Geelong’s Record Run – Round 6, 1953: Geelong v South Melbourne – 1952 flag unfurled

Peter Clark’s newest entry to his series on Geelong’s record run of wins sees the Cats unfurl thier premiership flag before trouncing South Melbourne.

Almanac Footy History: The first moving images of VFL football

This is the earliest surviving film of VFL footy – from the 1909 Grand Final between Carlton and South Melbourne.

Almanac (Footy) History: A season under the great Herb Matthews

Sean Mortell caught up with octogenarian (and Almanac contributor) Jim Johnson to findout about his footy career under South Melbourne legend Herb Matthews.

1966 and all that: Round 16 – St. Kilda v South Melbourne

The Saints have a big win in the wet, but suffer an injury to a star in the process. Peter Clark’s coverage of the 1966 season reaches Round 16.

1966 and all that: Round 5 – South Melbourne v St Kilda

It’s Round 5, and the confident Saints travel to the Lakeside Oval to take on Bob Skilton’s in-form South Melbourne. Peter Clark’s look back at 1966 continues apace.

Almanac Footy History: Fitzroy premiers again in 1899

In the second of his Grand Finals series, John Harms tells the story of the Maroons premiership amid the push for Federation in 1899.

Almanac Footy History: An afternoon of footy with Fred Goldsmith

Richard Davis’s piece about Fred Goldsmith reminded John Harms of the time in 2008 when he visited Fred at home in Spotswood and they watched the Swans take on Melbourne.

War, the VFL and the South Melbourne Football Club  

2018 is the centenary of the 1918 South Melbourne Premiership and Richard Davis details how its meaning rises each year set against the backdrop of the First World War and its inevitable effects upon the Victorian Football League.

Almanac Book Review: The Game of Their Lives

Australian Rules football was the great love of the subjects of “The Game of Their Lives” but it was in the “greater game” that their ultimate fate would be decided writes Nick Richardson.

Grand Final Preview: Sal’s predictions, and thoughts about other sports as well.

For all thoughts in football, cricket, rugby, and horseracing, Sal has all the tips for you.

Almanac Footy History: ‘Peter the Great’ Burns, the first 300 game player

Geelong Footy Club board member and fanatical historian and collector, Bob Gartland, celebrates the life of an almost forgotten champion Peter Burns. [Welcome Bob and thanks for this terrific yarn – JTH]

Interesting question: are Sydney Swans and South Melbourne one and the same and do they have a shared history?

Jan Courtin, Ross Treverton and Glen! have been discussing this question in recent times (via comments after an earlier article). Join in on the debate.

A trip to the family day

The Dodson family and the Swans; a pretty good combo.

Supporters The Lifeblood Of Footy Clubs

Build it and they will come. If they don’t come the foundations will crumble. A thoughtful piece by Wes on why football clubs need supporters more than supporters need football clubs.

Born Working. Billy Williams.

    Let’s get this straight, Billy Williams is a champion. You think so the minute you meet him. Triple South Melbourne best and fairest, Bloods Team of the Century member, Australian Rules Hall of Fame. The only surviving Swan from the Bloodbath Grand Final. A ripper jag of titles, but there’s something more to [Read more]

Thank You Ma’am

Thank you Ma’am It is one of the lesser known achievements of the 60 year reign of Your Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth that you are responsible for my addiction. To be fair to Your Majesty as a [Read more]