AFL Round 3 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Humble pie not on Mick’s menu

Welcome to Café Mick (“Nothin could be finer than to be in Micky’s Diner”), where every unhealthy white-man dish can be procured – except Humble Pie. Even after being humiliated by the injury-ravaged Sainters, head chef Mick Malthouse (King of the Pampered Pies) used the excuse of bad luck in shooting for goal for losing [Read more]

Late starts all round as Cats eventually triumph

Geelong VS Essendon Melbourne Cricket Ground 7:40 26th March By Steven Ingham There is nothing quite like the feeling you get through your spine when the umpire holds the ball up and the siren to start proceedings on your team’s season sounds. Unfortunately for me, I enjoyed this on the radio while stuck in traffic, [Read more]

So many questions in Freo first up win.

Fremantle VS Adelaide Subiaco Oval 5:10 28th March By Steven Ingham As a football – but not Freo – lover, the Dockers polarise me. When they made a prelim a few years ago and my own team’s season finished by about Round 10, I was well and truly on the bandwagon. Their fall from grace [Read more]

The Swans offer hope

By Keiran Croker “There’s always next year”.  That’s what my Dad used to say.  And growing up a South Melbourne supporter in the 60’s, the hope of the next footy season was what you held onto.  That and perhaps a glimpse of seeing Bobby Skilton play.  In those days as kids we were only ever [Read more]

AFL Round 2 – Richmond vs Footscray: No Easter miracle for the Tigers

by Domenic Favata Running up and down listening to the radio at Grandpa’s was stressful. Expecting a mighty Bulldogs win or a Richmond miracle on Easter Sunday. The truth was that even Jesus Christ himself couldn’t help Richmond to win.

Feature: A way to go: despondency and expectation in the life of a Freo supporter

Malcolm Allbrook The life of a Fremantle Dockers supporter, one of perpetual disappointment, of occasional bursts of joy mingled with frustration, gloom, pitying looks and occasional patronizing reassurances from teams confident of their sustained superiority. The team of the colour purple with all its contradictory implications, of the symbolic anchor intended to signify our maritime [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Melbourne have a Jolly Ball

by Paul Harkin (with Danny Roach votes by Phil Cornell) I was looking for some positive omens before the big match and found one in a most unusual place. My new 2010 Collingwood cap told me to wash it in “luke warm water” (without a capital “L”). Despite Darren Jolly having an ordinary game last [Read more]

Review: Damian Callinan – The Merger: Sportsman’s Night 2

Ciannon Cazaly 28 March 2010 The saga of the Bodgy Creek football club continues in this follow-up to the hugely successful Sportsman’s Night of 2000/2001. Ten year old documentary filmmaker Neil returns to check in on the fortunes of the Bodgy Creek Roosters bringing with him a cast of characters both old and new. In [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Sydney v St Kilda: The Swans offer hope!

by Kieran Croker  “There’s always next year”.  That’s what my Dad used to say.  And growing up a South Melbourne supporter in the 60’s, the hope of the next footy season was what you held onto.  That and perhaps a glimpse of seeing Bobby Skilton play.  In those days as kids we were only ever [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Sydney v St Kilda: Swans lose the toss again

by Neil Jackson As a devoted Swans supporter of 14 years, I was so excited about this Round 1 clash. Sydney had had its best preseason since 1856. Then there was the appearance of no less than 6 new recruits on board, (Bradshaw, Mumford, Seaby, Kennedy, McGlynn and Jetta), plus the return of the prodigal [Read more]

Close Encounters

By Darren Smith Sydney Airport – Round 1 Eve It wasn’t meant to be like this. We were on a break. My heart had been broken. That was six months ago when I decided that I could no longer commit the necessary effort and dedication. I had turned my back. As with many chance encounters [Read more]

AFL Round 1: Tiger transformation will take time

Tiger Transformation Will Take Time By Domenic Favata Many have predicted a rough year for the tigers after a disastrous start to the 2010 season. Unlike last year, the heavy media scrutiny surrounding the Tigers was not existent; as the new look Tigers came into a season of change. A change of coach, which resulted [Read more]


By Tim Pekin “Bloody Richo”, growls Nick, rising to his feet.   Followed immediately by “YOU ARE A GOOSE”, yelled at the top of his lungs.   Each word is clear and coherent.   If he doesn’t hear that, thinks Nick, resuming his seat, he really is a goose. Richo looks up, then down, and once more up [Read more]

AFL Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: True Tiger traits shine through

by Simon Ely I put the mighty Tiges in the 8 at the end of this year and last night was true testament to why. On any given week, the Tigers should be admired and applauded by the other 14 teams in the competition (15th team is the team they play on a particular week).

Link: The Horror! The Horror! Or Heaven on Earth?

This week, Billy Miller ventures into the belly of the beast (so to speak). Yes folks, the spiritual home of the Coventrys, Jock McHale, cold showers and more phlegm than a spittoon. Come on down Victoria Park!

Link: A brilliant debut by Waleed Aly

We all knew it would only be a matter of time before Tony Jones came knocking on the door of one of the many talented Almanackers and invited them to appear on ABC TV’s prestigious “Q and A” program. And the Almanacker he selected first was Tiger fan Waleed Aly. If you missed Waleed’s brilliant [Read more]

Footy on the Tiwi Islands

Viewers of ABC TV last weekend may might have caught a glimpse of the Tiwi Islands Grand Final. For a more revealing insight into what footy is like 80km north of Darwin, listen to Simon Munkara and Courtney Johns discuss their experiences on ABC Radio’s Bush Telegraph program. Click on the link below and then [Read more]

Seriously, can we have your favourite joke?

We want your favourite joke. by Andrea McNamara Kevin Sheedy is raising money for the IndigenousLiteracy Project (ILP), which was established 5 years ago to help address the current literacy crisis in remote Indigenous communities. Sheeds believes humour is a great cure for all sorts of ills, a powerful tool in dealing with hardship and a great [Read more]

Link: The secret life of strappers

From ABC Radio National’s 360 Degree program, delve into the secret life of horse strappers. Click on the link below. Comments welcome.

1 out of 4 quarters won; enough for the Cats, but not the Tigers

By Domenic Favata Premiers Geelong have not been at there usual peak during the pre-season. The talk of the ‘premiers’ tag was beginning to sway to the more favourable dogs and saints. Geelong came up against a young Fremantle outfit, knowing that they still have what it takes to win another premiership and that this [Read more]