NAB Challenge – Carlton vs Essendon: B Jet

Sunday, 28 February 2016
2:05 pm (AEDT, 12:05 pm Yoshi’s Time)
Princes Park, Melbourne

Carlton and Essendon are old arch rivals and share the most number of flags in the league.

On Sunday, I was busy at work training a new European intern to clean the rooms at the inn and welcoming important guests from a good travel agency in Europe. I had less time to follow the game played by the big rival clubs.

Even though I am a Sainter, I enjoy watching blockbusters including the Bombers playing the Blues and Hawthorn vs Geelong.

After the cleaning, I remembered about the footy so checked the score. The game was over and I found the Bombers had won. I messaged my good mate congratulating him on the Dons’ win.

Then I found his Facebook post about Brendon Goddard. It made me curious to know what had happened in the match.

Another friend who goes for Hawthorn messaged me later saying over 18,000 turned up Princes Park for the game.

The game sounded interesting!!

Later I checked the AFL App and I found the former Saint impressed with his play on Sunday against his rivals.

Watching the highlight video, BJ scored a goal from the boundary line in the 2nd Quarter. How brilliant was his kick!

Another impressive performance by Goddard was when he kicked the ball like he was playing soccer towards the goals to help in scoring the goal.

The interim captain kicked another two goals in the game. He created confidence for the Bombers who have been predicted not to win a game in 2016.

Essendon’s Sam Grimley’s high marks impressed and attracted me. He flew up well!!

Another Sam (Michael) did well also.

Carlton’s new recruit Harry McKay kicked a good goal in the 4th Quarter. He is a key to rebuilding the Blues, I think.

Eleni Glouftsis bouncing the ball at the centre of the ground was interesting to see. She bounced well. An Essendon ruckman (I cannot identify the name due to the camera angle) got the clearance, but the ball was gathered by Carlton and Smith kicked the first goal of the match. The female umpire did a good job at the blockbuster!

The big and old rivalry broke out at the end of the third quarter after the siren. Bomber and Blue boys have strong emotions to play for their clubs with a passion, as well, their fans have strong feelings towards their opposition.

The big  number of spectators at Princes Park should have given confidence to the home side but the Dons showed greater effort on field. I think the MCG will be packed during the home and away  game played there by these great rival clubs.

CARLTON 0.1.1 0.1.2 1.3.4 1.3.8 (35)
ESSENDON 0.1.3 1.7.3 1.10.5 1.13.8 (95)

Carlton: E Curnow
Essendon: Z Merrett

Carlton: McKay, Smith, Gallucci
Essendon: Daniher 3, Goddard 3, Grimley, Hams, Long, McKernan, Dempsey, Crowley, Merrett

Official Crowd: 18,718

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