Underdog – 1: Favourite – egg-on-face

I love a good comeuppance. Last night’s cricket version – rich arrogant ICC World T20 host and favourite India, going down to the underfunded relative minnow New Zealand – has absolutely made my day.

In fact, I can’t think of a better way for this stage of the comp to start in terms of making me a hell of a lot more interested in following the action.

Maybe its unfair of me to want India’s players to lose as punishment for the mess the BCCI is making of the world game through their bully-boy tactics, and the greedy restructure of ICC they engineered in partnership with England and Australia two years ago.

But the team probably hasn’t done themselves many favours in the popularity stakes either – MS Dhoni must be regretting Friday’s claim that India are so in-form after two recent international T20 series wins that they can play on auto-pilot.

They hadn’t banked on the BLACKCAPS. And the destruction a trio of their spinners might achieve … well, we can’t judge them too much for that: who knew?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the turning pitch in Nagpur played such a big role in this match – not after the shemozzle of the third Test between India and South Africa in late November.

That the BLACKCAPS spinners extracted as much turn or more than the hosts, and that their batsman – by comparison – handled it better than the supposed kings of spin is the real eyebrow raiser.

BMac or no, these guys look like the real deal and I for one would love to see them go all the way in this WT20. And yes – even if it means beating Australia on Friday!

Let’s see what else this tournament can turn up to please the fan of the underdog: West Indies over England? Afghanistan defeat Sri Lanka? Bring it on!


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  1. Keiran Croker says

    Yes, a great way for the series to start. I think T20 lends itself more to upsets than other forms, which makes it more interesting. Let’s see what unfolds!

  2. Yvette this result put a smile on my dial too. Not that I regard T20 as cricket. Its T20.

  3. gabrielle woodhams says

    Hi Yvette, I never read sport stuff, but I enjoyed your article

  4. Matt Broad says

    The Underdog? Go Scotland!

  5. A great read! So great to hear actual opinions. It sounds like we can’t take anything for granted in T20. Keep us posted :)

  6. Luke Reynolds says

    Watched this game in it’s entirety. NZ used their spinners beautifully. Really like the way the Kiwis play, to see them beat India was wonderful. They can go all the way, the huge clash against Australia on Friday will be must watch viewing.

  7. Fraser Adam says

    Great writing Yvette – go you!

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