Round 19 – Richmond v Collingwood: Form an orderly queue for Snags

It was billed as a heavyweight title fight between two hulking behemoths of the Melbourne sporting culture. For Jarrod Landells and thousands of other Tiger faithful, witnessing the smallest forward on the field brought the biggest joy.

Round 4 – Essendon v Port Adelaide: The ruck stops here

The Bombers were back, but a former Don is still missing for Port. Without Paddy Ryder or any viable backup, a rethink of the ruck is needed according to Chris Michaels

AFL Rivalries – Not Usually a Zero Sum Game

The reasoning behind the rivalry existing between specific sporting teams is articulated authoritively by William Westerman.

Yoshi’s definition of rivalry

Yoshi contends that sporting rivalries fuel sporting passion and reveals his own hidden rivalry.

We Don’t Bloody Like You

The Swans and the Pies have some “history”. Joe Moore gives us the Bloods’ side of thing and pots a certain president on the way. Should be an interesting night come Rd 1 at the SCG

NAB Challenge – Carlton vs Essendon: B Jet

Yoshi takes some time out at work to give his view on the Bombers win over the Blues and the efforts of ex Saint Brendon Goddard.

North Melbourne and Essendon rivalry

Tell us how you feel about Essendon, Josh! It will be on for young and old tonight.