Almanac Footy: Peter J Bennett

Peter Bennett had an exceptional sporting life, ranging from a successful VFL career for St Kilda and Victoria to representing Australia in consecutive Olympics in water polo. Allan Grant profiles a unique sporting career.

Almanac Life: ’30 for 30′ – Who’d make the Aussie cut?

Instead of watching the news on TV, Smokie Dawson is now watching American sports themed shows on ’30 for 30′. He wonders which Aussie sporting greats would make the cut on an Aussie version of the show.

Peter Norman Week 2018

As we come up to Peter Norman week (Oct 9 -Oct 16), Glen! revisits the story of the man that stood tall with Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Mexico Olympics.

Bold sporting predictions… for 2037

Twenty years have passed, and the world of sport has undergone a semi-revolution. Luckily, Hamish Neal is here to guide us through 2037’s sporting landscape.

Almanac Olympics – Middle Australia Calls Time on the Olympics

Middle Australia with some sensible proposals to ‘streamline’ the Olympics

Sport – Who’s Funding Who

Is sport a waste of taxpayers money as some claim, or is sport in fact getting a raw deal when it comes to government funding support asks Robbo.

Faster, higher, stronger

Pete Edwards believes a chemically-assisted “Olympics” would be a huge success. Let the freaks run!

Olympics – Glory off the dais

If you look close enough in the aftermath of the 2012 Summer Olympics, you’ll notice many athletes returning home feeling enormous pride and satisfaction with their performances in London, even though they never got near a dais, a medal ceremony or even a final.

Olympic Fever

I don’t really know where to begin. It must be the weather. Over the last few weeks things have gone from bad to worse for Essendon and my tennis team. It’s not that our tennis team has played badly; it’s just that we have had so many washouts and the team who is coming second [Read more]

Rd20 2012 FEARLESS: Adios Olympics! After much ado, see you in Rio 2016!

It’s fair to say that MADNESS played well at the start of the Olympics closing ceremony. The ska/reggae/pop champions of the 80s haven’t been live on TV since an episode of The Young Ones when they played at the pub frequented rarely by the unruly 4 students. In keeping with the MADNESS theme…when a bloke [Read more]

Dummy spitters

By Anson Cameron To gamble your life on a millimeter and a moment is foolhardy brave. But, being an Olympic hurdler, that’s what you’re called to do. You train ten thousand hours to shed a second and gain a hair’s-breadth so when the gun goes you can shape space and time marginally better than the [Read more]

Olympic objectivity, deliberate or otherwise

The Olympics can draw out many emotions, but to me this year, I actually found them to be… ‘strangely refreshing’. I took a bit longer than normal to get warmed up for the games this time. Perhaps it was because I went to Sydney and to the Vancouver Winter games, whereas this was always just [Read more]

The Wrap Round XX

THE WRAP – ROUND XX – WHERE LIFE IMITATES FOOTBALL And what a round it’s been in Footy Eddie.  On Friday night The Weagles did a Hawthorn on The Cats; the difference being that they regained the lead to beat a Gallant but undermanned Geelong side. The Olympics settled down for you after the swimmers [Read more]

The Sally Pearson Round

Greetings to all, Vlad might be having a blast at the Olympics – but once again his charges make sure that the news inches are adorned with AFL.  But before addressing those some Olympic observations.  Have been a fan of Sally Pearson ever since she screamed “did you see me” at Maurie Plant after claiming [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Olympics Special

Tried to find the source of the quote, “Getting old is not for the faint hearted” but apart from finding a qualification, “neither is the alternative” , the best that I could come up with is “as the old man said”. Not very satisfactory I must confess. And what is the link with sport?.I have [Read more]

The revolution will be televised

With all this Olympics brouhaha dominating the news the Swans game this week crept up on me like a spider in the dark. Nine’s coverage has been in modern parlance an epic fail and it’s a relief when Sunday comes and we get to watch an entire sporting event. Imagine if Fox or 7 Mate [Read more]

The secrets of Olympians

Sometime during the past 12 months, I fell in love with PostSecret. PostSecret is a website updated each Sunday with a series of postcards which have been sent to the site that week, each containing the sender’s anonymous secret. I love the site because it can make you laugh, take pause, and even re-think one’s [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap – Round XVIII

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XVIII FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN And what week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Richmond & North coughed up enough to pay for the Ayatollah’s Olympic sojourn, and Clarko met the Little League official who is destined to replace Angry Adrian as head of the Appalling Football League’s football department.  [Read more]

The Almanacker’s Lament (apologies to John O’Brien)

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Litza, In accents most forlorn, “This bloody Ratten shits ya, I wish he’d not been born.”

Too tough to lose : the Story of Laurie Morgan, Australia’s first equestrian Olympic gold medallist

  Book Review by Jan Smith Too tough to lose : the Story of Laurie Morgan, Australia’s first equestrian Olympic gold medallist. By Warwick Morgan.  Published by Forty Degrees South, Hobart, Tasmania. Not many sons write a book about their father, but not too many people have a father like legendary sportsman Laurie Morgan.  Australia [Read more]