FAL Round 1: Same Old Brickmakers’ v Sail & Anchor Hearties (Final)





The crowd is gathering for the match between the Same Old Bricklayers and the visiting Sail & Anchor Hearties.

The CSP (multiplier) for this match is 1.15 (Same Olds)

There’s the bounce. After work crowd still pouring in.

First thing they notice is there’s a spelling mistake on the scoreboard. It should be the Brickmakers’ Arms. Could be a riot.

One of the painters has gone to his car and is now fixing up the terrible error on the scoreboard. WE could hear the gentle folk of Moonee Ponds yelling “It’s Brickmakers you idiots!’

Seems to have unsettled the home side who are leaking goals. The Hearties are on fire. Poor kicking though. They should be 8 goals up.


Second quarter:

Same Olds still unsettled. Hearties running rampant. This is a real turn up. Kids in St Monica’s uniforms in tears. They’ve waited all summer for this. Same Olds get their third goal after the siren after a homeground 50m penalty. Hearties by 37 points.


Third quarter:

At last the locals have something to smile about. Early goals get them to within four goals, but the Hearties aren’t going away. It’s end to end footy. Hearties with the last goal of the quarter and they lead comfortably by 26 points.


Final quarter:

Anna and Evie to roll the dice. Remembering the coefficient is 1.15.

One dice each.

Anna has the Goals Dice. She rolls a 6. It’s a 6. With the CPS, that’s 6.9 which rounded is 7 goals.

Evie rolls a 1.

So the Same Olds have 7.1 for the quarter.

The Hearties must be faves now. Anna can roll a 3,4,5,6 and that will be enough.

Anna rolls a 2. It’s a 2.

Evie, 6 with the Behinds dice to win.

She rolls a….5!

You are kidding me.

It’s a draw. We’ve had a draw. And, being a traditional league, it will remain a draw.


Final score:

Same Old Brickmakers     1.3     3.4     8.5       15.6.96
Sail & Anchor Hearties     5.6     8.11   11.13    13.18.96


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  1. Stone Cold Steve Baker says

    Go you Same Olds!

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    Go Brickies!

  3. Can we get this Live Zoomed? Happy to lend you my Zoom Pro login just to see the state of the ground.

  4. I’ve just realised the Sail & Anchor is bloody Freo. Carn the Brickies. If the Sail & Anchor make it to the Finals I’ll have the heavy mob come round to steal the dice and burn the board. Just like in AFLW.

  5. Colin Ritchie says

    Nooo! A draw, looks like we stormed home but just couldn’t quite get there. Go Brickies!

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