Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 19 Review/Round 20 Preview – What a weekend!

What a weekend for Collingwood, the death of two greats, and the Pies came back at the death of the match to win a thriller against the Dons.

Remembering Hafey’s Heroes

Collingwood under Tom Hafey produced some of the most memorable footy – and players – in the club’s illustrious history. While the ultimate prize eluded Hafey’s Heroes, Jeff Dowsing revisits his childhood and recalls some fond memories of the late 70s when’T-shirt Tommy’ was at the helm of his beloved Woodsmen.

Finals fever: Making a mark – Billy was my hero

The autographs are faded, but they’re still a vivid and enduring reminder of the heroes of my youth. They appear on a white Yakka branded Tommy Sherrin that I “marked” in the maddening MCG crowd at the 1978 Collingwood v Hawthorn Qualifying Final. On the eve of another high-stakes Collingwood-Hawthorn final, my memory bypasses last [Read more]