FAL Round 1: Tigers of All Nations d North Fitzroy Blues (Full time)



Tigers of All Nations v North Fitzroy Blues


Welcome to the first-ever FAL match.

Conditions are perfect here in Lennox Street. I can just about see KB’s childhood home from the broadcast box.

Tigers of All Nations, coming off a premiership against the battling Blues, are hot favourites.

They’ve won the toss and kicked to the Dimmies End. Hardly a breath of air. All the talk is of open, high-scoring footy.


Umps a bit slow getting out there. Waiting for the timekeeper, who says the game can’t start without him.


There’s the bounce of the Sherrin for this auspicious moment.

What scintillating footy. The ball’s pinging from end to end. How slick are these Tigers of All Nations.

Tigers dominated the second quarter.


Premiership quarter and it’s reminding us of that AFL team Carlton when they kicked to the Heatley Stand End. It’s got a bit of 1981 about it all. Tiges are tiring.

[The dice rollers – Anna and Evie – have actually rolled 6.6 for the North Fitzroy Blues in the thrid quarter]

So the game is still very much alive.



Final quarter:

Here comes the first roll for the Tigers and it’s 2.1 which, with the CPS, is actually 3.2.

So they finish on 19.13, which means a throw of 6.4 will win North Fitzroy the game in a huge upset.


Here’s the roll. It’s 1.1 [you are kidding North Fitzroy]

Well played the Tigers of All Nations.




Tigers of All Nations         8.6    14.9    16.11    19.13.127
North Fitzroy Blues          5.1      7.4      13.10   14.11.95


Next game is at 4pm (March 26).  Barkly Bulldogs v Retreat Wobblers








It’s explained HERE.


  1. Looking forward to this match-up.

  2. Tigers looking good. Who’s getting the ball? Here and there along the line.

  3. Kate Lawrence says

    What a hoot. How often could we refresh? How long is quarter time break? Who scored the gaols? Oh, sorry, I forgot its not a real game…

  4. Damian Callinan says

    The scoreline is flattering to the Blues. They got smashed that quarter. They’re just lucky that Gully Trap McGee is spraying his set shots

  5. The fat lady’s singing. Its all over. Great start by the Tigers.

    Whatever you do don’t instigate the roving mic!!

  6. Broadcasting through 3WM in the Wimmera Mallee?

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Bruise free footy so far?

  8. Stone Cold Steve Baker says


    He’s been doing it all day ump!

    Yep. That feels better.

    Go the Same Olds!

  9. Kenny Hunter says

    Come on Blues, you’ve got them worried now – they don’t want it!

  10. Look out! Blues went BANG!!!

  11. John Milton says

    JTH and the Almanac Crew
    A big shout out to the brains who came up with this brilliant concept. I hope Gillon is on to this. Carna Blues!!!

  12. At the Almanac desk, I see that site hits are going through the roof. Must be one heel of a crowd at the game!

  13. Make that ‘one hell of a crowd’.

  14. Stone Cold Steve Baker says

    @Dips – “A six goals to two third term for the Blues… we’ve got the close one…”

  15. John Milton says

    JTH and the Almanac Crew
    A big shout out to the brains who came up with this brilliant concept. I hope Gillon is on to this.
    Oh!!! If you don’t mind umpie. In the back!!!!!
    Carna Blues!!!

  16. Go around the grounds. Suspense is killing me!

  17. What are the employment terms for dice rollers? If we go into full lockdown, will they still be regarded as ‘essential workers’?

  18. John Milton says

    What???? We were robbed!

  19. Middle Australia says

    A tough game but pleased to see the Tiges get up. Hopefully no injuries. Those dice have sharp corners.

  20. Brilliant idea. Go Tiges!!!

  21. Punx Pete says

    Rumor has it Helen D’Amico will be attending tomorrow’s game, so…

  22. A comprehensive victory.
    Much like in real life!

  23. Phil Hill says

    I never complain about the umpires BUT etc etc

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