Business as Usual

Andrew Starkie says “It’s time for putting football and fans first, not business as usual.” Over to you Gillon.

What the AFL Needs – A CEO for the ‘Brave New World’ of 21C Sport

Stephen Alomes with some wise words for the AFL Commission

2013 End of Year Sale and Gift List

Is it better to give than receive? Tony Robb gives AFL powerbrokers, horse trainers, media ‘celebrities’ and the old enemies an extra big serve of Christmas comeuppance. With Santa best wishes to Kate, Carlton and Christian charity.

Is there Life on Mars?

Peter Baulderstone brings us the David Bowie guide to AFL 2013 and the forthcoming Dockers-Cats game.

Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

Peter B has reseolved to avoid the ceaseless speculation about which of the 10,000 legal, evidentiary, political and commercial permutations will befall Essendon FC and AFL Inc. (Well said, PB – Ed.)

The AFL’s Crucible

Events in recent weeks have the AFL resembling Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, a play based on the witch-hunts of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692.   Puritan Salem disintegrated under the paranoia and hysteria caused by accusations of witchcraft and cavorting with the devil.  Simmering resentments and jealousies resurfaced and villagers settled old scores by condemning neighbours [Read more]

Wrap Wrath: Heave Ho, Way To Go Freo

Far be it for us to offer comment outside our normal allotment of your precious time, but the recent tsunami of pontification has drawn us early from our cave Wrappers. Last night, for the first time in the history of television broadcasting, the half time entertainment outrated the match.  It even outrated Helen D’Amico’s famous run [Read more]

Can we really manage our way to footy justice?

I’ve been intrigued by the breadth of emotion following the clash of the Steves, Johnson and Baker, in last Friday night’s match at the MCG, and by subsequent events. Most particularly, I’ve been considering the effect of AFL football management style on the conduct of the game. Debate has raged over issues such as the [Read more]

The AFL Wants YOU!

With the AFL conquering new territories like the Romans of yore, changes are afoot to the shape of our season. However in an outstanding example of stakeholder management, we the fans are being given the chance to put forward our opinions as to how we would like to see the season shaped. lists the [Read more]

General footy writing: Support the [real] supporters

by Patrick O’Keeffe   I don’t really hold any personal grudge against Andrew Demetriou. I haven’t met the bloke. I know that he played football, though I was too young to recall his playing days, which ended before the VFL competition had entered my consciousness. I once held open a restaurant door for him. He [Read more]