Why is it the AFL cannot sort out the advantage rule?

by Jim Young   Yet another episode late in the first quarter to remind everyone of the incompetent folly of the advantage rule as presently administered – a clear free in a marking contest to Geelong, umpire blew the whistle, by which time the ball had spilled to another Geelong player only about a yard [Read more]

Yes we can

We know the battle ahead will be long, but always remember that no matter what District players stand in our way, nothing can withstand the power of millions of voices calling for flags. We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics who will only grow louder and more dissonant in [Read more]

Round 17: Heath Shaw Memorial Blog

Well, well, well. What can you say! Interesting that they allow Mr Shaw back for finals. Not quite all-guns-blazing from the AFL? Or overkill? And what of the Captain’s position? So, while the headlines roar, we begin the football in Adelaide, previous burial ground of Bomber hopes (can we still call them Bombers without clarification?). [Read more]

Footy Almanac Race Day

Dress code neat casual. Shirt with collar. No denim (pending discussions).

Marketing the death of state of origin

  by Luke Morris. Remember watching Paul Salmon tap to team-mate Robert Harvey? Or Brad Johnson kicking long to Glen Archer? How about Chris Grant handballing to the run of Anthony Stevens? This was State of Origin football and it gave us the best players on the same field. Champions of the game united in [Read more]

I loved beating Geelong on Friday night but one thing kept bugging me

By Mark Simms I wish they wouldn’t call Subiaco Oval ‘Patterson’s Stadium’. It hurts. At the beginning of the season,  I thought I might be able to ignore it, and concentrate on the money for ‘grass roots footy’- an evocative phrase- but I’m struggling. I’ve been thinking about why it hurts. Why do I feel [Read more]

Rotunda in the West, 28th July

The Munster boys of Melbourne

Troy Thompson has uncovered a very interesting article which appeared on the Irish Central website this week. It recalls 1843 Melbourne and a couple of very significant games of hurling.   Check it out at the link below and then add your comments below. LINK: The Munster boys of Melbourne    

Remembering Allan Jeans

Allan Jeans was a terrific character. He had some great lines not the least of which was that Gary Ayres was “a good driver in heavy traffic”. A natural leader, he influenced many lives, young and old, footballers and others. Tell us your Yabby story:

Origins of inter-league footy?

Neil Barter asks: Inter-league footy had to begin somewhere. So does anyone know the earliest year when recorded inter-league footy ever took place? Can anyone go back further than 1954 when the Tallangatta League played the Ovens and King League to raise money for the family of a player who had drownned in the Murray [Read more]

Floreat Pica Round 16

As it is “Youth Round” of the Floreat Pica Society and this is my first match report, I decided that I would take my job seriously. I immersed myself in the Collingwood spirit all week (which isn’t that hard if you live in our household). I wore my Collingwood jumper nearly every day this week, [Read more]

Round 16 Blog

The Eagles have conquered the Cats, though not without a scare or two after a dominant first half. What does successive losses for the previously undefeated mean? Today the Hawks host the Lions down in Launnie. Will Buddy play? Will it matter? The Swans visit the Gold Coast and desperately need to bring the match points home. Richmond can see [Read more]

Pies blanket Hawks in Blankety Blankless game

  by Damon Robb Blan-ket –verb (used with object) 1. to obscure or obstruct; interfere with; overpower In the immortal words of 70s commentator Peter Landy, the Collingwood v Hawthorn game was a game of two halves for me.   The first half I was at the game in standing room behind the Pies cheersquad; the [Read more]

Geelong’s Lament

By Rod Klein   Nothing was lost until the moment when cursed coin was tossed, and then for Cats, all time stood still whilst Collingwood applied their noisome drill.   The tide, for men hooped in blue and white, has flooded from the shore with premier-ship astride. In quickening sand and on the muddied strand [Read more]

We will fight them on the beaches

The pre-match address of Darien O’Reilly, coach of the Adelaide Uni Chardonnay Socialists, before their (victorious) match against Gepps Cross:   “I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once again able [Read more]

Round 15 Blog

Last week’s result’s threw open some positions in the top eight, making several of this week’s games crucial. I.E: tonight under the roof. The Dogs will still be hoping finals, while the Dees will be thinking a win here could help the cause considerably. Richmond and Carlton now has added urgency for both clubs after disappointing losses. [Read more]

Sean Wight

  by David Bridie   sean wight yes he was indeed great ,our Scot. Yet he was always called Irish. proof that the Scots carry much of Ireland in them. The Protestant/Catholic divide between Hibernians and Hearts in Edinburgh was as large as the animosity in an Orange march in Derry Sean Wight gave us [Read more]

Collingwood: a youthful obsession

by Brian Nankervis   It’s the twenty-eight minute mark of the final quarter in the 1970 Grand Final. Alex Jesaulenko gathers the ball and snaps an amazing goal. All around us, cocky Carlton fans erupt in a nauseating display of pathetic barracking. The dazed Collingwood army turns even whiter with shock, horror and disbelief. Something [Read more]

Two on a couch

  by The Piesimist   We were three on the couch, ready to watch the game.   ‘Looks like Lou, Bobby and Jack’ I said, recalling long-past Thursday culture.   ‘No, looks more like Larry, Curley and Mo’, said JR.   Suzy just looked at us with that mixture of pity, disgust and despair that [Read more]

Melbourne’s Not Yinnar

Anonymous The Toilers of Toongabbie Have stripped them for the fray, The boys of Boolara Are out in force today. The messmates of Taralgon Have mustered from afar, With stringy bark from Morwell And blackbutt from Yinnar. They met a team from Melbourne And showed them all they knew, When charging down full-chested As Gippsland [Read more]