Almanac Art: Calling all artists who would like to exhibit their (football) works in Mildura and the Riverland

Think Hayden Bunton, John Coleman, Robbie Flower and Andrew McLeod. Why not Keith  Greig or even Alex Jesaulenko? Yes, they all had something in common. They were artists on the football field. There was something special about their games that had other players watch in awe let alone the  spectators. There was a certain air of majesty in their play that mere mortals could never obtain  no matter how hard they tried.

Citrus Bob Utber, football historian and ancient relic of the Almanackers is putting together The Art of Football Exhibition in Mildura and The Riverland from August 31st until just after the final  siren on October 2nd.

Citrus said “ I have always wanted to strengthen the ties between our great game and the art  community because of the magic and majesty in our game. Our Australian game.  The great artists of the 19th and 20th century were always capturing the exploits of the ballet  and before that we had statues dedicated to athletes from the Colosseum days so why not  football.  Hence I am delighted that I am able to curate an exhibition of art in all mediums from a  whole range of artists who have a passion for football.”

Bob Utber originally became interested in football art via an exhibition held by former Mildura artist Anne McMaster (daughter of the Cat legend Cyril “Bill”).  He was fascinated by McMaster’s  works and how she weaved football into the narrative. “One day I would like to create an exhibition totally dedicated to the machinations of our great game,” he said.

Now that dream has become reality and he is now looking for artists with a bent for football to  be part of the Acquisitive The Art of Football Exhibition.    “I have had phone calls and emails out of the blue from footy heads and I am excited with the  interest that has been shown by all types of artists. I can see the exhibition covering everything  from the sheds to the speckies,” he said.

Anyone who is interested or knows of an artist who may like to exhibit in a very arts oriented community is asked to contact Citrus Bob via The Almanac, email  [email protected]  or by phone 03 5021 0887.


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  1. Ben Footner says

    Bob – you may like to contact an old friend of mine who has done some fantastic paintings of country footy scenes. His blog and work are here:

    Posting this for others on here to check out as well (I’ve tried to encourage him to do something for the Almanac cover! Hope he does one day)

  2. CITRUS BOB says

    Thanks Ben
    I hope life at Victor Harbour is going well and that work is not interrupting your passion. See you friday night when the Dangerfields take on the Crows.
    I’m barracking for Geelaide or Crowlong.

  3. E.regnans says

    G’day Bob.
    Rupert Betheras is an artist and footballer.
    He played in the 2002 Grand Final for Collingwood – who nearly pinched the season.
    We played school footy together in high school.

    Don’t know what he’s up to, but he has a website.

  4. Citrus Bob says

    Thanks David for that information.
    Will give Rupert a call.
    Thanks again Ben F for chasing up Trent Chaplin for me.

    Looks like being a big exhibition and I have already inquired about extra space at our leading coffee house just next door to The Art Vault to take the overflow!

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hey Ben, Trent’s stuff is amazing. Thanks for the link.

    Good luck Citrus

  6. jan courtin says

    How about Gavin Wanganeen? He has designed the Bombers’ guernsey for the upcoming Indigenous Round (now called Sir Doug Nicholls Round), and according to what he said on AFL 360 recently, painting is now a part of his daily life.

  7. jan courtin says

    I meant to add that Gavin is having an exhibition “Shooting Stars”, which will open at the Koorie Heritage Trust in Melbourne on May 25.

  8. Ben Footner says

    No problems Citrus! Trent’s stuff is amazing Swish, love his county footy work. Will have to save me up some cash and purchase one of his works one of these days!

  9. I am keen to obtain the all the relevant footy art exhibition details.
    Please forward all information to [email protected]
    Susan Sutton
    visual artist

  10. Citrus Bob says

    Been away watching the grandson play in Adelaide and catching up with some “footy artists” and no computer – bliss!!
    Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas and I will be getting in touch with them all.

    PS. Could have an overflow into Mildura’s leading cafe Deakin27 which is a Polly Farmer handball from The Art Vault.

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