Round 16 – Geelong v Sydney Swans: Kerplunk!

Dips, with old mates and exchange student in tow, watches the Crème Caramel served up by the Cats and decides that the Great Ocean Road is much better viewing.

The 2015 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup – Round Six

Gather ’round tipsters. The Mopsy Fraser Cup wrap-up of round six is in. “Expect the opinionistas to cut and paste everything they’ve ever writ about Confucian Mick this week…” pretty much sums up the media’s relationship with Mick Malthouse as the troubles at Royal Parade continue. Also, some great thoughts on Chris Scott and Mitch Clark.

The Importance of Sportspeople Being Well

Yoshi opens up about his experiences with depression and anxiety in light of reading about Ryan Griffen’s struggles at the Whitten Oval in season 2014.

AFL post-season: Which path is Geelong travelling?

Geelong built a triple-premiership dynasty on recruiting and developing – so why are they so keen on recruiting free agents? And why does North’s interest in Jarrad Waite remind Stephen Cooke of Richmond and Paul Hudson in 2001?

Mitch Clark’s Mental Courage

Joe Moore sticks up for Mitch Clark and reckons that his obligations to his own health outweigh football and contractual issues.

The taxing psychological side of football

Jackson Clark reflects on the draining psychological side of elite sport. Will we see more early retirements because of the mental strain more than the physical?