Link: Soul Train Tribute

Courtesy of Rick Kane. Don Cornelius, creator and host of Soul Train, has passed away aged 75. For a stroll through black American music and styles of the last 40 years just click below:

Yvette’s One-Eyed Week

The week in sport through Yvette Wroby’s (one?) eye.

360 hours

360 hours. In anyone’s language that it a fair chunk of your life. Straight out it is 15 days. In working time (8 hour days) its 45 days. Measured at one hour per week it takes well over six years. And this is the point that I am trying to make – it can be [Read more]

“First Dog on the Moon” Art Exhibition

  “First Dog on the Moon” Art Exhibition:  A must see, and it ends on Saturday 28th January. by Yvette Wroby Yesterday, I decided on the hot Sunday morning to pretend I was overseas and holidaying and do what one does on holidays and go for adventures.  So I jumped on my trusty tram and [Read more]

Into temptation: the extended mix

Vin Maskell presents an extended mix of a music pilgrimage story.   I’ve got to be careful when I visit the CD shop at lunchtime. I’ve got to make sure I don’t reach for my wallet every time I make my weekly visit. Down from the 16th floor, along Queen St, into Little Lonsdale, then [Read more]

Echoes and regrets: notes on 2011

Vin Maskell reflects on a handful of music moments   1 Seeing Clare Bowditch.  Hearing Clare Bowditch.  Seeing and hearing Clare Bowditch singing songs recorded by the late Eva Cassidy. Call it a tribute concert. Call it cover versions of cover versions. Call it a fine night of music. A very fine night, tinged inevitably [Read more]

Top Australian Albums of 2011

  by Andrew Fithall Last year I wrote about my top ten albums for the year, but there were no geographical boundaries. For some reason (probably the influences of my radio station of choice) this year my music perspective has become a bit narrower. This list is following that trend. My top twelve (couldn’t settle [Read more]

Off Season Odyssey Pt.5: Dreams, and One in 5,000,000.

  The trouble with an Off Season Odyssey is you don’t get a real break from footy. A day in Melbourne and I’m over it. My old mate, Gianpi, lines me up a week on a demolition crew, which is good, then we have a kick, because we’ve had a kick for 30 years, no [Read more]

My current bucketlist

I want to travel. I want to do good things as a volunteer. I want to live and work outside of Australia for one year, sometime in the rest of my life. I want to learn a musical instrument… the violin will do. I want go to the gym in the mornings, not at night. [Read more]

The Best at What They Do

  I didn’t have a ticket for Rod Laver Arena so only caught a glimpse before security chased me out.  Just a few moments, but they were enough.  I saw McEnroe play and I’ve never forgotten it. McEnroe glided to his left.  He was in position, two metres behind the baseline, in plenty of time.  [Read more]

Rantings of a reasonable man

By Sean Curtain I thought she said, “Celebrate”. That would have made some sense. After all, we were talking about what drew her to work for this worldwide company. They were an important global organisation, with a ubiquitous logo, thousands of places where their products could be bought and at this stage (later to be [Read more]

Music and Melbourne Venues

The Tote goes on. This iconic music venue in Collingwood, previously closed and now re-opened, is celebrating thirty years of live music. On the other hand, the Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda was sold and so another live venue has a future under threat. But as former Age journalist and now Executive Officer [Read more]

Footy Art: Unhappy Sainters in the Park (2010)

By Yvette Wroby

Moshing with the Murphys (and my son)

Dropkick Murphys Venue: Forum Theatre Tuesday, October 25.   Macca, his brother-in-law and I meet up with Graeme and John in the main bar of Young and Jackson’s. Jack has pulled the pin, so in a moment of generosity I offer the spare ticket to my son, and he accepts it gleefully. He will catch [Read more]

‘Tis the season for a sickie

  by Andrew Gigacz   I’m sitting in the office looking out at a beautiful sunny Melbourne spring day. This would be a perfect day to activate one of my “seasonal leave” days, I reckon. Or it would be, if such a thing existed.   I first came up with the concept of seasonal leave [Read more]

A picture says more than a thousand words

Once upon a time after a great victory kings and emperors called on the poets, composers and painters to celebrate the moment. In our a little more democratic times we artistically celebrate those who only came and cheered (as well as booed in a timely fashion)… as well as those on the field. When the [Read more]

Another piece of Chocolate Cake

My Friend The Chocolate Cake Venue: Newport Substation Friday, October 7. Review by Darren Dawson  Almost since their inception, My Friend The Chocolate Cake have been favourites of my wife and I. We first saw the Cake at the Universal in Fitzroy in the early 90’s, a memorable occasion during which Archie Roach and the late [Read more]

Post Season Pursuits: Extreme Gardening

With the enormity of the challenge in front of me, my summer sport of choice seemed like the wrong option. An hour in, and I was already questioning whether I had the commitment and strength of character to succeed in a pursuit endured by millions across the globe. I needed something to get me through [Read more]

Cheshire Cats in Park

By Yvette Wroby

Happy Cats

By Yvette Wroby In the tradition of Weg. If you’re interested, Yvette can provide more originals for $150 or coloured photocopies for $30. 25% of proceeds to the Royal Children’s Hospital.