FAL Round 1: Barkly Bulldogs defeated by Retreat Wobblers (Final)





(To keep up to date with what’s happening, keep refreshing this page as progress scores will go up)

The Coefficient of Perceived Superiority is 1.0 in this game, which means it is off the stick (as the dice fall)

There’s the bounce of the Sherrin and play is under way.

Scrappy opening. Afternoon breeze to contend with. The Dogs kicking to the scoring end.

Second quarter. Breeze has dropped. perfect conditions. Both sides attacking. Plenty of kick-chasing. Half time and it’s the Dogs by 15.

Third quarter: Wobblers getting going. Powerful display from the mid-field. Very un-wobbly. Wobblers dominating now.

Fourth quarter: Anna and Evie have the dice. They’ve rolled 1.2 for the Dogs. It’s all over. And now 6.4 for the Wobblers. Retreat Wobblers convincing in claiming the four points



Final Score:


Barkly Bulldogs         2.6     8.9    9.11        10.13.73
Retreat Wobblers      1.5      6.6    11.8       17.12.114


Stay tuned for the Same Old Bricklayers’ v Sail & Anchor Hearties which starts at 5.30pm.


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  1. Very interesting start. Wobblers wobbled in front of goal.

  2. Wobblers outstanding in the last three quarters.

    The secret coefficient committee has done a great job so far. Quite reflective of the season that the AFL was playing out!

  3. But what are the employment terms of dice throwers, and will they be classed as ‘essential workers’ if and when we go into major lockdown? The future of the comp may well depend on this!

  4. Dips
    The S C C has done a wonderful job!

  5. Phil Hill says

    That umpire who missed that obvious holding the ball at the start of the last quarter caused this loss. She has always hated us and we never win when she is umpiring.

    We didn’t get a free kick (throw) all day.

    The Almanac must act.

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