Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: ‘My Hero’ Foo Fighters

In his latest Stereo Story, Smokie Dawson reflects on festivals, the Foo Fighters, and fatherhood.

Almanac Music (and lists): Top 15 songs of 2015

It’s only Christmas songs from here on in so Paul Campbell gives us ’15 of the best. Over to you Trucker Slim.

Reflections On Another Wasted Year

Dr Cruel is maintaining the faith. Sarah Black’s tried but can’t hate the Tigers (not even a little), while Paddy Grindlay just sees another wasted year…

Almanac Music: Foo Fighters Review – Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, February 28, 2015

There’s a reason that the Foo Fighters are arguably the biggest band in the world. A relentless work ethic, oodles of talent and a very, very special bloke up front who knows how to work a room. Paul Campbell caught the Foo Fighters at Etihad Stadium on Saturday. He thought they were just a little bit too good.