Almanac Cricket: A Feast of Cricket in India

Cricket, India and artist John Campbell make for a compelling palette to draw in the sports-lover, the eye and the taste buds. It’s all here in one enchanting story.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup: Semi-finalists have been decided, but where do things go from here?

The semi finalists for the T20 World Cup are finalised. But will rain spoil the party? Liam Hauser recaps the final few games of the group matches.

Almanac Cricket: A hot, sweaty tri-series & Canberra’s summer of cricket.

We’ve got an old-fashioned tri-series underway at the moment, with Australia taking on both India and England in women’s T20. Max Wiggins has been in prime position to take it all in and shares his thoughts on a long hot summer in our nation’s capital.

2019 Cricket World Cup – Australia v India: Simply out-classed

Australia faced their first set back in the 2019 Cricket World Cup against India last Sunday night. Sean Mortell wonders whether it was a necessary reality check.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 5: Pessimistic Optimism

Sean Mortell is expectant and more than a little nervous as he takes his position in front of the TV. He sees the Australians put up a super fight but the Indians claim victory.

Australia v India – Adelaide, Day 4: Same, same but different

Final year high school student Sean Mortell is trying to cope with change – in the commentary box and on the cricket field. This is his Day 4 report of proceedings at the Adelaide Oval which have left Australia with a massive fight on their hands. [Great line about honesty Sean! – Ed]

The World Cup Alphabet – I is for…

The list continues, today Dennis Gedling looks at two Asian Confederation members – one a modern powerhouse with five finals qualifications, the other an underperformer with a quirky tale of (almost) qualification

Jess Dal Pos goes to India

From Blacktown to Mumbai, Jess Dal Pos’ deep passion for footy has her kicking goals.

India v Australia: Bangalore Test, Day 2 – A Tale Of Two Marshes

There are two Marshes. Shaun the oft-injured master of inconsistency. And Shaun the patient, stylish, gifted grafter.

India v Australia – Pune Test: What we learnt from Pune

Seven things Pete has taken away from the First Test in Pune including India’s horrible use of the DRS.

India v Australia – Pune Test: Shock result

Australia had a massive upset win by thrashing India in the first test in Pune. Steve Smith was a true warrior with the bat while Steve O’Keefe bamboozled the Indians with match figures of 12/70. Incredible. Where does it rate amongst the biggest upsets in test cricket?

India v Australia – Pune Test, Day 1: It just didn’t feel like cricket!

Jan Courtin felt a bit let down by day 1 of the test match between Australia and hosts India.

Underdog – 1: Favourite – egg-on-face

Yvette loves a good come uppance. Read on and find out why.

The Way Forward For Test Cricket

Callum O’Connor thinks through the Test cricket woes. He has some suggestions.

What happens in the next chapter of Australian cricket?

Tom Riordan on what may occur as a new chapter of Australian cricket begins in the upcoming summer of cricket.

The Day of the Giants

Last night at the North Fitzroy Arms I met a bloke who was talking about Johnny ‘Mulga’ Shelton who played a few games for Fitzroy and has been a legendary figure around the bush for donkey’s years. I was reminded of Citrus Bob Utber’s mention of him a few years back.

Who’s a Minnow Now?

Qualifying for the 2019 Cricket World Cup just got interesting according to the Footy Bogan. Oh the irony!

SCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: Test cricket with an ocean view!

Summer traditions blend by the ocean for Jill Scanlon as she combines her love of the beach and her love of cricket.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Four: The Beauty of Day Four

Jill Scanlon offers a beautiful summary of Day 4, as the gathering storm for a torrent of wickets (or runs?) to come as the cricket drought breaks over Day 5 of the Adelaide Test.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day One: The Emotion of Cricket

All of the emotions were on display on Day 1, writes Jill Scanlon. What’s your view on nightwatchmen?