Women’s Footy – VFL: Spurred On By Belief

Three years ago, the St Albans Spurs were beaten, drained of players and on the verge of collapse. Forward Alex Quigley talks about the long fight back for respect, peaking with their upset victory against Diamond Creek.

Round 5 – Melbourne v Richmond: Basket-case-dom

For Callum O’Connor Richmond’s game against a Melbourne side still realising its potential to become something more, was a fast-paced, exciting game of footy.

Old Carlton vs the New: will there be any changes?

Mark LeGiodice and Steven Trigg have promised Carlton fans a strong rebuild leading to a bright future… but will they be able to walk the perilous tightrope and avoid the long damnations of history? Fooz Pietersen investigates.

Waite’s swansong?

Dan Campbell praises true Blue Jarrod Waite for his loyalty and talent. And questions his inconsistency and volatile temperament. Is there a future for Jarrod at Carlton or elsewhere?

AFL Round 15 – North Melbourne v Richmond: A rebuild falls apart

Haje Halabi was happy with the Richmond rebuild, but against the Kangaroos, not only did the plumbing leak but the joint looks like it has to be completely rewired and re-stumped.