Fishy Regulations

Robbo comments on the unintended consequences of regulation and how it might effect recreational fishing.

So I did the AFL’s Fan Survey…

And oh boy was it intriguing! Leading questions everywhere! Didn’t get asked about the frequency of rule changes. Didn’t get asked about rule interpretation either. Sliding rule? Nah. Score Review System? What is that?

Crio’s Question: Bending the rules

Crio wants to know what rule change in any code would make your sporting life better in 2013.

No Oliver, you may not have some more. Eighty will do.

Another off-season, another fundamental change to the way football is played, says Adam Ritchie. Considering how great our game it, it sure does seem to be tinkered with a lot.

Olympic objectivity, deliberate or otherwise

The Olympics can draw out many emotions, but to me this year, I actually found them to be… ‘strangely refreshing’. I took a bit longer than normal to get warmed up for the games this time. Perhaps it was because I went to Sydney and to the Vancouver Winter games, whereas this was always just [Read more]

Keep The Rules The Way They Are

(An ode to Kevin Bartlett and the Rules Committee) by Michael Viljoen   (Sung to the tune of Just the Way You Are – B. Joel)     Don’t go changing the rushed behind rule We’ll try to keep the ball in play,  Mmm Sometimes I fumble across the goal line Disguised in my own [Read more]

Thank You Hawthorn

I was not a fan of the AFL rule change prohibiting the deliberate rushed behind. Not a fan at all. If I was in the front bar of Cramers in Preston I’d go so far as to exclaim to no-one in particular that it’s akin to social engineering as far as I’m concerned. It’s a [Read more]

A rushed point for an April Fool

By Michael Viljoen The morning of April 1st I received an alert from one ‘Yellow and Black’ football blog uncovering the surprise news that the iconic Richo (following the trend of Geoff Huegill, Ian Thorpe, and Pauline Hanson) was preparing his own comeback, to hopefully act as a foil for Jack on the Tigers’ forward [Read more]

How The Footy Almanac saved football

The Footy Almanac has saved football. The Richmond footy club almost saved footy a few years ago, but here at the Almanac we’ve done it properly. The Tiges almost saved footy when they lost to Geelong by 157 points one Sunday evening in May, 2007. At a time when the Swans and West Coast had [Read more]

AFL Rule of Law

With the current season not yet complete, Adrian Anderson is already floating thought bubbles about rule changes for next season. Here we go again, it seems. So ingrained has this ritual become it’s possible to forget a time when constant tinkering with the rules wasn’t a given. Before we had Rules Committees, Umpires Directors and [Read more]


Watching little of the World Cup ( it’s on at work so it hard to avoid ) has got me thinking about how a few changes would enhance the spectacle, not only of soccer, but many other sports as well. So I’ve put a couple of ideas down for your degustation outlining what I feel [Read more]