sunlight on leather

 by Rob Scott   first morning a familiar scent on the breeze   It should perhaps be the game at its purest. Everyone and everything is primed. Sun-tanned, tattooed and absurdly muscled players; feverish fans emerging on frenzied tenterhooks from a long summer of enforced detachment and other family commitments; pristinely manicured playing surfaces; even [Read more]

The tides of March

  by Jeff Dowsing After a glorious last hurrah, the summer of 2012 evaporated quicker than Sean Marsh’s batting average. Hard to believe it’s already March. It must be a loathsome month for emo-goths, artistes and like minded hipsters with serious sport allergies. NRL, Super Rugby, A-League, AFL in-embryo, and cricket’s tail end all scramble [Read more]

The Return of Football

  My niece wants me to take her to the football. I’m not so sure. We’re Bulldogs supporters. The whole family is Bulldogs, apart from a couple of irritating Tigers fans who are always trying to rub something in. She comes over in a red-white-and-blue scarf even though it’s twenty-five degrees outside. It’s the first [Read more]