FAL: The Footy Almanac League is under way



The Footy Almanac League started on March 26.


The first game of the 22-round season was between the Tigers of All Nations and the North Fitzroy Blues. Results below.


You will be able to follow the season here on the site as our correspondents bring you quarter by quarter scores.


Eighteen clubs have joined the FAL. They are:


Cathedral Crows
Brekkie Creek Sea Lions
North Fitzroy Blues
Retreat Wobblers
Same Old Brickmakers’
Sail & Anchor Hearties
Cremorne Pivots
Broady Grommets
Earlwood Giants
Auburn Mayblooms
Windsor Dees
Limerick Castle Roos
Alberton Magpies
Tigers of All Nations
Espy Saints
Centennial Swans
Camfield Eagles
Barkly Bulldogs


Unfortunately the playing squads are unable to train or play, so all matches will be decided by roll of two dice – a Goals Dice and a Behinds Dice. That will give the quarter score. And so on for four quarters to give the final result.

However, there is an additional element to scoring and that is the Coefficient of Perceived Superiority (CPS), which is a multiplier for the favoured side. For example if North Fitzroy Blues were playing away to the Camfield Eagles , the CPS would be 1.6 to the Eagles. That means that Eagles scores are multiplied by the CPS.

Let’s say the roll for the Eagels was 2 goals 5 behinds, with the coefficient applied that would be 2 x 1.6 = 3.2  rounded down to 3 goals, and 5 x 1.6 = 8  behinds. So the Eagles score for the quarter would actually be 3.8.

Let’s say the North Fitzroy Blues rolled 5.3. Their score would be 5.3.

So the quarter time score, as we go around the grounds, would have Swan Mckay telling us: “Here at the North Fitzroy Arms, it’s the Blues off to a good start 5.3.33 leading the Eagles 3.8.26.

And so on for four quarters.

So where does the CPS come from?

A special SCPSC (Secret Coefficient of Perceived Superiority Committee) will discuss the CPS for each game and will announce it in the lead up to the first match of each round.

In Round 1, coefficients have been based on the form from Season 2019 (when the Tigers of All Nations won the premiership over the Earlwood Giants). However, perceived superiority will change as teams find their positions on the ladder. There are sure to be upsets along the way.

The draw for Round 1 (with the CPS) is:


Tigers of All Nations v North Fitzroy Blues    CPS = 1.6 (Tigers)  2.10pm Thursday, March 26          FOLLOW NOW

Barkly Bulldogs v Retreat Wobblers      CPS = 1  (off the stick)     FOLLOW NOW

Same Old Brickmakers v Sail & Anchor Hearties     CPS = 1.15 (Same Olds)       FOLLOW NOW

Cathedral Crows v Centennial Swans       CPS = 1.2  (Crows)             FOLLOW NOW

Broady Grommets v Alberton Magpies      CPS = 1.25  (Alberton)    FOLLOW NOW

Earlwood Giants v Cremorne Pivots            CPS = 1.15 (Giants)

Limerick Castle Roos v Espy Saints         CPS = 1  (off the stick)

Auburn Mayblooms v Brekkie Creek Sea Lions       CPS = 1.15 (Sea Lions)

Camfield Eagles v Windsor Dees            CPS = 1.4  (Eagles)




We’ll keep you updated with the ladder and the draw.














  1. Go the Pivots!

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    It’s the year of The Same Old Bricklayers! Go Brickies!

  3. Damien Morgan says

    I am in! What a good idea!
    I’ve been a Sea Lion all my life – got it from my Grandad ;)

  4. Suddenly footy season has meaning again! Carn the mighty Windsors!

  5. Warwick Nolan says

    I am now sated also.

    Is there a team with which I would best be aligned?

    Thinking of a team with no money, no silverware, a wretched history, offers perpetual disappointment and one that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

    Of course. I pledge allegiance to The Espy.

  6. Rob Dalton says

    I propose an alternative competition to engage Almanac members this season – the Alcohol & Footy League.
    It is simplicity itself. To participate, one merely drinks beer, commencing at the appointed starting time of each AFL game on the fixture. At the end of each quarter, you calculate your score by adding up the number of standard drinks consumed. For example, the Little Creatures Bright Ale stubby in my hand informs me on the label that it equals 1.2 standard drinks, a score of 8 behinds. The drink must be completely finished at the siren, or it does not count as a score.
    Each participant emails the Almanac, at the end of each quarter, nominating their preferred AFL team and their individual score. The score calculated for each team is the average point score achieved by all club supporters, not the total, to keep an element of fairness (apologies to The Richmond Army).
    Unfortunately, wine and spirits drinkers must be excluded, as are home brewers, because the mathematics involved in calculating scores will require the use of slide rules and complex equations. Mayhem could well ensue before the end of each game. Light ale drinkers may well be disadvantaged, but no one’s driving anywhere, so why bother?
    Some may sneer at the irresponsible promotion of alcohol, but I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of encouraging social distancing and staying at home.
    Many fans will rejoice in being asked to do what they would normally do every footy season, and yet thereby actively assisting their team’s performance each week.
    Ideally, we would invite each team’s best 22 to represent the club, as they have little else to do this season, but, given their drastic pay cuts the boys are in no position to pay for their own drinks.
    Imagine the excitement, as scores are posted progressively by the boffins at the Almanac website each week. It will have all the tension of the Brownlow Medal count. Maybe the media will pick up on this and your beloved club’s progress on the ladder will be discussed on Fox Footy throughout the season. By the finals, the atmosphere will be electric, and participants will be in tip-top form after all the hard work and training we’ve put in all year.
    What do you reckon

  7. Is the Broady Grommets v Alberton Magpies clash known as The Battle for Tapleys Hill Road (slight geographical licence taken)?

    Grommets to win in a fierce affair.

  8. Mark Duffett says

    Go the Crows! We flying buttress as one

  9. I used to play ‘footy’ as I played a solo game of pool. A miss was a point. A sunk ball was a goal. The team, bigs or littles, that sunk the black got two goals.
    The first game was the first half, the second game was the second half.
    I might spark it up again…

  10. The Camfield Eagles are a shoo-in with our home board advantage and loaded dice. I’m a bit worried about the future of the League as all our sponsors are now closed.

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