1966 and all that: Round 3 – North Melbourne v St Kilda

It’s Round 3, 1966 and Peter Clark takes us to Arden Street for the match between North and the Saints. And fills us in on the other scores and what’s going on in the world. [Includes a link to The Age coverage of the round as well – Ed]

AFL Preseason – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Arden Street Cargo Cult

Mick returns to Arden Street and records his understanding of the day – as only Mick can. [Can’t wait to have Mick and Earl in the same room – JTH]

AFL Pre-season – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Home Sweet Home

Deakin journalism student Marnie Cohen had heard her family’s stories about Arden Street. But the last VFL game was played there in 1985. On Sunday she returned with her father to see North put in their second solid performance of the pre-season. It meant a lot. [Nice debut piece – Ed]

Round 9 – Hawthorn v Sydney: Yes Bloods – what a win! And a trip down memory lane.

Jan Courtin returned to Melbourne to watch her Swans against Richmond and Hawthorn, a journey that included a win and a loss and a trip down memory lane.

Passing the Baton

Andrew Starkie revels in introducing his daughter to life as a shinboner. The meaning of family and shared experience and community.