The (Lost) Art of Umpiring

Swish found this 70s SANFL umpiring relic in the bowels of academia. He’s sharing it before it disappears entirely.

Almanac Cricket – Blind Deaf and Clueless: A Modest Proposal

Phil Hill is back considering AFL umpiring in the context of the laws of cricket

Umpiring: the consolations of mythology

Dave Brown wonders, then thoroughly understands, why they need to point out umpires are human.

Confessions of a Maggot

Rulebook has been a footy umpire for over 30 years. Here he shares some of the lighter moments from more than a thousand games of whistle blowing.

Discussion: what do we do with the advantage rule in Australian football?

Jim Young wants some sensible thinking around the advantage rule. [Interesting observationre the use of the umpy’s whistle in footy – Ed]