Almanac Tennis: Rafa’s tennis is as good as it gets

He may or may not end up the most successful of the big three, but the Spanish superstar provides the best theatre, writes RON REED

Almanac Tennis: Are Stefanos and Naomi the new faces of tennis?

The Australian Open, against all odds, has continued to power on over the last fortnight. With only three games left in the main draw, both sides hold a chance of changing the guard of world tennis.

The Parade College Writing Workshop – Dhir Choksi: 2017 Australian Open Final

Parade College Grade 9 student Dhir Choksi details the remarkable return to form that saw Roger Federer, In a crazy turnaround at such an old age, clinch the 2017 Australian Open.

A Weekend in Sport

There was a lot to appreciate about the weekend’s multiple sports offerings. Ian Hauser provides his take on some of the amazing contests and looks for lessons from it all.

Rolling into Rod Laver Arena – #AusOpen Mens Quad Wheelchair Singles final

Anyone for tennis? Wheelchair tennis that is! Joseph Ryan relives his first encounter of wheelchair tennis as Dylan Alcott takes out the Australian Open Quad Wheelchair Final at Rod Laver Arena.

Tennis and Eternity

Under the glorious elms at Yarrawonga, Dips ponders the essentials of life; generational change and mortality, tennis, music, and realising, as Shakespeare wrote, that “life is but a walking shadow.”

Nadal v Federer – why we love an epic contest

Having given the game of tennis away after the indiscretions of Kyrgios and Tomic, Craig Dodson finds joy in an epic on Rod Laver between Federer and Nadal.

Almanac Tennis: Can we compare the tennis greats of today to the legends of yesterday? Two different views by Philip Mendes and Lucas Lewit-Mendes

Should you compare players across eras? Philip says no, Lucas says yes. Who is right?

Heroes, Villains and Dummy Spits

As the 2016 Australian Open gathers steam, what is going on with our young Aussie tennis stars and why does tennis seem to excel at dummy spits?

Young Tennis Guns III – This Ain’t No Sequel

Kyrgios, Dimitrov, Raonic. Rumbling thunder, horsepower. Speed demons. Gregor Lewis takes us through the Wimbledon men’s quarter finals.

Silly, childish and pointless. Yes, but I’ll ‘boo’ if I want to.

In Praise of Booing: Sean Curtain mounts a spirited defence of the much-maligned art. Don’t tell him he can’t boo. It’s the crowd’s right to have a crack.

crio’s Q: Worthy of the written word

I guess the market dictates if a book is worthwhile or not. Certainly I support any author’s right to have a tale printed. When Tom and I go to TiAmo in Lygon St for lunch, a stop at Readings is a non-negotiable. Seeking common ground we invariably meet at the small sports section. Last week [Read more]