’Heners’ – schoolboy champ to country football icon……by KB Hill

KB Hill recounts the long career of Jon Henry, the boy from Kamarah who played in the AFL but made his greatest contribution in Wangaratta.

‘I wonder whatever happened to……………’ by KB Hill

Two kids, born on the same day in the same hospital, schoolmates and footy team-mates later on, then their paths diverged. KB Hill reconnects with Bernie Brady more than half a century since they last crossed paths.

Dan McCarthy – Inspired by the racing game by KB Hill

KB Hill talks to Dan McCarthy, who was schooled in the football cradle of Assumption College, but really made his name as a successful horse trainer.

The Cheerful Pocket Dynamo by KB Hill

“Jack Dillon is renowned for his story-telling. He doesn’t mind coating his yarns with a liberal dab of ‘mayonnaise’, but this one, he assures me, is spot-on.” And so begins another KB Hill country footy classic.

Assumption College’s Hall of Excellence Opening and their Team of the Century

  Assumption College in Kilmore is renowned as one of Australian football’s greatest ‘factories’, but a look through the accomplishments of its Alumni shows that sporting achievement is merely the top of the iceberg. From medicine, engineering, the arts, finance and the judiciary, Assumption College has a rich history of former students who have gone on [Read more]

Real Neale

Beaut memoir by Mark Branagan, a graduate of The Football Nursery, Assumption College, paying tribute to Neale Daniher.