Almanac (Women’s) Footy: The Payneham Falcons are flying high !

Verity Sanders explains the expansion and on-field success of the Payneham Falcons Football Club’s women’s program. Vying with their men’s teams for equal status within the club, there’s a blueprint here for others to consider. (An exciting, enthusiastically expounded exemplar of how to make a club prosper – Ed.)

Almanac Humanitarian Life: Highlights in the history of international sport – Australia v India

A few years ago, Verity Sanders was part of a ‘Habitat for Humanity’ program to provide upgraded sewerage systems in a small village in Rajasthan, India. At the end of the project they were challenged to a game of cricket against the School XI.

Almanac Comment: Hashtag Call the Cops

Verity Sanders responds to the so-called Tayla Harris issue with very clear direction on the gravity of what transpired and the much-needed role of the law in dealing with a situation in which a citizen has been abused.

AFLW – The next generation: Will it have its mother’s eyes?

Where to now for the AFLW in the current advertising-heavy sporting environment? Verity Sanders hopes the characteristics that “make” footy aren’t left to fall by the wayside

Anzac Day SANFL-W Grand Final : Triumph and tragedy in footy, in life.

How did Verity Sanders’ Panthers go in their quest for South Adelaide silverware against the inspired Redlegs?

SANFL Women’s – The women to bring it home at last for the South Adelaide Panthers?

Verity Sanders delivers the latest insights from the SANFLW as the South Adelaide Panthers book a spot in the Grand Final and now await their opponent after this weekend’s Norwood v North Adelaide Prelim.

Almanac AFLW: Glimpsing oblivion – taking life in their hands

Cheers to all the women who look over the edge, and then step back and turn to encourage the rest of us to go a little more bravely into our day, or to face our demons, or to enjoy riding a bump or a wave, or to walk for days across a dangerous but beautiful landscape.  Never mind the cuts and bruises.

Almanac AFLW: The heat is on (and here comes the rain again)*

Verity Sanders sees our summers getting hotter, humidity rising, and notes the scheduling of AFLW. She has a couple of ideas for the future…

The kids are alright – and making sure everyone has boots

Verity Sanders reflects on the history of women’s football, the challenges, the shattered glass ceilings and what’s needed to keep moving forward following recent critiques of the AFLW Season in this very powerful piece.

AFLW Round 1 – Adelaide v Brisbane: It’s not all about the Vics

Verity Sanders is here to remind you that women’s footy (just like the men’s) is not all about the Victorian sides and her Adelaide Crows (the reigning premiers thank you very much) will be ones to watch again in 2018.

AFLW: She’ll be right – are compromises really necessary?

Verity Sanders tackles perceptions of women’s footy and the style of play and wonders whether the rule changes are warranted (and what they say about the attitudes and understandings of those making them).