  110. hey guys, supercoach eh?, we should make a league

  111. SC story: Last year I was in the prelim final against Sheedy, the score ended up being 2248 all, but Sheedy went through coz he finished higher on the ladder…i was so pissed off…

  112. Michael Allan says

    Way ahead of ya Dom.

  113. he asked for average not high score josh ! lol

  114. See comment 31 Dom.

  115. looking forward to the hewitt v bagman match tonite, anyone gonna watch it

  116. It would be a good league will we be able to go in 3 leagues like last year ?

  117. As if theyd reduce it back to 1 league. Yeah Dom I’m probably gonna watch the match, although probs not all of it as I find it hard to sit through tennis for a long time…

  118. okay, i didnt read that far, i just saw “supercoach”,sos

  119. Michael Allan says

    I’d say ya would. Don’t really care much for Hewitt. Now as fr Dinara Safina, now there’s a tennis player.

  120. I just watched the replay thinking it was the actual game, silly me lol.

  121. Yer im watchin the tennis cant wait

  122. Hmmm silly horse 8)

  123. Safina’s playing KIRILENKO tomorrow…

  124. What about the Williams’ sisters? Jeez, they’re hotter than Ben Hudson lol

    Natalie Bartoli is alright

  125. Did you guys hear about Venus? People thought she was going commando (no undies) but apparently she’s wearing undies that match her skin tone.

  126. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I know, Kirelenko beat Sharapova but Safina’s alot better than her so she should be right. Hopefully they show her game for a change. They never seem to want to show her. Apparently No. 2 in the world isn’t good enough.

  127. Number 2 is never good enough, just ask Richmond lol

    Yeah i read that about Venus in the Hun today

  128. Michael Allan says

    lol yeh I saw that it was so weird when she was serving I was like WHAT?

    but you could see on her top that she was wearing something brown the entire way down. It was pretty funny cause you would’ve thought if you were wearing undies that matched your skin you wouldn’t wear a dress that got caught up so easily.

  129. Michael Allan says

    What’s that Number 2 in reference to Josh? I don’t get it.

  130. No Michael thats the whole point of wearing them, she wore them cos she knows her dress is gonna ride up! DUHHHHHHHHHH

  131. Its for never being Number 1 8) im off to watch the tennis now

  132. Michael Allan says

    Well the only team you can really associate that to is Freo. ANd I thought it would’ve been more appropriate for Collingwood since they’ve lost the most Grand Finals.

    Is that what you do Dannielle?

  133. The joke would have been better if Safina was number 9.

  134. No i dont do that because my shirts, even thouth they are short do not ride up or fly up like hers when shes playing tennis. the point of it is that its less obvious that her shirt is flying up because its skin colour instead of bright frilly pantys.

  135. thats should say skirts not shirts**

  136. Michael Allan says

    haha rightio then Eid.

  137. and trust u to ask such a personal question.

  138. Danni do you have Facebook?

  139. nahh Adam i dont.

  140. Bet all your friends tell you “Danni get Facebook!” all the time…

  141. ….lol nah they dont actually.

  142. i dont need another distraction, trust me.

  143. Michael Allan says

    haha, was a bit personel wasn’t it. I guuess it’s only fair if I answer.

    I don’t wear skirts that ride up on me. In fact I don’t wear skirts at all beleive it or not. Just pants. Plain, modest pants.

  144. Surprising. It happens to everyone at my school.

    Anyway, another tennis match I’m looking forward to…Murray vs Isner :)

  145. Michael Allan says

    Mine did, I only got mine last week.

  146. You got your first pair of pants last week?

  147. What school do you go to Michael?

  148. omg ISNER!! my dad is like set on him to win the whole thing..I MUST admit his serve is deadly! Dad showed him to me on tv and all i could say was
    “great…this one is going to be trouble (for fed)”

    …thanks for that obvious piece of info Mikey.

  149. Michael Allan says

    rofl, no my I got my first facebook last week.

  150. Michael Allan says

    Yarra Valley Grammar.

    It’s good cause Kelvin Moore used to go to the school and his mum teaches Maths. ANd his brother got drafted this year which was exciting.

  151. Thats pretty cool…has his Mum ever taught you?

    Only guy in the AFL now who went to school is Daniel Bass, a new Port Adelaide rookie. Although Peter Moore the ex Collingwood player went to my school too. 2 Brownlows :)

    Any AFL players go to your school Danni?

  152. …ummm lol i would be worried if any AFL players went to my school! LMAOOOO

  153. Although Jack Anthony’s future WAG Does, he name is Danielle! :)

    lol i go to an all girls school

  154. Michael Allan says

    No, I’ve had her as a sub and she’s nice.

    Wow, that’s a pretty good claim.

    All three Cloke’s went to Yarra aswell and his sister is in the year below me. Trav was in my bro’s year

    You might know Sam Blease who was drafted by melbourne last year and carlton picked jordan gysberts this who also go to my school. Too bad they’ve all left the school now. lol

  155. Michael Allan says

    haha, Danni just called Jack Anthony gay.

  156. first of all i was talking about me being his wag…ohhh never mind Rangas cant register this stuff!

  157. Yep Danni you said yesterday :P

    I thought Melbourne got Gysberts too…

    Oh and guess who else went to my school…Cadel Evans!

  158. Michael Allan says

    haha anyway I’m off. Bye

  159. I’m also going off in a sec, the tennis is starting soon. Cya Danielle, since you’re the only one still left.

  160. Bye, homework time…

  161. What a disappointment, but the result was right.

    And Michael, Gysberts did go to Melbourne. Thank God Steve isn’t here to see you make that mistake

  162. …well what do you think, Federer vs Hewitt..should i be worried at all?

  163. Only a little bit I think if Hewitt plays twice as good as he did tonight he might have a chance :S

  164. lol for his sake i hope he doesnt win, only cos i will hate him forever and ever AMEN if he does. im very good at holding grudges.

  165. I hope Hewitt wins, but Roger probably will

  166. Oh hey there Josh Mr. Whippy visited you yet ? 8)

  167. status- gasping the first part of comment 165

  168. omg i love the smiley with the sunnies!!

  169. Haha didn’t work for you Danni lol

    No, he hasn’t :|

  170. …hmm whats the combo for that smiley face cos if i remeber correctly on msn its it (H)?

  171. Haha it’s 8 ) 8)

  172. Dw Josh I’m sure he will in due time. 8)

  173. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, this site has a shocking array of smiley’s compared to Superfooty forum

  174. ohh lol thanks, wiat till Mikey gets back on here..thats another smiley to abuse and tick him off with! lol

  175. NP lol and Josh Superfooty forum have a mass amount of awsum smileys but this isnt too bad it has my fav 8)

  176. Nah my new favourites the :|

  177. Jeff be honest, do i seem as Mikey says, a scumbag rotten collingwood supporter to you???

  178. hahahaha looks just like u JOSH!

  179. No Danielle you’ve been nice to me so I see you as 1 of not so many normal people that support the black and white.
    And no Josh has a longer nose :O 8)

  180. nawww thankyou! i have no idea why Mikey keeps pushing that at me! :(

    lol well what i meant is that smiley looked exactly like he did at the launch..VERY SHY, NOT TOO LOUD and even a bit puzzled! lol

  181. Nah aviator-face is me 8)

    Ha, yeah she’s nice to you now..

    Ahh, shut up

  182. I aint like that at school am i? 8)

  183. Lol nah your alright Josh atleast neither of us are as annoying as the old tall mate 8)

  184. what? Joshy when have i not been nice 2 you?
    lol hahahah come on its soo true!
    Jeff i swear it was almost a tie between Josh and Steve with who was the most shy.

  185. Lol Greg’s alright, he’s earned the approval of Danni.

    Yeah, im all lip-splitting at school lol

  186. if me and Mikey wouldnt have had a convo it would have been an awkward silence the whole time.

  187. We weren’t shy outside! We were havin a good time before Michael ruined our fun. Damo was pretty shy too, but i did have a good short conversation with him

  188. Hmmm I’ve had a few car trips to shepp with Josh that havn’t been very talkative ? Why Josh? and Greg is a good bloke just dosnt shut up on msn lol !

  189. Greg…ahhhhh yeahhh now i remember.. lol :)

  190. If I get there this year then we’ll show em what us country folk are really like ay Josh :)

  191. how you know me old mate greg Danielle ?

  192. Danni likes the ranga’s so i was like i’ll hook ya up with old mate Greg! lol

  193. …not on speaking terms.

  194. And its your fault those car-trips were not talkative. You know how awkward it is in the car with mum :|

  195. HAHA SHIZZEN !!! GREG !!!! why didnt he tell me bout this ?

  196. ummmm…lol
    what he really meant is that he was talking about Greg mentioned how all the girls love him and i was curious and well..yeah i can see why.

  197. Lol me and jen were havin a good ol’ chat !

  198. BUT THATS ALL!!

  199. HAHA good ol’ greg is a tank for a 10 year old !!!

  200. Lol i told her about him the night he kept sayin hey babe to us

  201. 10? I thought u said he was 12 or

  202. HAHA what a funny night that was !
    If any1 has msn add me [email protected]

  203. haha he’s probably like 13 now 8) nah he 14 i think 15 soon though he’s a youngster

  204. Lol funny thing about Greg is he probably started shavin before his dad did lol

  205. haha i remember first pe greg had like only a little bit less under arm hair as us and every1 was baggin him bout it then he’s like. IM ONLY 12 !!! lol twas funny

  206. he doesnt look like a greg!
    he looks like a Matt.

  207. Some ppl say i look like Matt . . . PRESTON :@ JOSH !!

  208. He’s best mate is named Matt if that helps lol

  209. YOU DO!! So does Neil

  210. lol guys.

    Really Jeff? lol did u know hes a Collingwood supporter?

  211. I look more like Mick Molloy if you ask me Danielle :)

  212. He’s freakin hawt Matt Preston

  213. lol Jeff.

    Josh……yeahh i dont know what to say to you..but i think u might need some help..

  214. Feels weird not callin ya Horse Josh lol

  215. Don’t deny the truth Danni, you love him

  216. It can stay that way

  217. If he looks like me his hawt ;)
    And Josh i wont be able to stop . . you know what im like around fuzz lol

  218. Havent seen him all holidays, last i saw him he still had his stiches in his eye.

    Sooo, comin to the footy next month Danni? 8)

  219. okayy country dudes- weirddddddddd! ;)
    im going shopping 2mro! im hitting Chadstone! :)

  220. Josh i told u cant come!

    please let me get this whole cliffjumping vce year over with first! lol

  221. Yer me either he 1 weird but funny kid that 1. .
    Sounds good Danni but we arnt weird just different to u city folk 8)

  222. lol yeah thats true, ur no muzzas! :P
    eyy josh hahah

  223. Yeah, we have tea, not dinner.

    Danni, its a NAB Cup game, they have shortended quarters, it’ll take 2 hours out of your study, you can study at half time! If you wanna see me not shy, at the footy is your best chance lol.

  224. Danni dont go if you dont want to lol.
    If you wanna see me old mate Josh not shy just wait if i get in the book ill get the old mate goin;)

  225. lol tea thats so…fancy? lol

    Nah sorry i dont think its gonna happen plus the 28th is my brother’s birthday so i might have family plans that day.

  226. okay well you can get him going just make sure its after i perform my singing duties okay?
    lol :)

  227. Oh then it works out perfectly that the match is on the 21st Danni 8) but fine, pick school over footy. But it’ll remember when you turned your back on it.

  228. No worries Danni lol

  229. well i still wouldnt be able to according to the school timeline i will have 2 sacs that week and SAC count in year 12.

  230. Josh you got your books yet :| ?

  231. hmmmm what should i sing….
    Frankie Valli – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
    Hot Mess- Cobra Starship
    hmmmi should make a list later

  232. Yeah but it’ll be the weekend!!!! And who studies on a sunday? But fine, do what you want. The rest of the Fab 5 will go and watch Swallow play..

  233. TIK TOK !!! DO IT !!!

  234. Hot dayum Danni you know my pick.

    New favourite song though: Hazardous by Vanessa Amorosi

  235. JOSH !!! GOT YA BOOKS YET !?

  236. swallow? hmmmmphh now thats just MEAN JOSH! MEAN! What? i always study on Sundays always have always will.

    TIK TOK…hmmmmm i dont know its that a bit inappropriate for the launch?

  237. Nah terrific pick it’s the song you should sing :D lol

  238. Anson Cameron’s speech was a bit inappropriate for the launch Danni

  239. wake up in the morning feelin like
    Grab my footy im out the door im gonna hit the ‘G’
    Before i leave give a kiss to my number 9 Jack
    cos if he dont kick a goal i wont let him back….

  240. Hmmmmm that’s pretty good

  241. 8) you know how i do.

  242. my richo song was better but that song goes alright danni lol

  243. ohh let me find my version of Evacuate the Dancefloor LMAOO

  244. My cho song . . this is to the tune you found me by The Fray
    I saw cho, standing next to simon prestigiocomo.
    In the square givin some1 the stare.
    Really peed off cause they wont kick the ball to him
    Terry said why not put him on the wing he’s 10xs better then Tambling !!

  245. That was my Richo song thank you

  246. Lmaooo thats good!

    Turn up the music
    Let’s get out on the turf
    I like to move it
    Come and give me some more
    Micks yelling getting crazy now,
    Out of control
    We love Jack Anthony
    He never misses it.
    Steal the ball
    Kill the umps
    Feel it, were gonna win
    Time is right
    Keep it tight
    Cause it’s pulling you in
    Wrap it up
    Can’t stop cause it feels like a Premiership!
    Oh, oh, evacuate the goal square
    Oh, oh, kick it to the goals
    Oh, oh, stop Toovey is killing me

  247. haha u wish jelly fish i txted u that song . . man i was angry with u that day lol

  248. HAHA good 1 danni my cho song is still better . . . 8)

  249. I never know the tune to ETDF so i can never really sing those words to tune in my head unless i play the song, which i cant be stuffed doing :|

  250. “Last year I got up to 100 kilos and put on a lot of strength. This year I have dropped a lot of puppy fat and have toned it down to about 98 or 96 kilos.”


  251. Jeez i didn’t know you were that heavy Danni

  252. Shes nearly as heavy as you 8) bang !

  253. YEAH im not!
    that was Nathan Brown who, if you would believe it, looks more tank than b4! HAHHA! WOOOOOOOOOO Look out Pavlich

  254. Nearly

  255. haha got ya books yet or not dig ?

  256. Hmm yeah look out Pavlich, but Petrie, Brown, Fevola, N. Riewoldt, Franklin, Roughead and Bradshaw should be able to beat him :|

  257. Nope, need to get some school clothes too.

  258. but if i eat some chocolate cake 2mro ill be bigger that Rocca.

  259. shizzen same !! shizzen lol

    I thought he was big b4 but now..step back and he seems VERY ANDI MEAN VERY DETERMINED THIS YEAR.

  261. nah he’ll be too slow now . . sorry Danni :|

  262. no..NO NOT SORRY! :(
    you just see what Cuddlesnrainbows will pull off this year! :)

  263. Your complimenting him Danni?

  264. i wasnt complimenting RIEWOLDT! WHATS WRONG WITH U!
    What i mean is that Nathan can eat Riewoldt now.

  265. Bloody cannibal . .

  266. lol..not in that way!!
    you have A LOT to learn about my lingo Jeff.

  267. I’m willing to learn Danni :)

  268. lol okay well start with that eat him phrase. it simply means that hes much bigger and therefore more intimidating. it comes from the time i met Jonathan Brown the first thing taht came into my head when he was sigining my paper was “please dont eat me!!!” cos i was terrified lol. make sense?

  269. I feel sorry for what your in for

  270. as a mate of joshs and i would say YES YES !! lol

  271. Tad cold in here isn’t it Josh ! Feels like someones left the door wide open !! lol

  272. well anywho we shall work on that lol
    I gtg and straighten my hair and hopefully it will stay good for 2mro or then I will have to go over it..arggggggggggggghhh the pains of being a girl!
    Night fellas


  273. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  274. night Danni have a good 1 8)

  275. Period pains? haha

  276. BANG !! 8)

  277. OMG i found out before one of our old mates is a smoker!

  278. Which old mate ???

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