Almanac Tribute: Gareth Andrews remembers Frank Costa



Gareth Andrews has been involved prominently in the football world for over 50 years. As a player, he played 167 games for both Geelong and Richmond, including Richmond’s 1974 premiership. Later, Gareth became involved in football administration firstly with Richmond then later at Geelong.


Frank Costa was a determined  individual committed to improving the fortunes of the Geelong community including the football club, and he had a plan but needed the right people to travel with him on that journey. Costa lured Gareth to Geelong in 1998 to stand for the football committee and from then to the end of 2013 he was a Director and Vice-President of Geelong, a vital link in the club becoming a force both on the field—3 Premierships—and off the field.


Gareth Andrews fondly remembers Frank Costa, the man who meant so much to the Geelong Football Club, and community, and the man who lured him back to Geelong.



Read Gareth’s tribute in The Age to Frank Costa Here



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About Gareth Andrews

GA continues his life-long passion for sport and the sporting life. His head survived a football career with Geelong and Richmond and has enabled him to follow other pursuits, including his love of cricket and his regular journeys to wherever sport is played. His journeys of the mind are equally important to him and his Blogs can be read on He has enjoyed the past 15 years as Vice-President of the Mighty Cats and is hungry for one more Flag.


  1. A really terrific piece Gareth. I don’t subscribe to The Rage but I’m glad I could access to the piece here.

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