Yes we won the NAB Cup but I want Medders back!

I kinda thought it would be pretty exciting to win the NAB Cup, but when it happend I wasn’t exactly happy dancing or anything. The year could not have started any worse, with our deteriorating backline of champions sidelined with injury, our captain tweeting photos of himself in a hospital bed (mind you in seeing that [Read more]

NAB Cup: Melbourne V Essendon

By Steve Healy I was needed by the Melbourne Football Club. It easily surpassed the need for me to stay home ‘because it’s my sister’s birthday’. The Dees needed my support at Etihad. And footy was back. Four-quarter footy, two team footy. Strangely, it seemed to be a distant memory after the two weeks of [Read more]

NAB Cup: Geelong v North v Bulldogs

This had been scheduled in for some months now. Even though I hadn’t asked Dad about it, my main means of transport to games, as soon as I saw Geelong v North Melbourne (and the Bulldogs) playing at Skilled Stadium on February 20 for the NAB Cup, I knew I’d be going. One, because it [Read more]

NAB Cup: Geelong, North Melbourne, Western Bulldogs

By Steve Healy Travel- It’s a word that circulates through the realms of every footy lover’s soul, season after season. How will we get to our destination? Why are we going there? In this particular situation, it would’ve been quite hard to understand why, from an outsider’s point of view. Is it really worth it [Read more]

NAB Cup: Essendon v Brisbane v St Kilda

Spraying the colour into my hair, I studied it in the mirror. It looked pretty good. My hair was now a lush green colour. It was the 2011 Numurkah Secondary College Swimming Sports Carnival at the local pool. My house, Gray, which is actually green house, was vying to against the three other houses, Christie [Read more]

Adrian’s call

by Damian O’Donnell The sun came up as expected this morning, people will die of old age today as usual, governments will extort taxes from their hard working citizens because they can, and the AFL has announced that the new NAB Cup format is a success. All very predictable really. Adrian Anderson proudly announced, ”We [Read more]

Anne’s Choice

by Anne Fedorowytsch When the NAB Cup fixture was released late October 2010 my reaction to the draw was a very long and exasperated ‘Nooooooo!’ The Crows’ opening round matches versus Port Adelaide and Melbourne had been scheduled head to head against Adelaide United playing their biggest rivals, Melbourne Victory, at Adelaide Oval in the [Read more]

Nab Cup- The good, bad and ugly.

Don’t we all just love the start of a new footy season? We get new players, new teams, new jumpers, new scandals, new game plans and in my case a stunner of a new beau. While I love a new footy season, I don’t exactly have any love for the NAB cup.

NAB Cup: Carlton v Richmond v Collingwood

Signing out of the OneFM log sheet, I neatly scribbled by signature and wrote down 6:00pm next to ‘exit time’. Another two hour, Saturday shift was over and done, but today was different. I was going home to watch the footy, something I haven’t enjoyed since September, 2010. But, there was a catch. It was [Read more]

NAB CUP: Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Adelaide

By Steve Healy It was imminent that the return of footy in 2011 would be a completely different experience from previous seasons. I really couldn’t, and still can’t, get my head around the round-robin planning of the first round of the NAB cup. It just isn’t footy. Our game is meant to be a sacred [Read more]

I can’t figure out the NAB Cup!!!

I’ve heard it a few times over the last few weeks; bring back the footy. The cricket this summer was disappointing, both because we lost badly, and because the decisions of the cricket selectors were completely baffling for the punters on the street. There is a distinct feeling that we lost the Ashes partly because [Read more]

NAB Cup Questions

The NAB Cup is only 43 days away, not long to go at all. Finally we’ll see some football action instead of the insipid Cricket that’s been on lately. Watching Cricket doesn’t work for me, especially when we’re being toyed with by England. But I’m having trouble with the normal, bubbling enthusiasm I have for [Read more]

For Fremantle, it never rains, but it pours.

By Josh Barnstable There’s never a dull moment when these two sides play. 2005, we saw the ‘Whispers In The Sky’ incident, where an umpire was allegedly heard saying “Now I know what it feels like to have a win” on the way back to Melbourne from Perth after Fremantle’s five point win after Justin [Read more]

Bulldogs end the 40 Year Drought

NAB CUP Final: Western Bulldogs v St Kilda In 1970, Footscray defeated Melbourne by two points at Lake Oval in the night series, giving the Bulldogs their second premiership cup of any sort. Fast forward 14,411 days, and the Western Bulldogs are competing against St Kilda for their first piece of silverware since that night. [Read more]

Not Crio’s Question: What will the Dogs and Dees cop in next year’s fixture?

by Andrew Gigacz When the 2009 fixture was released on this day last year, I for one was not surprised to see the Western Bulldogs heading off for six interstate matches, NONE of which were to be covered on free-to-air TV. In fact it was actually an improvement on 2008, in which the Dogs were [Read more]