So I did the AFL’s Fan Survey…

And oh boy was it intriguing! Leading questions everywhere! Didn’t get asked about the frequency of rule changes. Didn’t get asked about rule interpretation either. Sliding rule? Nah. Score Review System? What is that?

Did get asked if I thought it was important the ball remain the same shape. And if it was important the game be played on an oval shaped ground. And if I thought being allowed to kick the ball in any direction was important (No more backwards or sidewards movement! GOALS NOW WORTH 100 POINTS! LASERS FIRING AT ALL TIMES! DROWN IN THE ORGY OF COLOURS AND BIG NUMBERS!). Asked me in approximately seven different ways if I thought player safety was important. Wanted to respond with “No. Give me more gore”, but that wasn’t an option.

I would have given suggestions like “game isn’t completed until the Golden Snitch is caught”, “MULTIBALL!” and “Make all players wear a bomb that detonates if they stop moving during play”, but I fear there is possibility they could implement them.

Still, credit where it is due. At least the AFL gave this opportunity to the fans, as opposed to just running around, hands covering ears, screaming “NOT LISTENING!”

If you want to share your thoughts with them, click here.

Remember, your opinion matters. Not as much as Kevin Bartlett’s, but still, not completely worthless.

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My name is Adam. I started watching football with two fellow parapsychologists in an abandoned firehouse. When we’re not watching footy, we’re running our own pest control business. What do you mean I stole that from Ghostbusters?


  1. Interesting piece, Adam. Sounds like the AFL is trying to pacify the masses by “giving them a say” – but only on the trivial, irrelevant stuff. Kinda like saying: “We’re considering writing a new Bill of Rights – how thick do you think the paper we print on should be?”.

    Would love to see the AFL release a survey on the contentious issues they know the fans are invested in.

  2. Stephanie Holt says

    Latest forum was on fan experience. 90% the same as the one I got as a club member last season! (Guess they’re all using the same consultants.)

    But I stuck it out to get to the end and gave them a spray about overorchestration of match-day experience and annoying PA and big screen concoctions etc – only to have the system crash and not be able to submit it.

    Conspiracy theory? Or just my dodgey computer/internet connection :(

  3. daniel flesch says

    Yeah , Adam , i did the survey and feel the same as you do. And Stephanie , i MIGHT have given the AFL a spray about loud vacuous ground announcers and screeching scoreboards , but as i have been doing it in so many places , everywhere i can think of ,including this site,can’t say for sure.

  4. Needs an “UNLIKE” button.

  5. mickey randall says

    While we all acknowledge “tokenism” when we see it, highly paid consultants will all sleep easy thinking that they’ve done a terrific job, confused in the belief that they’re doing a great job.

  6. Thnaks for the heads up Adam.

    Personally, the best bit was squecking into the 30-39yo category.

    From there it was all downhill – a token gesture asking facile questions they already know the answer to.

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