‘The bread and butter jockey…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill catches up with Robbie Beattie, Victoria’s oldest active professional jockey. And what a story, as only KB can tell it!

‘The dash…for covers…’ by Simone Kerwin

Simone Kerwin guests for KB Hill as she tells a tale of how country sport works. (We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – ‘she’s a chip off the old block alright!’ – Ed.)

‘Hawks and Tigers produce a classic…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill recounts the recent nail-biter between the Wangaratta Rovers and the Albury Tigers in the OMNFL. (Classic KB tension! – ED.)

‘The milestone men of the O & M…’ by KB Hill

KB Hill salutes ‘The Milestone Men’ who have played more than 300 games in the Ovens and Murray League.

“Strong-marking ‘Rosa’ – a star for the ‘Pies’ ” by KB Hill

Wangaratta sports historian KB Hill traces the long, colourful and storied footy career of Geoff Rosenow of Geelong and the Wangaratta Magpies.

‘Hawks Honour Centurion Sam’ by KB Hill

Sam Carpenter’s football career is a classic example of overcoming adversity and defying expectations. KB Hill speaks to Sam as he reaches the 100-game milestone for the Wangaratta Rovers.

‘From King Valley, to Moonee Valley…and beyond’ by KB Hill

KB Hill talks to Leigh Newton, son of a King Valley footy dynasty, about his injury-plagued career at Melbourne, and his further sporting adventures.

‘Keeping an eye on the final…..’

The spirit of a local legend keeps watch over an Under 14s cricket Grand Final in Wangaratta. Local journalist Simone Kerwin shares the experience.

‘The trials and tribulations of a pro golfer…’ by KB Hill

‘This is the story of one of Wangaratta’s finest golfing exports,’ says KB Hill as he charts the career of Andrew Kelly.

When you’re in the groove by KB Hill

After a full weekend of football and cricket watching, KB Hill has been reminded that a sportsman ‘in the groove’ is a powerful thing.

“The knock-about journo who made his mark” by KB Hill

KB Hill speaks to Phil Nolan, the Echuca lad who became a footy icon and journalism legend in both Wangaratta and Devenport.

”Big Macca – Lackadaisical but magical” by KB Hill

According to KB Hill, “Good full forwards come packaged in a variety of shapes and forms.” But then there was Neale McMonigle.

Dan McCarthy – Inspired by the racing game by KB Hill

KB Hill talks to Dan McCarthy, who was schooled in the football cradle of Assumption College, but really made his name as a successful horse trainer.

“Veteran’s moment in the sun” by KB Hill

KB Hill has a story to tell about Noel ‘Bully’ Wise, noted as a tough, determined player in the Ovens and King league, recently awarded life membership at Wangaratta.

Local boy fires in Croweater country by KB Hill

KB Hill looks at the career of Luke Norman, who began behind the stumps in local cricket, but soon graduated to being an Ovens & Murray League star, a Melbourne player, before finding success in the SANFL.

The Artful Defender by KB Hill

Defenders aren’t traditionally the most popular heroes on-field, but some are exceptional – like Jim Sandral who played in one of the greatest of all time sides, Melbourne 1956. KB Hill shares his story from Corowa to getting lifts with Norm Smith to training and back again.

Finding form at the right time by KB Hill

KB Hill recounts the story of the 1978 Wangaratta Rovers side, a textbook example of ‘finding form’ when it counts the most.

The Wangaratta Flyer by KB Hill

This week’s KB Hill take us away from the footy field to around the track – featuring the indomitable Wangaratta Flyer, Thomas Cusack.

A star from the VFA’s halcyon days by KB Hill

This week’s KB Hill features Rod Cobain, who played in the VFL & VFA before heading up to Yarrawonga

“Be Home Before Dark……” by KB Hill

KB Hill recounts the long football history of the Gayfer clan, and the fortunes of the Rutherglen footy club. Two stories which reflect the ebbs and flows of a country footy fortunes.