The Jehabake Legacy – 53 consecutive years

Ironmike has words of advice for AFL clubs looking for a new coach – ‘research the Jehabake legacy’ – as he traces the origins of premiership success over the past five decades.

Richmond’s Flag to Lose? Ten Reasons why the Tigers might not win the 2018 Premiership

Stainless, perhaps wisely, hoses down the prevailing sentiment that Richmond are a sure thing in September. He has references too!

FIDA Grand Finals this Sunday

The FIDA footy season comes to a finale this Sunday 28 August, with four Grand Finals, all at Central Reserve, Glen Waverley.

No ticket no worries

After a slow start, Matt Watson has now attended many Grand Finals in many and varied guises. Bt this year he will be watching from a pub somewhere in Melbourne.

My Grand Final Memories (As a Player)

Mick Jeffrey has looked into an open premiership window on three occasions. He shares with us his memories of those Grand Final days – some more vivid than others.

Bulldogs fans can only dream of ‘tomozz’

It’s the night before the 2017 Grand Final and The Bulldog Tragician is too excited and nervous to sleep. Buoyed by the 2014 VFL Premiership, Kerrie Soraghan imagines a red, white and blue AFL Grand Final Day three years hence.

Melbourne Uni Blacks Win VAFA Premier Division Title for First Time in 40 Years

Quietly jubilant, The Black Hack writes a delightful report of the VAFA Premier Division Grand Final.

FIDA Grand Final finishes in a flourish

The finish of Sunday’s Division 1 FIDA Grand Final between Williamstown and Kananook was a heart-stopping corker. Vin Maskell survived to tell the tale.

Under 11B Grand Final: Flemington Colts v the Red Devils

Pour a cup of tea and settle in for a detailed and entertaining report of an utterly absorbing Under 11B Grand Final in Tarneit, featuring Marcus, Noah, Frank, Louis, Ayiu, Oliver, Felix, Kye, Macsen, Eddie, Rob and more.

A legacy into which Paul Roos is tapping

This excellent piece on Checker Hughes is definitely written by Lynda Carroll. It was sent to us by Rob Heath. [Apologies for the confusion Lynda – Ed] Lynda has a PhD in history. Her research focussed on the Melbourne Football Club. Subsequently, during her time as Melbourne’s historian she completed The Grand Old Flag, the official club history. Lynda completed many interviews with key Demon characters. She continues her life as a writer and historian and is currently working on a major project about the East Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Grand Final Flashback: 2003

To this day, September 27, 2003, remains in Beth Newman’s top three life highlights.

Wanted: Grand Final scoreboard photos

Scoreboard Pressure, the Les Everett-Vin Maskell website all about scoreboards, is planning its third annual Grand Finals feature. They are calling for photos of scoreboards at local Grand Finals over the next fortnight.

AFL Round 2 – St Kilda v Richmond: Pessimism United

Tom Greenaway is a Saints fan. He is also a pessimist. It has served him well.

The best day in September

Brutas Mudcake has applied an objective scoring system to compile the Top 10 grand finals since 1996. Which day in September will finish ahead of the rest?

Finals fever: Making a mark – Billy was my hero

The autographs are faded, but they’re still a vivid and enduring reminder of the heroes of my youth. They appear on a white Yakka branded Tommy Sherrin that I “marked” in the maddening MCG crowd at the 1978 Collingwood v Hawthorn Qualifying Final. On the eve of another high-stakes Collingwood-Hawthorn final, my memory bypasses last [Read more]

The last Sunday in August

You see it every September in the Herald-Sun. Photographs of victorious premiership sides in suburban and country leagues across the state. Jubilant players leaning into a huddle. Laughing out loud and yelling “Yeah, you beauty!”

Grand Finals Pt.3: So This Is Christmas…

It’s 11 am, Saturday morning, the Coodabeens are on the radio. I’ve just got back from cutting a load of wood, and am bouncing off home, getting ready, up here, on the mountain, for the AFL Grand Final, as millions do. Last night I went around to Roland’s pile of corrugated tin he calls a [Read more]


    by Matt Zurbo   I don’t know why I did this, or for who. Maybe me. Maybe just because. Because it was true, and I like stories. Leo somehow got a copy and my number. Hell, it was a while ago. For all I know I sent one to Sydney. I got home [Read more]

Grand Final Scoreboards

Scoreboard Pressure, the website dedicated to scoreboards, is featuring Grand Final scoreboards over the next few weeks. First up are scoreboards from the 1977 VFL, 1986 WAFL, 1990 TFL, 1998 VFL(VFA) Grand Finals. Part 2’s looking like: 1973 WAFL, 1999 AFL, 2002 WAFL, 2008 VFL and 2010 GSFL (WA). Then part 3 will be a [Read more]

Grand Finals Part I

  When my season finished in a deficit of four bitter goals and biffo, a big map of the country, with about 20,000 pinheads marking football ovals opened up. So, thanks to Sammy Harriott, I went home to the Otways. The tough, leathery bush champion had pulled his battered body together and come out of [Read more]