Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Round 19 Review/Round 20 Preview – What a weekend!

G’day all. What a weekend?


Firstly, farewell Billy Picken and Con Britt. I remember Billy very clearly; a great player. Both Maynard and Crisp remind me of him – the breakaway drive out of the Backline.


Next. Our collection of True Believers is expanded today. Let me welcome Maurice Moloney to our family. Maurice is a self-described Collingwood tragic, though he does admit to being pleasantly surprised at the team’s performance this year. Maurice, please feel welcome to our ‘family’. We look forward to your engagement and our continuing success.


The game? Okay, 37 Points up after Q1. Feeling pretty confident? Then? How can you adequately describe what happened next. I’ll try.


And, as I keep repeating week after week, I can do without a repeat of the last two minutes of the game every bloody week. Too much stress. Think about the supporters. At the end of Q1, I thought this message had been heard and acted on. Advice from our daughter: What is the Club planning to do about our mental health issues associated with the close Wins? Good question.


Onward and upward. Next game – Port Adelaide, fortunately for us, at the G. See below.  Go Pies.


Round 19


Collingwood 14.7.91 defeated Adelaide 13.8.86. Yep, another close one.


A couple of comments from others first (and me at the end):


  • Dean Bilton / ABC News:
  • And then there’s Collingwood, defying all logic to take Pies fans on the ride of their lives.
  • All conventional wisdom about close games suggests this shouldn’t be happening, but we are so far past caring what conventional wisdom thinks. The Magpies are playing on heart and belief and a little bit of magic, and it’s creating something special.
  • The Magpies are in the top four and will rightfully have belief that anything is possible, but in a way it doesn’t really matter what happens for the rest of the year.
  • This is a season they’ll talk about in Collingwood forever. The year when Craig McRae’s boys came from the cellar to shock the world week after week after week.


  • ABC News:
  • The extraordinary 12.8 (80) to 11.10 (76) result makes it nine straight wins for the Magpies and puts them above Fremantle into fourth on the ladder.
  • Collingwood’s record in close games is bordering on ludicrous but this win was the most improbable of the lot.
  • After flying out of the blocks with the first six goals to lead by 37 points at quarter-time, Collingwood conceded 11 of the next 13 to Essendon as the Bombers grabbed a 21-point buffer in the final term.
  • But the Magpies resilience again came to the fore, kicking the last four goals of an exhilarating contest.
  • After Fremantle’s bizarre draw with Richmond on Friday night, the Magpies leapfrog the Dockers into fourth.
  • The only downside for Collingwood was a shoulder injury to Brayden Maynard, with the ace defender subbed out early in the last quarter.


  • And me. One game at a time. Be sensible, but start to dream.


Go Pies.


Game Timeline. Have a look at the Timeline at It shows the dynamic nature of the game. The game, Goals scored in each Quarter were:


  • Q1                   6 (us) / 0 (them). Quite relaxed at this point;
  • Q2                   1 / 5. Looking awful. What happened to the Q1 domination?
  • Q3                   1 / 5. Considering a range of options – change coach (bring back Bucks), suicide, medication for mental health, switch support to Suns;
  • Q4                   4 / 1. Sitting on the edge of the seat. How can Billy be so relaxed? and
  • Total               12 / 11. And we Won. The most appropriate expression was ‘OMG’. Note the Scoring Shots – 20 (Us) / 21 (Them). Hmmm?

Another external comments from AFL website (succinct and accurate):


  • The Pies dominated the opening term before Essendon took control of the game for quarters two and three. The Bombers controlled large parts of the final quarter before a final surge from the Pies willed them over the line.


Match Report:


Coach’s Comments: Worth watching his comments regarding the team “will to win” and his encouragement to the team at the last change to “be aggressive / have a go”.


Statistics & Lessons:


Watching at home I was able to catch the statistics during the game, identifying the progressive numbers at each break as they are entered progressively on the AFL website. On this occasion I have recorded the progressive numbers of some categories (This is not going to happen every week, trust me) with some comments:


Statistic category Q1 HT Q3 FT Comments
Hit Outs 8 (us) / 7 (them) 16 / 17 27 / 22 34 / 26 These numbers surprised me but, of course, they are not important.
Clearances 6 / 13 13 / 27 22 / 33 26 / 41


These numbers are absolutely critical.

We were soundly beaten in Clearances throughout the game. What is extraordinary is that our Inside 50s were close reflecting our Midfield doing well – sharking.

Clearances – Centre bounce 2 / 5 4 / 9 7 / 10 9 / 13
Clearances – Stoppages 4 / 8 9 / 18 15 / 23 17 / 28
Inside 50s 18 / 11 30 / 24 38 / 41 47 / 51


Comment above.
Goals scored 6 / 0 7 / 5 8 / 10 12 / 11


Not sure how to apply any logic to these. Normally look at Clearances to Inside 50s to Goals.
Contested possessions 32 / 27


57 / 69 84 / 106 119 / 132 Tackles linked with contested possessions gives a final measure of application – 166 / 194; a substantial win for Essendon’s effort.

1%’ers broadly similar.



15 / 11 28 / 29 38 / 42 47 / 62


9 / 15 22 / 22 38 / 37 46 / 45
Disposal effectiveness 76.12% / 71.1% 67.3% / 72.1% 66.7% / 74.5% 67.1% / 74.3% Apart from Q1 they had a significant margin in the effective use of the ball.
Inside 50 – DE 55.6% / 00.0% 43.3% / 29.2% 36.8% / 43.9% 44.7% / 45/.1% Important numbers on how we use the entry to the 50 and its reversal as the game progressed.

Interesting Marks inside 50s in last Quarter.

Inside 50 – Marks 4 / 0 4 / 5 5 / 10 10 / 11
Inside 50 – Tackles 6 / 1 6 / 2 Missed this. 6 / 13
Frees 8 / 13 Missed this. 13 / 18 20 / 25 The Final numbers are misleading. The umpiring was pretty awful. More below.


So, what is going on?



  • Good?


  • Application throughout was fantastic.
  • The Midfield did well turning the Clearance deficit into Inside 50 parity. Look to pursue goals out of the Centre.
  • Great variety of entry into the 50 and varied goal-kickers.
  • The players enjoying themselves. Love the smiles and the support to teammates.


  • Bad?


  • We need to control the game (all of it).
  • We were beaten in the air (Marks – 76 / 107) while Contested Marks were closer (12 / 14). See next two comments.
  • We gave up a number of crumbs off packs that turned into Essendon goals.
  • Too many Defensive talls in the same pack. Punching needs to be the action of choice to spoil an opponent’s mark or pack.
  • Umpires protection of the players (see next item).
  • Remember we won this game almost by accident – Essendon should have taken the easy and safe option and kept control of the ball – pass backwards, if appropriate. So? We need to try and avoid letting the opposition have free-reign for most of the game. Fight-backs are terrific, but a great start needs to be protected.

Umpiring. I am glad the Club intends to question Jack’s treatment. Tony Shaw’s has accused the AFL of persecuting Jack Ginnivan. Mick McGuane agrees. I agree. My view?  Even if the initial contact deserved the play-on call, Redman dragging Jack off the ball by the neck, failing to release him, should have warranted attention. Other umpires, where were you? I might add Draper’s shoulder charge against Elliott in Q1 is also worthy of review. Just seen – the AFL agree the tackle on Jack should have been a Free. Thanks. Glad you made up your mind so promptly – In a statement released by the AFL on Monday evening, the League deemed that Ginnivan had been responsible for the initial high contact but Redman followed through with the tackle “in an unreasonable manner, holding Ginnivan around the neck. In this instance a free kick should have been awarded to Ginnivan.”


Best. Listed Best were: J. Daicos, Crisp, Adams, Howe, Lipinsjki and Pendles. A great team effort by everyone that included specific impressive actions by individuals throughout, however I would add Sidebottom, McCreery and Elliott (my extras are the same as last week, I note). Their presence and actions just lifted everyone else.


Ground Reporting. Who was there? Were you one of the 72,402 there? Ground Reports please? Or I’d love to hear from those of us who simply watched it on TV;  please?


Round 20


Collingwood versus Port Adelaide at the MCG.


Saturday, 30 July 2022; bounce at 1.45pm.


Current betting (not that I would, of course, support such activities) – We are favourites $1.64 / $2.26.


Port will not make the Finals. They are currently sitting 11th on the Ladder with 8 Wins for the Season giving them their percentage of 105.4%. We compare very positively in 4th place with 13 Wins but a 106.2% is not too different to theirs. Notably, of Port’s Wins they have beaten a number of teams pursuing a Finals presence – Sydney (round 14, by 14 Points), Gold Coast (R15; by 2), GWS (R17; by 55). Additionally, since their Round 12 Bye, their Losses have been by an average of less than two kicks.


Port are heavily reliant on their Midfield (Boak, Houston and their Brownlow Medallist, Wines) plus Butters at CHF and their Forwards – Marshall and Finlayson. To this pair I would add Charlie Dixon who can produce goals. Their Backs of note include Houston (gets a few mentions, doesn’t he), Burton and Allir Allir. They have shown an ability to focus on the 2nd Half of a game. They Lost their Round 3 game against Carlton by three Points nearly stealing the game from a 50 Point deficit around HT. More recent games include significant fight-backs. Do not take Port lightly. They have the ability to beat any team if they are allowed to play their game.


Injuries: A very short list. Go to Check later in week.




The Best from each game gives me the list of players to watch.


Who to watch?


  • Allir Allir – FB;
  • Burton – HB / BP;
  • Rozee – HF;
  • Wines – RR;
  • Houston – HB (unlikely because of recovering concussion);
  • Finlayson – FF / Ruck;
  • Marshall – FF;
  • Boak – Rover; and
  • Dixon – FP.


It’s not clear who will be rucking for Port. Teakle is potentially injured; Lycett hasn’t been seen frequently and Finlayson is more likely to play Forward.


Anything else, people? Your views?




Injuries: Go to Also check later in the week. Maynard – doubtful; Grundy – may come back via the VFL because of the length of his absence and De Goey – almost certain return given his very short absence.


  • Out?   Maynard? Might need to make some room for Grundy and De Goey.
  • In?      Well, firstly De Goey and Grundy. Henry has had terrific performances in the Twos, worthy of a return higher, but who would leave Carmichael out? Your thoughts?


Team: Very hard to change a winning team after a run of Wins but I would again argue there is the need to provide some room for some change for the benefit of the team, maybe including Henry, De Goey and Grundy. Who to leave out in addition to a replacement for Maynard? Match Committee decision – we have virtually no visibility of training performance.


Things to do – mostly (not entirely), the same as previous weeks:


  • Focus on the ruck battle – very important for the next steps – Clearances, then the Inside 50s, then score;
  • Seek to shark the Clearances in the Centre bounces and at stoppages around the ground;
  • Better establish Forward targets – a variety is essential;
  • Maintain the speed of movement; avoid stoppages or delays (particularly amongst the Backline) – open the game up;
  • Use the centre corridor;
  • Continue to enjoy your footy; and
  • Pursue the execution of the high-intensity Game Plan for the entire four Quarters.

And as above in So, what is going on? – defensive packs, punching and crumbing.


Your thoughts would be welcomed.




  • My Result. Collingwood to Win by 17 Points. BOG – De Goey (yes, I know, I hope he plays this week) with 29 Disposals, 8 Clearances and 4 Tackles; Henry gets 5; Ginnivan gets 3 (all from head-high tackle Frees). Your thoughts? 


Go get em, boys.


  1. TV. No FTA coverage. FOXTEL or Kayo or head to the pub to watch.


Weather. Rain is forecast on the day, and on the days leading up to it. Moulded sole boots should be replaced with boots with stops.


Round 21


Melbourne versus Collingwood


Friday, 5 August 2022; bounce 7.50pm


MCG (of course)




  • Footy Almanac. Go to More specifically go to for the history. Readers can make comments at the end – interesting reading. Highly recommended.
  • Finals Footy. Of course, I appreciated the invitation sent out by the Club to attend Finals’ games. But the cost? $3595.00.

Get excited. Go Pies



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