still the crowd

  Good Friday – we discuss who ought to be culled Easter Saturday – we enter the game without our leader a shot at goal brings howls from the crowd – full moon no wind missed kicks still the crowd autumn night nothing much going on except Pendlebury dusk – Daisy splits the night into [Read more]

down another falling

new season starts at the 10 minute mark I catch my breath first quarter the umpire plucks the ball from the clinging pack dusk deepens one more missed goal the debutant’s first shot at goal straight through the middle MCG in March Buddy’s skied hook post-high Cloke drags down another falling leaves alone inside fifty [Read more]

sunlight on leather

 by Rob Scott   first morning a familiar scent on the breeze   It should perhaps be the game at its purest. Everyone and everything is primed. Sun-tanned, tattooed and absurdly muscled players; feverish fans emerging on frenzied tenterhooks from a long summer of enforced detachment and other family commitments; pristinely manicured playing surfaces; even [Read more]

Haiku for Maggie

  by Damien Little The morning sun beats Starting slowly unsteady Gripping handle bars Determination Can’t let go a father’s test Start over again Determination Possibilities awake Feel freedom flying      

deeper into spring

spring sunset the difference a goal makes       freshly cut fields Swan feeds on the MCG     cloud then sun then cloud yet to hit our stride       looking for the angle Krakouer turns his back to the goals       a gap in the clouds Wellingham catches the [Read more]

the splintered pack

  12 goals clear Krakouer kicks the last on impulse     spring petals — Cloke plucks one close to home     Sandilands jumps — the splintered pack releases the goal sneak     the many paths life takes us peppering the goals     Swan sets off everyone left behind     winter’s [Read more]

somewhere the moon

    winter rain — the ball tossed between bodies of water   somewhere the moon — Port players have trouble finding the ball   soggy night — Blair uses his lack of height   night rain — Collingwood players add to the glitter   non-stop rain — a dyke erected across the half-back line [Read more]

among the rotting leaves

  cross wind — a betting slip among the rotting leaves   no sunlight on that side of the ground — just Daisy   but for their whistles the umpires would disappear *   a chill in the winter sun — Swan scuffs his first kick     the first petal separates.. Daisy’s one hander [Read more]

one goal blurs

  murky light — the umpire sees a free no-one can   old woman knitting — our forward work slowly comes together   rain starts — Daisy comes from the clouds   winter afternoon — the torpedo punt drops short   misty rain — one goal blurs into another   hundred points up — the [Read more]

blushing leaves

scattered leaves — none of our players where they were named closed roof — a lull overhangs our rustiness one miss from close in then two, then three… — blushing leaves wind-lashed trees — goals from turnovers pile up Wellingham crumbs — bodies swirl in his wake closed roof — all eyes on Daisy’s torp [Read more]

every good move

fallen leaves the ground they cover chasing Joel Selwood just like old times every good move contains Buckley rain holding off the forwards can’t get near it chilled to the bone the felled player motionless cloud blocked moon — a good chance the ball is where Selwood is entering time on a goal down — [Read more]

bye weekend

bye weekend – all the things round the house that need doing

Haiku Bob Rd 6: clear moments after

wet afternoon the football used as a lure Johnno subbed off the game loses a little right-side brain sprinting in the clear then on meeting Luke Ball stopped wind-tossed rain a perfect pass by mistake moon strains through clouds a goal clear moments after watering my dead plant Leeroy explodes to life the rain lighter [Read more]

Haiku Bob- Rd 5: various shades

red leaves the Bombers hold on but soon fall away opening skirmishes sun ripples across  the ‘G Anzac Day – the shadows of the players brush the crowd in my new country watching Collingwood feels new bright afternoon the extra edge in our play autumn colours goals of various shades the moon about to appear a [Read more]

Haiku Bob Rd 4: last of the snow

It’s fair to say I’m a little confused. Not (just) because I’m on the other side of the world while my beloved Pies enjoy their most purple of purple of patches in living memory! As a haiku poet, I’m a captive of nature and the cycle of the seasons. It’s as it should be. Part [Read more]

Haiku Bob: round 13 – moon at every turn

magpies darting here and there the moon at every turn beneath exploding pinks and blues Harry’s bursting run bitter night Ball bundles his catch full moon – we have their forwards surrounded Toovey arrives at a moment unafraid of his limitations brief eclipse – Didak shakes his shadow loose full moon Beams in space winter [Read more]

Haiku World Cup

In less than a week, South Africa plays host to The Greatest Show on Earth when the World Cup kicks off in Johannesburg. Pretty soon, the Knackery will be full of punditry and prognostication on the fortunes of the Socceroos as they take on the world’s best. To celebrate, a panel of experts (actually, a [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Community Cup — shifty winds

pre-match the dressing room fills with smoke     Community Cup – decked out in team colours the family dog     in the clinches beer guts hold right of way     burly rover streams forward way up ahead his former self     rain comes the crowd on the hill unmoved     [Read more]

Round 5 – The Middle Distance

by Haiku Bob       round 5 – the middle distance       Anzac Day defeat staring into the middle distance         cold snap the empty space where our ruckman used to be         swirling breeze Pendlebury splits the pack with a fake         [Read more]