Cheshire Cats in Park

By Yvette Wroby

Happy Cats

By Yvette Wroby In the tradition of Weg. If you’re interested, Yvette can provide more originals for $150 or coloured photocopies for $30. 25% of proceeds to the Royal Children’s Hospital.          

Review of “The Club” New Paintings by Peter Ferrier

Love of Football is in the Air – its final time and time for art and I popped in to an  exhibition a few weeks ago to get to see Peters work again.  He used to be in a Gallery onSt.Kilda Roadand I used to drive back on my way home from work, and check [Read more]

Tabloid news: “oh, the horror!”

  by Stuart Bigless I must admit to being one who gravitates toward The Age online site to keep up with current news events. I find that the Age tends to avoid the sensationalist approach to news that its main competitor seems to revel in. Or so I thought. Here’s what I found last night when I [Read more]

Footy Pictures by Jim Pavlidis and lunch with my mum

  by Yvette Wroby   I love meeting the real people at Almanac events after I have read their pieces or seen their art work.  There’s a community of twisted, interesting people all linked by words and creativity.  So I took my Mum on Saturday to Jim Pavlidis and his fourteen wonderful, iconoclastic  masterpieces.  I [Read more]

Football and music. Part I.

    Tonight in Tassie, outside, the city streets were still with cold. Empty. Inside, sitting in the warm seaweed sway of a noisy Friday night pub, I was watching the footy on a small monitor above the wine fridge, while the band, behind me, did their thing. The football looked strange. A pocket of [Read more]

The White Mouse

by Damian O’Donnell She crept around; a tiny mouse, But when she struck, It was through the heart. She made Hitler’s list, Her name at the very top. Where is she? the lunatic raged. New Zealand saw her birth Australia her growth, The French her courage.   Vale the White Mouse.

The penny is dropping

  by Damian O’Donnell My old man, now long retired, advised me to spend an hour each day just looking out the window. He told me he used to do his best work whilst engaged in this inactivity. It’s taken me a long time to really appreciate what he meant but I think the penny [Read more]

Hotel Docklands-ifornia

  by Anthony Thomas   MYSTERY surrounds the discovery of a woman in the toilets at Etihad Stadium suffering from cold, two days after the Melbourne venue was last used. It’s believed the 57-year-old woman had spent two days locked inside the ground in central Melbourne following the AFL match between Geelong and Richmond on [Read more]


STRANGE BIRDS IN PARADISE A West Papuan Soundtrack.   ALBUM LAUNCH. NORTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB SUNDAY 14 AUGUST 2011 Buy Tickets Here   “Music can rise above tyranny” “Art is a weapon and culture is life, as long as they can sing they will prevail.” Film-maker Charlie Hill-Smith on the plight of the West Papuans in their [Read more]

Labuan Island

The morning is humid and busy in Labuan. Fishing and cargo boats cut in and out of the small harbour while street vendors sell their wares on noisy corners.  Footpath cafes buzz with local gossip and laughter. A kindly, old taxi driver motions me over to where he is sheltering under a tree.  He tells [Read more]

Kota Kinabalu

It’s late Sunday afternoon and I haven’t slept since Friday night.  I flew out of Tullamarine midnight Saturday and landed in Kota Kinabalu, via Kuala Lumpar,  10 am this morning local time. I’m surviving on a mixture of adrenaline that accompanies arriving in a new place,  some chicken and rice concoction I found in this [Read more]

Clarence Clemons – The Passing of a Musical Inspiration

  by Peter Baulderstone One of the great things about the Almanac is that its’ about more than footy.  Its’ footy and sport as an entrée to things that are deepest and most important in life.  Stuff that would sound ‘preachy’ if stated overtly, but sounds natural and unforced in the context of fandom, mateship [Read more]

Her hair glistened…

  Every year, English teachers from across the United States submit their collections of actual analogies and metaphors found in high school essays. These excerpts are published each year to the amusement of teachers across the country. Here are last year’s winners. Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two [Read more]

Q and A dream panel?

Much discussion today about the disappointing Q and A last night. Was it disappointing? Who is your Q and A dream panel?

Beauty pageants, buttocks and badminton

  Heard about the World Badminton Federation’s new dress code edict for women? Almanacker Angela Pippos has, and has a few words to say about it, along with some thoughts on child beauty pageants, royal buttocks and (gasp!) an unmarried prime-minister who has a live-in partner! Check out Angela’s great piece at the link below [Read more]

Notes on Tom Wills Paintings

By Richard Webber *The Predestination of Tom Wills (Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inch) *Tom Wills Death Scene (Acrylic on canvas, 84 x 60 inch) Thomas Wentworth (Tom) Wills has been popularized as the iconic (heroic?) personality behind the inception of Australian Rules Football. The AFL ‘Tom Wills’ Round, an MCG statue, Geoffrey Blainey’s [Read more]

Frank Yamma at Brunswick Music Festival

Frank Yamma plays at Brunswick Music Festival East Brunswick Club  8pm Sunday 27 March Also playing: LJ Hill Come and support Wantok artist Frank Yamma as he plays a rare Melbourne concert this Sunday as part of the Brunswick Music Festival. Frank Yamma is a traditional Pitjantjatjara man from Australia’s central desert and speaks five languages. [Read more]

Folking it up at Port Fairy

It might be called a Folk Festival but Port Fairy encompasses much, much more than that one genre. Our posse, mostly from the suburb of Preston, makes up five families of ten adults and eleven kids. In that mob, as many as 100 concerts are attended. In some instances, during the course of a day [Read more]

(Almost) no band envy at Golden Plains

by Andrew Fithall There is a phenomenon at multi-stage music festivals known as “band envy”. Similar to order envy at a restaurant, it arises when someone raves about a performance they have just witnessed when the choice you have just made was a little underwhelming. At Golden Plains, this phenomenon is less prevalent, the main [Read more]