FAL Round 1: Broady Grommets v Alberton Magpies (final)




The match between the Broady Grommets and the Alberton Magpies will get under way at 5pm this afternoon (March 27).

CPS = 1.25 (Alberton Magpies)

A bit of rain out to sea.But looks like it’s missing us.


Three quarter time:


There’s the roll for Broady. It’s 1.6.

There’s the roll for the Magpies. It’s 1.5 which with the multiplier becomes 1.6.

So final scores are:


Broady Grommets       2.3  7.4    12.10  13.16.94
Alberton Magpies        7.4  10.8  11.11   12.17.89




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  1. Broady Grommets love it close. Reckon we’ll burst away now after a strong premiership quarter.

  2. Well done to the Broady Grommets. We’re in the eight tonight.

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