NRL Finals Week 2: The Road to the Finals – Part 2

Matt O’Hanlon casts a very thorough eye over the two NRL semi-finals this weekend, applying the principles of horse-racing and the superior logic of the MOH mind.

NRL Round 3 – Sydney Roosters v South Sydney Rabbitohs: So disappointing!

The Rabbit in the Vineyard was feeling good when his Bunnies led 10-0 against the Evil Empire. But elation all too quickly became disappointment.

NRL Round 1 – Dolphins v Roosters: Un-bloody-believable!

In what will rank as the upset of the season (after all of 8 games played to date), the debutant Dolphins have defeated the ‘Billionaires of Bondi’ to win their first ever match in the NRL. Where does this put Wayne Bennett in the pantheon?

Almanac Rugby League – NRLW 2021 Grand Final: Roosters extinguish Dragons

Ian Hauser reviews the 2021 NRLW Grand Final, an entertaining, high standard match which saw the Sydney Roosters overcome the pre-game favourites, the St George Illawarra Dragons.

Almanac Rugby League – NRLW 2021 Grand Final preview: Dragons v Roosters

The St George Illawarra Dragons will meet the Sydney Roosters in the 2021 NRLW Grand Final this weekend. Ian Hauser previews Sunday’s clash along with Round 5 of the 2022 NRL season.

Almanac Rugby League: NRLW Round 4 and NRL Round 2

Ian Hauser reports on both the NRLW and NRL rounds from the rounds that past, with some of the best run sequences of plays he’s ever saw in the NRLW’s competition between the Broncos and the Dragons. He makes his next round of tipping on which teams are most likely to take home the points as the weekend looms closer.

Almanac Rugby League: Iosia Soliola, a legend on and off the field!

‘Iosia Soliola is one of the most well-regarded rugby league players I have ever encountered personally or heard of. He was (and is) an absolute champion of a fellow with the Sydney Roosters, Newtown Jets, St Helens and the Canberra Raiders.’ Here’s why!

Almanac Rugby League – A classic, a calamity and a controversy: Another week in rugby league

There is plenty to talk about after Round 8 of the NRL season. The Almanac’s rugby league editor gives his take on it all.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 8: Coping with injuries – it’s all about depth

With a growing injury list across several clubs, there’s plenty of interest in how they cope as we come up to Round 8 of the NRL season. Rugby league editor Ian Hauser gives his thoughts.

Almanac Rugby League – An old rivalry resumes: Roosters v Rabbitohs

Roosters v Rabbitohs – the rivalry goes back a century and more. They’re back again tonight and we’ve got them captured by John Campbell’s artwork!

Almanac Rugby League – Season 2020 germinates but also experiences a loss

The 2020 rugby league season is slowly gaining momentum. Correspondent Ian Hauser looks back at three significant events from the last few days.

Almanac Rugby League – 2019 NRL Grand Final: Sydney Roosters v Canberra Raiders – there’s nothing like a bit of controversy!

The 2019 NRL Grand Final may well go down as one of the more controversial grand finals in quite some time. Ian Hauser watched the Sydney Roosters take on the Canberra Raiders.

Almanac Rugby League – 2019 NRL and NRLW Grand Finals: Roosters to crow and Dragons to breathe fire

Rugby League takes centre stage this weekend with the NRL and NRLW Grand Finals to be played on Sunday. Our rugby league man, Ian Hauser, gives his preview.

Almanac Rugby League – NRLW Round 3: Grand Finalists Decided

Round 3 of the NRLW competition sorted out next weekend’s grand finalists. It didn’t go quite to plan for everyone. Ian Hauser tells why.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Finals Week 1 and NRLW Round 1 Review

He may not have picked too many winners, but rugby league aficionado Ian Hauser sure appreciated what he saw in the first weekend of NRL finals and Round 1 of the NRLW. Here’s his report.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 18: First on-field female referee after 111 years!

History will be made in the NRL tonight – for the first time in it’s 111 year history, there will be a female on-field referee! Congratulations, Belinda Sharpe! Ian Hauser also casts his eye over Round 18 and nominates his winners.

A Weekend in Sport

There was a lot to appreciate about the weekend’s multiple sports offerings. Ian Hauser provides his take on some of the amazing contests and looks for lessons from it all.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 17 Preview

After a better tipping effort in last weekend’s NRL Round, Ian Hauser previews Round 17 and chooses his winners for Round 17.

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 16 Preview

With his tipping credentials in tatters after last weekend, our resident rugby league man tries yet again. How can anyone in their right mind tip NZ Warriors playing away?

Almanac Rugby League – NRL Round 15: There is movement on the ladder

Aficionado maybe, tipster not! Ian Hauser runs his eye over the weekend’s NRL results to try to glean what it all means and finds some support for his ‘moving month’ theory.