Round 19 – Carlton v Adelaide: It’s nice to win, but…

Yvette Hollings has enjoyed the wins by her club Carlton of late but she has an issue with the club theme song as she explains.

Round 15 – Fremantle v Carlton: Oh me of little faith

‘And that’s what I’ve become – an unbeliever…How long is it going to take me to turn those thoughts around?’ Blues tragic Yvette Hollings battles her inner doubts and her all-too-willingness to trot out the standard excuses for another loss. A win against the odds in the West has her questioning both herself and prospects for the Navy Blues.

All that’s wrong with footy: the curse of the win/loss

Yvette Hollings expresses her heartfelt feelings about the sacking of Brendon Bolton in her articulate, thought provoking article.

Round 8 – Carlton v Collingwood: the despair of deflation

Yvette Hollings has experienced many emotions in her life and they continued for her with the Blues & Pies Round 8 clash as deflation hit her hard.

Round 4 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: The alternative match report: Blues v Bulldogs v Fondue Fun-do

Blues or Dogs; the battle for one’s allegiance can be hard fought. Yvette explains her decision.

How to choose a footy tribe

Like a search for the meaning of life, Yvette Hollings seeks out why we chose our tribes, our footy tribe.

Underdog – 1: Favourite – egg-on-face

Yvette loves a good come uppance. Read on and find out why.