2010 Trade Week Discussion

The annual football meat market is open for business once again. The proceedings of this week should always be borne in mind when clubs subsequently try to play the loyalty card. Supporters, on the other hand, look at this all very differently. Some favourites will be moving on, other departures may be celebrated. What do [Read more]

Exhibition Launch – Living City

The Footy Almanac turns 500,000

A half a million visits. It seems like only yesterday that two brave print journos sailed off into uncharted waters. How the hell do you run a website? Well, they got it done, and many of us have enjoyed the results. If you have any comments on the Almanac as it is, or as you wish it [Read more]

2010 Grand Final- Part II: Discussion

By now the nerves of all Saints and Magpies supporters have received an extended shredding. The teams have been selected- heartache for some, delight for others. After a week of huge football stories, the biggest one of all will now be played out. How is everyone feeling? What do we expect tomorrow? Let ‘er rip [Read more]

Goodbye Gary, Au revoir Ablett

Sure, we all knew that it was going to happen. But now that it has happened, how do we feel about it? And with Bomber Thompson on the edge, what does this mean for Geelong in the short and long term? Please share your thoughts.

Last week’s OTHER big game

By Mike Sweet Instigated by the AFL’s head of Multicultural Development, Nick Hatzoglou, the first ever game of Australian Rules Football was played in Greece last Saturday. Two teams wearing the colours of the Kangaroos and the Brisbane Lions played under a blazing sun in Corfu, with the mercury hitting 35C in the late Ionian [Read more]

Hird it through the grapevine

Matthew Knights is now a distant memory. James Hird is not a naughty boy but, apparently, the Messiah for the Bombers. And it sounds like he is assembling a support cast of thousands. The Almanac would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

2010 Grand Final- Part 1

Cooligwood 9.14.68 St Kilda 10.8.68 The Grand Final has been drawn for the 3rd time in history. In a truly epic encounter, Collingwood led for the majority of the game, only to see St Kilda snatch the lead late. The Magpies then regained the lead, only for a St Kilda point to tie the scores. [Read more]

Richmond’s finals best of the last 50 years

Richmond’s best players in finals during the last 50 years by Miles Wilks Bartlett                                   39 votes Hart                                        18 votes Bourke                                   16 votes Sheedy                                    16 votes Barrot                                     12 votes Richmond’s best players in finals during the past 50 years can only be determined by accruing all of the best on ground votes from various newspaper [Read more]

Brownlow Blog

Football’s Night of Nights is with us again. A night for the WAG’s to shine, and the blokes to look out of place in a tux. Expect the grog to flowing less freely (courtesy of Fev). Andy D has been polishing up his best gags (be warned), and practising his pronunciation (won’t help). As is the custom, [Read more]

Floreat Pica Report: Ghosts of Preliminary Finals past

By John Ramsdale What a strange week leading up the preliminary final. Collingwood having four players in an all-Australian team; Collingwood going into a game like this as favourite and most Collingwood supporters I spoke to, including me, being extremely nervous.  St Kilda and Footscray supporters must have been a bit bemused and annoyed this [Read more]

The Forgotten Prelim- St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

Has a side ever come from 5 goals down to win a final and earned less plaudits? And when has a runner-up ever knocked off the reigning premier, survived all manner of off field distraction, and set itself for a crack at another GF, but still not been given its dues. The irony is that [Read more]

Collingwood v Geelong Preliminary Final

Collingwood- 18.12.120 Geelong- 11.13.79 After all the hype, it seems inevitable there was an anti-climax. The Magpies exorcise some demons with this win. But the biggest historical demon of all now faces them- another Grand Final. For the Cats, they await Gazza’s decision. After that, they probably have some other tough decisions to make. Tell [Read more]

How footy beat the flood

by Pete Miers We were 20 kms from Marong when the phone rang, Rex telling me the road ahead was closed between Bridgewater and Serpentine. We had already heard that the SES had shut down the Boort road to Quambatook, so our options were rapidly diminishing. There was nothing for it but to divert right at [Read more]

Why barracking for Collingwood is hopeless

by Chris Taylor This situation is hopeless. No matter what happens over the course of the next two weeks, if you barrack for Collingwood you might as well go and hide under the bed. It’s going to be nothing but pain. Painful pain. Yes, the kind that hurts. If you know a Collingwood supporter, help [Read more]

Dom’s 2010 All-Australian Team

Below is the All Australian team I picked out of the squad of 40 that was announced earlier this week. B:     Malceski          Lake         Rawlings HB:  Goddard         Taylor         Enright C:     Selwood         Hodge(c)      Montagna HF:   Didak              Hall          Chapman FF:    Le Cras         Riewoldt        Harvey (vc) R:     Sandilands     Ablett           Swan I/C:   S. Johnson     Boyd           Pavlich         Judd

Floreat Pica Report: Round 22- Collingwood v Hawthorn

‘Patience’ is the word Patience to get to the business end Patience to watch two pretty ordinary weeks of Pies performance Patience to watch your team get caught time after time Patience with a lack of intensity Patience of a coach to give a dud an even break Patience to see if ANYONE CAN KICK [Read more]

Ben Cousins: Such Is Life

The sizzle feels like it’s been around forever, but now we’re finally getting the steak. What did you all make of the product delivered? And what to make of the whole Cousins drama? What does it tell us about the modern football scene? Fire away folks.

Floreat Pica: Reality check

by Mick Ramsdale Time : Thursday 08.49am, ( 19/08/2010 ) . Situation:  Pies are 6 points clear on top of the ladder. A call from Floreat Pica HQ. I  Click on SEND and I’m the report writer for the Crows Clash. Winning has become a habit lately, and the margins have been comfortable. Going backwards [Read more]

FLOREAT PICA Match Report: Round 20- Essendon v Collingwood

legend (le¦gend) Pronunciation:/?l?d?(?)nd/ noun 1 a traditional story 2 an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field:  the man was a living legend 3 an inscription, especially on a coin or medal a caption:  Go ahead make my day [predic.]   very well known:  his speed and ferocity in attack were legend