Even Heroes Make Mistakes

Nicole Kelly is a huge Pies fan. And her young bloke Jack is just as fanatical. She faced a tricky situation when, last year, she had to explain Jaidyn Stephenson’s absence to him. Jack came up with a generous assessment. [Welcome Nicole – JTH]

Almanac Life: Kids and the language instinct

The kids were talking about words today.

Round 2, 2012- Collingwood v Richmond

by John Carr Having decided early in the week to sit this game out in terms of attendance, (three tiddlywinks, a wife working weekends…something’s got to give) I booked myself a night in front of the box to watch my Richmond tackle the Pies. Sounds simple enough? What on earth was I thinking? Making dumplings [Read more]

A history of football

A football career is a life. It is it’s own world, it has its own language, which you learn. It tests every emotion, builds character and breaks the weak. It has a birth, adolesence, maturity and, if done right, if seen through, a decline. In this decline you desperately try to pass your strength and [Read more]

The Return of Football

  My niece wants me to take her to the football. I’m not so sure. We’re Bulldogs supporters. The whole family is Bulldogs, apart from a couple of irritating Tigers fans who are always trying to rub something in. She comes over in a red-white-and-blue scarf even though it’s twenty-five degrees outside. It’s the first [Read more]