Bulldogs end the 40 Year Drought

NAB CUP Final: Western Bulldogs v St Kilda

In 1970, Footscray defeated Melbourne by two points at Lake Oval in the night series, giving the Bulldogs their second premiership cup of any sort. Fast forward 14,411 days, and the Western Bulldogs are competing against St Kilda for their first piece of silverware since that night.

In the morning I competed in my first sporting final of any sorts, playing in the first week of the Tennis finals. My team won, and I came away from it with a sore head after copping a tennis ball to the back of the skull. But that was quickly forgotten. My mind turned to the NAB Challenge matches played during the afternoon. In a weird day for football, the Bombers trounced the Tigers, West Coast defeated Melbourne, Geelong overcame a slow start to beat Fremantle and the Pies piled on 27 goals to beat Port Adelaide. But that was just the entrée for the main clash of the day.

Finally, after four weeks of football that has failed to reach the intensity of a VFL clash between two bottom teams (you could make an exception for some matches), the Dogs and Saints promise to deliver a high-quality match to rival your average blockbuster between these two sides.

The Bulldogs start well, Barry Hall kicking the first two goals on young Zac Dawson, while Andrejs Everitt kicks a magnificent goal out of midair in the goalsquare. Shaun Higgins capitalizes on a great Hall tackle to snap a goal, giving the Dogs a 29 point lead before the Saints have scored. Nick Riewoldt squeezes in a goal after a dubious free kick, but the Dogs go into quarter time leading by 22 points, 0.4.5 to 0.1.1. The news out of the quarter is Sam Fisher going off the ground with what seemed to be a bad leg injury, but the defender has his ankle and knee strapped in ice as a precautionary.

The second quarter begins and Riewoldt picks up from where he left off, marking and goaling after good run from James Gwilt. Justin Koschitzke kicks a goal from a free kick, but the Dogs answer back with a long Super goal to Mitch Hahn, while Jason Akermanis snaps a clever goal to take the margin out to 22 points again at half time, 1.5.6 to 0.3.5.

The second half starts and the Saints get off to the best start possible, with goals coming through Riewoldt, Brendon Goddard and Stephen Milne to slice the margin to three points. The Dogs answer with goals to Ryan Griffen, Ryan Murphy and a Super goal to Shaun Higgins taking the lead out to 23 points. Jarryn Geary gathers and kicks a goal from the goalsquare to reduce it back to 15 at the last break, 0.7.10 to 2.7.7. The big story coming out of that quarter was the courage of Mitch Hahn, not taking his eyes off the ball when backing back into a pack in the Bulldogs’ forward line. Coming out to mark it also was Hall, who crashed into Hahn and Dawson, the latter coming out of it with a bad corky. But Hahn was dazed, confused and in a bit of pain to say the least. He left the ground with blood streaming from his nose and a suspected broken cheekbone.

The final quarter starts and Riewoldt gets the opening goal, his fourth, to reduce the margin to 10 points. The Bulldogs explode into some form that is magnificent, kicking four consecutive goals, one from Higgins, and three from Hall, all classy goals from good marks. Jason Gram has his fourth shot at goal and splits the middle for the first time with a kick out of midair, but the final two goals of the game come through, you guessed it, Hall. Five goals for the last quarter, seven for the match, it was a performance of pure brute strength and skill. The siren sounds as I encourage a final push for an eight goal to Barry, the Dogs winning their first premiership of any kind since 1970, to

After accepting the Michael Tuck Medal as best afield for the NAB Cup Grand Final, Barry Hall has the crowd at his feet, screaming his name and cheering him on like he’s God. He may well be in the eyes of old ‘Scray supporters. And sorry to Rod Davies, but I must steal his latest Facebook status update, where this match has pulled an attendance of over 42,000 while the Rugby Round 1 blockbuster reeled in 18,000 people. What sport is better again Rugby lovers? After all of the cliché’s are done with, the Dogs are handed the weird looking Premiership trophy and celebrate with brave, modest smiles. What will it be like in six months time?

The Dogs have won by 40 points in their first Grand Final in 40 years. Footy is ironic sometimes.

Western Bulldogs 0.4.5—1.5.6—2.7.7—

St Kilda .1.1—0.3.5—0.7.10—


Super goals-Hahn, Higgins

Western Bulldogs-Hall 7, Higgins 2, Murphy, Griffen, Everitt, Akermanis

St Kilda-Riewoldt 4, Goddard, Milne, Geary, Koschitzke, Gram


Western Bulldogs-Hall, Cooney, Griffen, Boyd, Harbrow, Hargrave, Hahn

St Kilda-Riewoldt, Goddard, Blake, Gram

Crowd: 42,381 at Etihad Stadium


3: Barry Hall (WB)

2: Adam Cooney (WB)

1: Nick Riewoldt (ST)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Steve Healy says

    Good work Josh, yes footy is an ironic game.

    Interesting to see that this report is in a different font

  2. Steve Healy says

    By the way 11,500 at casey fields yesterday, magnicent crowd, it was really packed

  3. Yeah i don’t remember using Arial for this report..

  4. Good work Josh. It’s incredible luck that out of all the places in the world we could have been born in, we were born in the home of the best sport in the world.

    Oh, and Steve, guess what I realised today? My dad’s birthday is April the 1st This year is 2010. So Dad’s birthday this year is on the 1st of April 2010 – 1/4/10!

  5. Steve Healy says

    4.1- I know!

    4.2- Nice, my mum was born on 2/4, so shes gotta wait till 2016

  6. Steve Healy says

    11 days till the season starts, it seems like yesterday we were saying how much we would miss footy in early october

  7. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Healy in a few more weeks

  8. Nice work Joshy.
    i was so happy knowing the dogs won, TAKE THAT PRINCESS RIEWOLDT!

    and here the shocker for steve,
    i didnt watch it because…i was watching Hells Kitchen…

  9. Steve Healy says

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. …wow i thought he never blast it at ME!

  11. 9: Calm down.

    10: You deserve it.

    Also check your emails Danni and Damo

  12. Steve Healy says


  13. 12: Using Melbourne’s 2010 slogan are we?

  14. 12-

  15. Steve Healy says

    THE FIRE HAS STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  16. Has your short stint on MSN ended Danni?

  17. for now. i have a english sac that goes for three days THIS week
    and 2 SACS next week

  18. 17: So you’ll be spending 3 days overnight at school? Lol, sleeping over at school was the best.

    Funny thing happened in English today, the teacher asked us what newspaper we read. Half the class put their hand up for the Herald Sun (the other half didn’t read the newspaper at all) and the teacher said “You guys really need to spend $2 on the Age and start reading it, it’s got the best news compared to the BS that the Herald Sun offers.” I was shocked and appalled.

  19. 18- my teacher did the same. except she chose 3 articles for us to analyse and said, in very evil manner
    “You dont do the HS one cos i can make u skip it!”
    i sat there with a pout for the rest of the period.

  20. Steve Healy says


  21. Have you commented without using caps today? NO!!

  22. ..thats pure bull!
    today i went to read the Age they had what TWO PAGES on AFL!!!
    hahahahahhahah thats pathetic

  23. Steve Healy says


    Be right back

  24. I wish the HS would shut up about Lara Bingle. Who gives a f***.

  25. 23-nope i mean the AGE takes ONE WHOLE PAGE for the SPORTS SECTION FRONT PAGE where as the HS has a picture on the front WITH an article!! they are so compact! :)
    i was really dissapointed in the Age Sports section today, VERY dissapointed

    24- its the latest goss cos she flushed the ring dwn the toilet, the HS knows what its readers want and at the moment its the Bingle saga.

  26. Steve Healy says

    Josh, your open to climb on the age bandwagon…

  27. 25- disappointed*
    lol sorry im trying to make business notes and get a word in on here at the same time.

  28. Steve Healy says

    25- If you dont like the age, then why don’t you stop getting it?

  29. 27: maybe you should do one or the other.

  30. because my teachers say it will
    ‘Help extend my vocabulary”

  31. Steve Healy says

    Your just saying that because you’re culturally against the age, if you actually read it properly you’d realise.

  32. 31- No steve thats not it.
    if i was culturally against it then i wouldnt give it a chance but i am and its a MAJOR FAIL!!!
    i mean i only read the sport section, what thats 2 PAGES ONLY!! But if i read the HS its like 3-4 pages and then I LIKE TO READ THE REST OF THE PAPER!! LIKE ALL OF IT.
    Today i took a glimpse of the Age, wasnt impressed and threw it in the recycle bin!

    Josh- nah its okay for now, you see ive already dont this work but my teacher lost it so i have to write it up again…

  33. 32: Really? That’s slack. My friend sent in an application for work experience at the Melbourne Zoo so she gave it to our careers advisor, a year on and the teacher hadn’t sent it yet. So my friend wants to move schools now.

  34. Steve Healy says

    Well, I suppose you just don’t realise what the age means to all of us.

    danni, you should go back on msn

  35. 33- he didnt do it on purpose. lol and its just a chapter summary so im just writing it again for my exam book. that way at the end of teh year i have my notes all done already.

    34- cant i say i can steve, im just hs supportive, the age doesnt float my boat.
    lol i cant i havent got the laptop.

  36. Steve Healy says


    Ok, the age just means so much to me and I’ve been brought up with it

  37. lol yeah im not ‘installing’ anything! knowing me ill bodge the whole comp system!

    you know, Colin Sylvia is kinda pretty…

    ps- business summary going VERY well :)

  38. Steve Healy says

    you just press download, danni! lol

    Oh, thanks Danni, you need to do some research on more melbourne players because you clearly havent looked at many of their faces lol

  39. Steve Healy says

    ah, you can smell the footy in the air

  40. …OMG I SEE SUPERMAN!!! :)

  41. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha. Do you like needles Danni?

  42. .. NO!!

  43. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok, we had an immunisation today, have you had some at your school before?

  44. YEAH HEAPS!! im all done now! yay no more hurties for me!

  45. Steve Healy says

    hahaha ok, I thought you’d hate needles lol

  46. I’ve got needles on the 23rd.

    Hectic Saturday for me this weekend. Tennis finals in the morning, footy practice match straight after and possibly the Waaia tractor pull in the afternoon.

  47. Steve Healy says

    will you be pulling any tractors?

  48. 45- lol is it cos im cute?
    today on my way to media we have 2 year 11s in our class and they are like to me “omg ur our favourite year 12 in the class! your so funny and cute”
    lol everyone thinks im cute even people younger than me

  49. Steve Healy says

    48- Yes, it’s because you’re cute

  50. lol knew it!
    thats explain why im afraid of heights, spiders, any insects, needles, monster under the bed ect lol


  51. Steve Healy says


    Same, my usual 2:30 tuesday finish, and whats more, early finish on Wednesday! We finish at 1:30 due to a staff meeting. And we finished at the same time last thursday! School’s all well at the moment

  52. Lol i think im goona be made to drive home from school, cnt complain, the traffic isnt at its worst at 12:40.
    so i have double History, double Business and then its home time.

  53. 47: No, i just hope i won’t be pulling any hamstrings

  54. is that where u ask chicks out Josh? to the tractor pull?

  55. NO!

  56. Steve Healy says

    Your allowed to drive by yourself?

  57. lmaoo
    GUY- “so you wann go to the tractor pull with me?”



    no dad will bring the car and supervise me but ill be driving

  58. 57: I’m gonna start my 120 hours this year hopefully. I’m confident.

  59. 58- cool, the earlier the better. i made a big mistake putting mine off for that long, but MEH tevatreva

  60. shizz i just noticed how much our josh thomas looks like jesse mac!!! lmaoo

  61. 59: How long does it usually take to complete 120 hours? And don’t say 120 hours!

  62. Steve Healy says

    61- 5 days

  63. lol i have no idea, all i get is a hour a week and then an extra 30 mins if i drive to or from school

  64. status- craving salt and vinegar chips

  65. 64: they burn

    120 hours is gonna be so tough, where would i drive too??

  66. 65- drive from Waaia to the G and back

  67. Steve Healy says

    66- Hahaha good one danni.

    You can drive to any form of civilisation josh, that should take about 120 hours

    I love salt and vinegar chips

  68. I ain’t touching the city

  69. 68- lol im a shocking parker!!
    i havnt even done freeway yet..those big scarey trucks… :(
    im scaredd

  70. The Freeway would be easy i reckon

  71. 70- who wears short-shorts?

  72. 71: you wear short-shorts

  73. lmao, sure do!
    hey did jeff mention anything about coke?

  74. 73: He would not shut up about it

  75. 74- lmaoooooo!
    omg i felt so bad..but you know i was just asking to make sure!!

  76. 75: What actually happened? All he said was he mentioned he hadn’t drunk coke since last year and you thought it was Cocaine?

  77. Steve Healy says

    what coke thing?

  78. 76- yeah thats it. lol i was like
    “you are talking about the soft-drink right?”
    lol omggg hahah
    and hes like “yeah”
    coke doenst mean just COKE anymore!!

  79. So you think us country kids get on the coke?? Gee, how wrong you are. Of course MJ is good everynow and then..

  80. NOOO thats not it but like i was thinking why would a person not have coke for a year, its just a soft drink! lmaoo

  81. I think he told me he used to drink one of those big bottles every day or something

  82. i like Fanta! its orange!! but red fanta is prettyer.

  83. Fanta is for woman, coke is for men. I usually drink coke although i like raspberry

  84. My school is having an outta uniform day next friday, the theme is ‘Rockstar’. Any ideas?

  85. i like coke ZERO!! although i get a verbal bashing for drinking it.
    “danni its just as bad as the normal one if not WORSE!”
    Diet Coke is nice too.

  86. 84- wig and north jersey, with ripped jeans and aviators

  87. I’ll need to buy a pair of ripped jeans then..

    Danni! The amount of sugar they put in coke zero to kill off the starting sugar is just as bad, if not worse!

  88. 87- ARRGGHHH SOO CANDY!! thats EXACTLY what she says!

  89. I made a cake today

  90. i ate a piece of cake today, and chocolate!!

  91. josh, how does it feel having a ‘muffin’ name?

  92. My cake was dutch orange and lime cake..but when i got home i put chocolate icing on top..

  93. 91: It’s alright, could be better but i just keep on living my days normally with the fact that i have a muffin name and hopefully i’ll get through that in my life.

  94. lmaoo do you still not like it though?
    id name my kid Joshua, really would, maybe if i have 3 you never know. lol

  95. Steve Healy says

    coke is much better than coke zero

  96. Steve Healy says

    since when do rockstars wear North Melbourne jumpers? and the idea is you rip a pair of jeans you already have, its more fun that way as well

  97. Ah i guess it’s alright, the last name i expected to be called was muffin though.

  98. 96: Your welcome to it, especially since the last time i wore my jeans i wore them to hospital when i had surgery last year and when i woke up i didn’t feel too good..i’ve washed them since then.

  99. 96- Swallow is a rockstar!!

  100. Steve Healy says

    how do you define “rockstar”?

  101. 100: Hollywood looks, blonde hair, cocky attitude

  102. Steve Healy says

    I was thinking someone who plays a guitar

  103. Damo?

  104. Steve Healy says

    Damo plays guitar?

  105. rockstar- bad boy with attitude and good-looks

  106. Steve Healy says

    So a rockstar has nothing to do with a band?

  107. im off now peoples!
    finished my business notes and i cnt wait to get to bed!


  108. Steve Healy says


  109. Damo said he had a guitar..

  110. Steve Healy says

    oh yeah he did didnt he

  111. Steve is it fair to say i think the Blues will defeat Richmond by 33 points in Round 1?

  112. Steve Healy says

    I’m really not sure, I think the Blues wil get over the line by a few goals, but its hard to tell at this stage. Anyway I better be off now cya

  113. Carringbush says

    Nicely written report Josh and a high quality, fast moving game. Had to laugh when Howie asked Hall in the post-match interview what he thought of the raptious reception from the Dogs. Barry said “It makes a change from the Collingwood Cheersquad yelling Barry’s a Wanker”. Well Bazza, you only have to wait a litle over a week to hear that well-worn phrase again.

  114. 113- OMG i was at the game WHEN THE CHANT WENT OFF THE FIRST TIME!! it went from the top of the stadium down to the ground level where i was sitting!!
    good times :)

  115. Steve Healy says

    im home

  116. Carringbush, I think Bazza deserves a bit more respect from the Collingwood cheersquad, as well as the other cheersquads in the AFL. I wonder what Sydney will come up with..

  117. Damian Watson says

    Great report Josh,

    I certainly agree with your comparasion between AFL and the NRL, the attendances prove everything.

    I don’t play the guitar I just have it lying around lol, if anything I have the absolute opposite personality to a rockstar.

    status- listening to JB and Billy’s new Drive show.

  118. Steve Healy says

    Oh guys I forgot to mention, yesterday on my to school I saw Barry Hall, I swear, he was filling up his car with petrol at the service station

    IT doesnt look like Rooke will play round 1.

  119. Josh Barnstable has a new show with Billy Brownless?

  120. There was a thing on the school bulletin today about work experience at Melbourne FC, so i’m gonna apply for it. Lol imagine if I got it and Steve didn’t, that’d be tragic.

  121. 119: One day, one day. Billy used to live near me.

    Was this when you were sniffing petrol Steve?

  122. Steve – You saw Barry Hall, and you swore? He’s scary on the field, but he doesn’t go bashing random 16 year olds!

  123. Steve Healy says

    really, Josh? Maybe the Dees are advertising experience into all schools around victoria. No way your gonna out do my application form

  124. Steve Healy says

    I was on the tram, I could see him from there, it was so weird

  125. Steve Healy says

    not funny Josh, I dont sniff petrol, I just like the smell of it

  126. Yeah so do i.

  127. Steve Healy says

    I shouldve hopped off the tram and asked Hall for his autograph, I was already 20 minutes late for school though lol

  128. Damian Watson says

    Have you guys joined Susie’s tipping league?

  129. Steve Healy says

    117- Nothing beats the run home with the ox and francis Damo.

    Im joining it now

  130. Where do I find this application thing on the Melbourne website Steve? By the way if you don’t want me applying i won’t.

  131. 128: Yeah i have

  132. Steve Healy says

    well I suppose the teacher will hand you one. Nah go ahead Josh if you want

  133. 132: I asked the careers teacher about it today and she said i need to look on the MFC website and learn more about it..

  134. Damian Watson says

    I’m suprised that Melbourne are still handing out applications, every other club that I know has already filled up.

    Apparently Ox and Francis’ show has recieved a lot of criticism but Francis is a good broadcaster, I’m not sure about the ox though.

  135. Steve Healy says

    oh ok, the careers person at my school gave everyone who wanted one a sheet to sign up

  136. Michael Barlow has been elevated onto the Fremantle senior list, while Matt De Boer has missed out. I would have added De Boer instead.

  137. Steve Healy says

    134- Its cos they’re not letting anyone know until mid april or something.

    They are both a great combination, and the ox is an absolute legend

  138. 134: I emailed a contact i have at North Melbourne yesterday, asking if they had any spots left at North Melbourne.

  139. Steve Healy says

    136- Tough decision, but Barlow had a ripper of a pre season and he is a mature age rookie who looks set to be one of their key midfielders in 2010.

    Will Sullivan also got elevated for the eagles, hell be a good relief ruckman, I liked the look of him on Saturday, he was doing some good ruck work

  140. 138- goodluck! i tried Collingwood who said straightout that they give these positions to relatives of people who already work at the club!! HOW MEAN IS THAT?
    and i think North are full but they said to keep checking the careers section of the website even though i said i wanted work exp, i didnt mention anything about a job!
    so overall i gave up! lol

  141. Steve Healy says

    Geoff McClure died, thats sad

  142. 141- eventhough i have never read his work ( i think he used to write for the Age?) yes its always sad to heard that someone has passed away.

  143. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, he used to write the back section of the age, and he was on the abc radio as well.

  144. ill cheer u up,

  145. Hey guys just got me hair cut off. Footy training at 6 :D

  146. Steve Healy says

    and there’s also Edwards, McGrath, Johnson, Prismall, McPhee, Kelly, Burgoyne, Trengove, Swallow, Surjan, Cotchin, Lovett, Malceski, Naitanui and Gilbee days

  147. Swallow days?

  148. 145- YAYYY? does it look pretty?
    which footy player would u compare ur hair to?

  149. 147- yes, yes BUT SUPERMAN DAYS is the best

  150. 148- Lol it looks like it always does when i get it cut lol, uummmm, I dunno lol sorta like Richos

  151. Steve Healy says

    No its not, Trengove is the best.

    But seriously, I really cant believe that its only 9 days, im so excited!

    Breaking news- Jack Fitzpatrick was stung by a sting ray this morning

  152. ohhh Richo?? he has nice hair!
    good job Jeff!

  153. lol thanks Danni.

  154. Steve Healy says

    jelly fish* not sting ray

  155. That happens alot, players are always getting stung by something in the water.

  156. Damian Watson says

    Geoff McCLure, the name sounds awfully familiar although I must admit I don’t remember reading his articles in The Age.

    But comisserations to his family.

    Good to see we are trying to recruit Dylan Buckley who of course is the son of premeiership player Jim. I’m not sure if he was a part of the Mosquito Fleet of the early 80’s.

  157. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I remember Daniel Kerr did a couple of years ago, I think

    i know i should be stressing over my sac which is 2mro, BUT IM SO EXCITED!!!

  159. Steve Healy says

    He was a passionate Carlton supporter, Damo.

    Ok, lets turn to round 1, does anyone want to go to the footy?

  160. Damian Watson says

    If you get stung by a jellyfish it is almost just as deadly, I’d hate to see a jellyfish lurking around my feet, like that shark at Brighton yesterday.

  161. Dont even bother asking me. lol
    i have NOW 3 SACS comming up

  162. Damian Watson says

    That’s right! He worked on ABC Radio, I almost overlooked Steve’s comment.

    Is he of any relation to Mark Mclure? who from memory also works on ABC radio.

  163. Steve Healy says

    yeah I heard about that shark, ive always wanted to see a shark at the beach, I know that sounds weird, not when im in the water of course

  164. 159- I wish.

  165. i wouldnt like getting stung by anything, i mean i am cute..

  166. Damian Watson says

    Danni I have three SAC’s on Monday, I’m starting to realise how you feel lol.

  167. Steve Healy says

    162- I dunno Damo.

    Danni you do realise that its the holidays after the footy starts?

  168. 167- steve u you realise i have SACs the FIRST WEEK back to school and tecahers give EXTA HW and assignments on the holidays???

  169. I almost stood on a stingray on year 8 camp, luckily i looked down before i took another step and i saw it start to swim away, which scared me to go further into the ocean so i stayed back and played beach cricket.

  170. Steve Healy says

    Weve got english, history and science assignments due next week

  171. 166- sucks dont it damo!?

  172. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think I recieve holiday homework yet though, fortunately.

  173. Steve Healy says

    I got my english story mark back today- 78%, I reckon it warranted at least a 90%,

  174. 169- nawww hahah lol

  175. Steve Healy says

    I saw a sting ray lying on the beach in NSW, I think it was at the Collingwood beach. I touched it :)

  176. 173- hate it when i think ive aced something and then i get it back and ive done good but not great!

  177. Damian Watson says

    Where did you go for Year 8 camp?

    I caught a stingray out at Portland a few years ago.

    My Dad caught a huge Gummi Shark off Port Phillip Bay the other day, although I’m not a fan of the taste.

  178. Jeff and I have a photography assignment due next thursday that i didn’t even know we started..

  179. 175- hahahahha lmaoo steve! thats a secquel to the wallabyroo story!! YAY

  180. 175: Trying to emulate the wallaby story?

    177: Anglesea, best camp i’ve been on.

  181. Damian Watson says

    I have to do an English oral on Beatniks next week.

  182. Steve Healy says

    emulate, hahaha nice choice of word

  183. Steve Healy says

    180- I knew danni would like that comment hahaha

  184. Steve Healy says

    Damo, are you a keen fisherman?

  185. 178- It’s not like Meils will care

  186. Damian Watson says

    184- Definitely, although we are unable to go and fish frequently with other committments etc.

    why are u so stinkin cute???!!

  188. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I dont mind a fishing session, even though ive only ever been a few times.

    I saw a massive fish in the creek on my way home from school today

  189. Dad and I like to go fishing we will be going soon I hope, we always catch Murray Cods. We put em back in.

  190. Damian Watson says

    Really? was it a trout?

    I like to fish for snapper and bream. I hate angel fish and puffer fish they are almost worthless from a fisherman’s perspective!

  191. Damian Watson says

    Do you emulate (there is that word again) Rex Hunt and kiss the fish before returning it to the water?

  192. Steve Healy says

    I dunno what it was, but it was huge. I dont have good fish knowledge, but I know that trevalleys are delicious

  193. I have a few times, I don’t know why though lol

  194. Flatheads are a great eating fish.

  195. 190- went fishing ONCE, yes i wore high heels (not that high though) i nagged after the first hour. i was hungry, cold, tired and i wanted to go home!!
    b/c of this i made dad leave early and i havnt been nor will i go again

  196. Steve Healy says

    195- Oh yeah, I remember you telling us that. Wear gumboots next time

  197. 196- there is NEVER going to be a NEXT TIME!! NEVER EVER

  198. 195: I might be going camping for my sweet 16 this year ( :) ) wanna come Danni? Lol

  199. Steve Healy says

    197- oh ok :(

  200. 198- Is Greg comming?

  201. 200: I’ll be asking him

  202. Steve Healy says

    198- You’ve gotta be kidding me, how are you gonna watch Geelong V Carlton?

  203. 201- lmaoo im jst kidding.
    me and camping, lol nope!
    if ur idea of camping is five star hotel with room serivice then sure! lol

  204. 203: Yeah that’s what i meant..

  205. lol we still are not sure on what we are doing for schoolies. oh well got a year to figure it out. lol

  206. Well peoples im off to footy training.

  207. Steve Healy says

    cya Jeff,

    can I come too danni, even though im not in year 12?

  208. cya Richo!

  209. Nah for my birthday i might just have some mates over and have a fire at my place. If anyone of you guys wanna come your welcome too lol.

  210. 207- lmaooo are u serious?

  211. Steve Healy says

    Josh, if you go camping youll miss out on Geelong V Carlton, which is the friday night game on your birthday. You should feel lucky, your the only one of us to have a birthday on the day of a footy match this season (although I dont know Jeff’s birthday)

  212. Steve Healy says

    210- hey, dont act like I did when I found out you speak arabic.


  213. Jeff’s birthday is a day before North Melbourne v Carlton on a friday night.

    Steve, read comment 209, and i’d have a radio with me

  214. 212- lol are u still amazed at that!!

  215. Steve Healy says

    YES I AM DANNI, OK!!!!

    Oh cool Josh, so Jeff’s birthday is June the 10th.

    I remember when Dom joined the almanac he said that his birthday was June the 7th I still remember that

  216. “steve leysh ahn tamilah she kebir?”

  217. Steve Healy says

    What does “she” mean in arabic?


  218. 216: Danni, ahsid qijeops igjah okdsa?

  219. she- means “something”


  220. 218- josh is that pendleburybear talk?

  221. 220: Ahsd

    Ahh, footy fever just hit me then.

  222. Steve Healy says

    It hit me about an hour ago, lol

  223. 222: Did it hurt? Lol

  224. Steve Healy says

    Footy fever sort of hits you in the stomach, like the feeling you get when your in love, or excited about something generally

  225. 224- lmaoo steve how would you know? have u ever been in love?

  226. Yeah, i’m in love with it and very excited. Although, to be honest i don’t find Round 1 that appealing.

  227. Steve Healy says

    its try arabic: Kebab leysh she?

  228. 224: I was once, and yes it does hit your stomach.

  229. Steve Healy says

    It isnt the best round 1 ever, but im just happy that the Dees are on saturday afternoon.

    Love is a strong word danni

  230. I mean, sure Richmond and Carlton is great but i would rather the season start with a bang, like Hawthorn v St Kilda or something.

  231. lmaoo u just said ‘ KEBAB WHY SOMETHING?’

  232. Steve Healy says

    I still think a Carlton V Collingwood opener is due, or maybe a Collingwood V Hawthorn

  233. 229- exactly so how can u compare anything to it then? lol

  234. Steve Healy says

    ok, I may have been in love before. kind of.

  235. Steve Healy says

    so, danni, are you gonna watch salad afternoons?

  236. 234: With who? Jurrah?

  237. Steve Healy says

    I love every melbourne player its fair to say

  238. 234- lmao okay then.
    i cnt say i have, i mean i dont KNOW Jack really, so can say i love him, but its not really…

  239. 235- lmfaoo ITS ‘STARLIT AFTERNOONS!!’
    lmaoo SALAD!! hahahahahha

  240. Steve Healy says

    Just keep in mind danni, love doesn’t have a use by date.

    I really thought it was salad ok! It sounds exactly like salad on the recording

    steve inta bet daheckni ketir!!

  242. 237: That’s the true meaning of footy. Man love. Just look at Cam Mooney – he goes around kissing everyone. Teammate, opponent, umpire – it doesn’t matter to Cam ;)

  243. Steve Healy says

    lol, translation please danni? Let me guess: Steve thats so hillarious?

  244. Steve Healy says

    244- Big Jimmy!

    why does every saviour have a J in their name? Jurrah, Jimmy Stynes, Joe Gutnick, and of course, Jesus

  245. 242- would mind a kiss from mooney!!
    hes so cute

    lmao very close steve its:
    “steve u make me laugh heaps!”

  246. wouldnt**** lol WOULDNTT**

  247. 246: Just in case he’s reading, right? You don’t want him going around thinking you’d reject a kiss ;)

    244: Jimmy Bartel, Gary Ablett Jnr, Gary Ablett Jnr’s dad…

  248. Steve Healy says

    danni leysh inta ketir bet she daheckni!

  249. Steve Healy says

    lol, Gary Ablett juniors dad.

  250. 247- EXACTLY!! hes my fav footy dad! how cute is he with his kids!
    Susie, ill trade ya Toovey for Mooney!! PLEASEEEEEEEE!! ;)

    STEVE U FORGOT JACK ANTHONY!! lmao its hilarious how he put jesus Last

  251. Steve Healy says

    yes and good old John Anthony, I mean Jack

  252. 249- lmaoo steve did u just ask me why i laugh a lot?

  253. Steve Healy says

    did I? wow, I didnt realise

  254. Steve Healy says

    I just used a jumble of words from your last two arabic phrases

  255. 250: Are you kidding me? That’s hardly a fair trade. Not after you told me Tool of the Week should be renamed Toovey of the week… LOL
    There is no one in the league worth trading Mooney for. When he’s not kicking goals, missing goals or beating people up, he’s always providing hilarious highlights. Who else brings that kind of value for money?

  256. LMAO well its not exactly correct but i did get the main message lol

  257. 255- lmaoo okay okay ill throw in ben Reid, Goldsack, Wood! lmaoo
    Susie you forgot to mention the prettyness he brings to the game!

  258. 257: I don’t think I’d call what he brings to the game “prettyness”…

    You do realise this is the same Cam Mooney who’ll mark a ball, run 15 metres to the side of his mark to bump a passing opponent, then go back and calmly kick the ball???

  259. 244: Josh Barnstable..

    Just had tea.

  260. Steve Healy says

    Wood? keep him, put Ryan Cook in the package instead

  261. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh, your a saviour in Waaia/Numurkah and here on the almanac, but not as big as the other 4 names yet

  262. I’m sorry, Danni and Steve, but on behalf of the Geelong Cats, I simply must reject your offer. :(

  263. Steve Healy says

    Michael Newton and Brad Miller for Cameron Mooney?

  264. 262: David Hale for Ablett, Enright, Corey and Bartel? ;) Done deal!

  265. 258- i give up!!! I SURRENDER!!

    OMG Theres a hot pic of Russa on the collingwood website.

    thsi is how he went-

    2. Sean Rusling: Good contest across halfback. Had solid presence and his involvements were really encouraging. Needs a few more games under his belt to reach peak fitness.


  266. 261: Hey Steve, my middle name is Jane, does that mean I, too, may one day be a saviour??? :-D

  267. Steve Healy says

    Of course, Susie, of course.

  268. 264: How about this: Doms for McIntosh and Swallow??

  269. 266- no way, mines Joanne!!

  270. 267: Just call me Saviour Susie :-D I really should have my own superhero comics…

  271. 269: This is just getting freaky now, LOL

  272. 269: I’m not revealing my last name, too embarrassing.

  273. Steve Healy says

    Danni, we didnt know you spoke arabic or your middle name was Joanne 2 days ago, wow

  274. 271- lmao!

  275. Steve Healy says

    272- You mean middle name, I think you said it before, I cant remember it though

  276. Steve Healy says

    All almanackers have something in common, its fate that we are all here now

  277. i feel like writing an angry email regarding the Rusling issue, but its not like they are gonna listen!

  278. 275: That’s right

    Yeah Danni, we learn so much from a week stint on MSN lol.

  279. Joshua David
    Joshua Riley
    Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Ryce

    hmmm i will crack the code!

  280. Steve Healy says

    joshua kangaroo barnstable, it even says so on the package he sent me!

  281. Joshua Patric
    Joshua Matthew
    Joshua Luke….

  282. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I believe that its spelt PatricK.

    My middle names matthew!

  283. lol sorry left of the K!
    ohhh thats right!
    lol i think i told ya i was originally gonna name Pendleburybear Matthew

  284. 279: Joshua Ryce, a kid at my school. Everyone hates him and my whole English class was having a bitch sesh over him today lol.

  285. 284- yeah i knew that! thats why i put it up… lol

  286. Steve Healy says

    Its good that you thought of me when thinking of his name danni

  287. 285: How did you know that?

    Grr, i’m trying to download a really cool song but it won’t let me lol.

  288. Steve Healy says

    anyway, im off now cya, be back on later

  289. 286- lol sorry steve but i had Pendles b4 i met you, so i didnt know ur middle name..our you first name!

    King pleaded guilty to striking Magpie Travis Cloke but successfully argued the action was reckless and not intentional.

    NOT INTENTIONAL!! oh yeahh i can see how that worked! its like saying
    “i hit so and so in the face really hard BUT IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL!!”


  291. They breed em dumb at Tigerland.

  292. 291- lmao not all of them, JUST SOME CERTAIN PLAYERS!!

    but seriously i cnt believe that excuse worked on the jury, who were they THE CARLTON CHEERSQUAD?

  293. 290: Perhaps he intended to break his nose, therefore the non-breaking punch was unintentional… :-S
    That is rubbish.
    But, in a way… Maxwell got off a scandalous charge last year, so maybe this is karma, :p

  294. 293- is the the bump scandal you are reffering to?

  295. Ahhh, the bump? I can’t remember 100%… it was the start of last year, his first game as captain, in the preseason I think…
    He tackled the player over the line and either got him in the head or slammed his head into the turf. Either way, it was vicious, and got a four-week ban. But then he appealed and managed to get off EVERYTHING. That was a bit sus.

  296. Who cares? He won’t be picked for round 1.

  297. 295- lol i cnt remember if it was a bump or a tackle!
    Well n/b we have all that money maybe we hired a QC barrister to defended him.

  298. 296- I CARE!!

  299. Ah yeah that was a stupid charge. Patrick McGinnity ended up seriously injured and Maxwell GOT OFF? You feel it wouldn’t happen to a player from any team other than Collingwood.


  301. What’s the difference between Jake King being suspended and missing out compared to him missing out anyway coz he’s not in our best 22?

  302. 3014- WELL THERE YOU GO!
    so its like hes not even being punished then!

  303. Lol im taking my anger out on the keyboard!!

  304. 299: Matty Stokes got four weeks for an innocous bump that just happened to get a guy in the head, Maxwell just about decapitates a guy and got the same sentence, but THEN he gets Eddie and the big guns in. Next thing you know: “Oh, no incident here. None at all. McGinnity injured himself, that’s all” -_-

  305. 304- QC rep, Susie, QC!!

  306. Can you cease the crazy capslocking? It’s childish and cringeworthy.

  307. Aw, Danni. It’s okay. We all have moments hating the AFL and its admin, LOL.

    And Adam, the difference is, the AFL has effectively said accidental closed-fist punches to the face are okay for the whole season. They now have to maintain the stance that similar punches are unintentional all season.

    What was the other case that caused issues? There was an article on it in the paper this morning…

  308. 306- *gasp*

  309. On an unrelated topic, Who is Madame Deficit?

  310. 307- i know! :(
    first the Rusling thing and not this!

  311. 309- ME!!!

  312. 309&311: LOL! I was wondering the same thing… :p

  313. Why Deficit? Is it because you always lose things?

  314. Well technically it was the nick name given to Marie Antoinette buy the french people who hated her. she was seen as the ‘Austrian B*tch’ who was ruining the King and spent ridiculous amounts of money on fashion and diamonds while France was in financial crisis. she was France’s most hated queen and the only queen to be guilotined by the people.

  315. i just love the whole French revolution! and i thought the name was cool you know, since i spend all my money on clothes and shoes all the time. lol
    so yeah, i kinda took it up as my own.

  316. 314: So your goal is to be hated by the French? :-S

  317. Ah, right. And that fits you how?

  318. 315: Ah, that makes more sense. LOL

  319. So one day Danni when you’re older, are you going to spend so much money on fashion and diamonds that your family becomes hungry and poor and your husband decides to guillotine you?

  320. lol no not exactly have a look at comment 315 you guys.

  321. 319- well not really cos my husband gets guillotined before i do, i get guillotined about a month later. lol

    318- lol :)

  322. I know very little except that Napoleon was this annoying midget who wanted to fight everybody. See Comment 290 ;)

  323. 322- lmaooo
    we havent got to that part yet!
    we have just gotten past the fall of the Bastille but we went back to revise Enlightenment ideas

  324. ill tell ya something adam, dont mess with the pesants!!

  325. 323: What subject is this for? History? You’re lucky. I somehow managed to go through all highschool without once doing history or geography or any of the interesting, important subjects. My school only had Australian history and one other kind at year 12 level… :(

  326. Steve Healy says

    I hate history, I shouldve chosen to do geography instead, im sick of hitler

  327. 325- ewww no offence but compared to WW2 Nazi Germany and the French Revolution Australian History is a drainerr!!!
    well Susie i did year 11 history by choice and ive continued with it this year. we do French Rev and Russian Rev, its really cool stuff. :)

  328. 326- WHAT STEVE i loved Nazi Germany, infact if i could specialise in anything it would be Nazi Germany, its soo..like..WOW

  329. Steve Healy says

    Are you kidding? I’d rather do Australian history than Nazi Germany any day

  330. Steve Healy says

    so you know more about nazi germany than footy? :(

  331. Geography at my school was lame. In year 10 we had to go on an excursion to Doreen once to write about urban development. One question we had to answer was “Describe the kind of people who might live in these houses.” There was a boy called Jack in our class who was from there, and someone wrote on their sheet “People like Jack.”

    Danni, NO.

  332. 330- LMAOO um, well im a bit rusty but yeah i prob do, espesh last year, i was on a roll with the Nazi Germany Sacs, nothing under an ‘A’

  333. 331- No, what??

  334. Don’t mention the war.

  335. Steve Healy says

    332- WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. 333 – Isn’t it obvious Danni?

  337. 334- ….why….?

    335- here we go…

  338. ohh wait..are u like part German..right?

  339. Steve Healy says

    how can you know more about nazi germany than footy? it just doesnt make sense, you havent liked nazi germany for your whole life!

  340. Steve Healy says

    don’t mention the war, lol, has anyone seen the show fawlty towers?

  341. Of course I’ve seen it Steve, I have the entire box set on DVD.

    No I think I’m part French or something. Ironic considering what we were just talking about.

  342. Steve Healy says

    hahaha how funny is it how that girl starts crying and then he does that walk lol

  343. 339- lmao i dont know, i just Absorbed it all like a sponge, like all I had to do is listening and read and I was like in awe. The shock of what happened just left me doing even more reading and I die for Nazi Germany documentaries! If there was a course just on Nazi Germany id do it!

  344. Steve Healy says

    338- Danni, I doubt any part- German people would still get offended when someone mentions the war

  345. Steve Healy says

    343- But it isn’t footy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. One of my friends is half-German, even speaks it at home, and he loves the show.

    Can’t believe you’ve never seen Fawlty Towers Danni. You’re missing out on a lot.

  347. 344- well sorry, i dont know!

    Seriously though, it still shocks me how ONE man, just a normal person was able to rise to those heights of power and have Germany rapped around his finger!
    i wish i could bring him back to life for a hour, i would love to ask him so many things and see how that posessed mind of his worked…

  348. He wouldn’t know how his mind worked Danni. You wouldn’t learn anything you couldn’t learn by watching footage of him talking.

  349. Steve Healy says

    I dont think you’d survive an hour with Hitler, even though your not jewish.

    hahahaha the dead guy in the basket hahahah, “Oh, I thought you said you wanted to get the linen”

  350. “Oh, German! Oh, I’m sorry, I thought there was something wrong with you!”

    “Manuel, there is too much butter on those trays.” “NO NO Senor, not on, those, trays. Uno, dos, tres!”

  351. I’m part German, but my lack of affrontary at mention of the war is no indicator. I have seven different backgrounds, LoL, but I’m Aussie ;p So I’m no spokesperson for the Germans, Italians, Russians, English, Welsh or Irish.

    You’re so lucky you got to do all that, Danni! And I know what you mean, I’m fascinated by the world wars. I learned a lot about them in English and Literature, and I’ve got a couple of books on them. I mean, they horrify and disgust me to my very core, but it’s deeply fascinating… I think fascinated horror is the phrase I’m after?

  352. 348- well still, he was a freak, he had armies of 5 year old boys (called the Hitler youth) training them up for his future army, no joke!
    they wore little uniforms with the Nazi symbol and would shout “HEIL HITLER”
    we watched a doco on it in hist class by Leni Refenstahl called ‘The Triumph of the Will’ after that i was never the same!

  353. Steve Healy says

    hahahaha yeah what a hllarious show

  354. Steve Healy says

    They weren’t 5 year old boys, you had to be older than that to enrol in the hitler youth I think

  355. 351- gee Susie you should just join my history class i think ud like the French Rev!
    you know im gonna photocopy some of the French propaganda and put it up in my room! i love analysing representations!

  356. Steve Healy says

    The only ethnic background I have that I know of is English, my Mum was born in england and moved to Australia when she was 5 or 6, and shes not an Australian citizen

  357. Steve Healy says

    why would you put that up in your room? All my stuff is footy related

  358. 354- nope steve, they started them at 5!
    talking to them and saying that they had to marry pure german Christians to breed the ‘perfect race’ its intense stuff

  359. Steve Healy says

    358- Ok, maybe I shouldnt argue about this topic with you

  360. “Might I ask what you expect to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? The Sydney opera house, perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wilderbeasts sweeping majetically across the savanna?”
    “I expect to be able to see the sea.”
    “You can see the sea, it’s there in between the land and the sky.”

  361. 357- because i love it! im a history student!! :)

  362. There’ll never be a perfect race. All the main racing sports has either drug cheats or LZR swimsuits.

  363. Steve Healy says

    “where are my sausages” “I’ll just have to cook them myself then”!

  364. Just been for a run and crunches session.

    Susie, just curious, is your last name pronounced ‘Geese?

    I’ve got Australian Studies next semester.

  365. Steve Healy says


  366. 362- and to think that six million Jews were killed to try and achieve this ‘perfect race’
    its so sad.

  367. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Danni, im sure Hitler knew exactly what he was doing ;)

  368. 365- joshy is working on his abs steve

  369. 365: Like sit ups.

    There’s a kid at school that we call Hitler. Well, not me but most people do.

  370. 367- well steve u have no reason to have been worried,you would have survied! your christian with blond hair and blue eyes!
    me on the other hand although im of the same faith, it prob wouldnt be enought to save me b/c of my brown eyes and dark hair.

  371. Steve Healy says

    yeah I was the perfect race, yay, thanks Hitler.

    oh ok, I suck at sit ups, and push ups

  372. I suck at push ups as well, but i’m pretty good at sit ups.

  373. 371- Jurrah wouldnt have survived steve

  374. On a completely different matter, I am so surprised at how one of the year 7 students at my school is faring. He’s blind, and when he walks into the school he walks straight up to his locker, enters his combination and starts talking to his friends. How cool is that? If i shut my eyes, i wouldn’t make it into the locker area.

  375. Steve Healy says

    Yes he would’ve, this is Jurrah we’re talking about! If a bullets shot at him, he’ll catch the bullet in mid air and throw it back at Hitler

  376. Steve Healy says

    I’ve always felt really sorry for blind people

  377. 374- omgg… :(
    now i feel sad :(
    i cnt deal with knowing that some people are blind….
    i mean, i had to work in the dark room for media once and i was almost in tears when i came out all b/c i was thinking about how blind people see nothing but black all their lives..

  378. Don’t be sorry, well yeah be sorry but this kid is really happy about things, he’s always laughing and hangs out with me and my friends sometimes and have a chat with him to see how he is going.

  379. Steve Healy says

    377- how cute

  380. Steve Healy says

    well, thats good to hear

  381. 364: LOL, I get asked that all the time. Technically, it’s pronounced “giih-sa” (it’s German), but my ancestors Westernised it, so we pronounced it “gese”, as in, Portu-gese. But I don’t mind “geese”, it’s pretty darn close. And I’m called Goose, Little Goose Girl, Gosling, etc.

    But there’s this American bodybuilder who pronounces it “Geese-ee”, which is my favourite pronunciation of it. It’s the typical nickname me and my brothers got when we played cricket and stuff. All the guys would call me “Giesey”.

    An American softballer pronounces it like “guise” or “guys”, which I hate.

    Just while I’m rambling on about my surname, these are the common ways people mispronounce it:
    etc. etc.

    But yeah, it’s a pretty uncommon name, so almost everyone stumbles over it.

  382. Danni, I know what you mean. I am petrified I’ll go deaf or blind one day, I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is for people who are.

  383. 381: Fair enough, good explanation. I’ll call you Goose from now on.

    I started my English essay today on ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, i’m looking forward to it.

  384. 379 –
    :( i never want to go in the darkroom again….. :(
    im way too sensitive…even when i see a blind person with their guide dog i get all upset…

  385. i cnt imagine life with out colour….or being able to see the faces of my friends and familly..

  386. Future reference, don’t bring up blindness, obviously im very sensitive about it.

  387. I know it’s probably a bad thing to say, but i’ve always wondered what a blind person’s perspective on life is.

    I used to think the whole world was in black and white until the mid 70’s when colour TV was introduced. I was amazed when i saw photos of Waaia from the 20’s and it was so colourful.

  388. 386: Sorry

  389. It’s alright, you didn’t know.
    Im off now, lol not a good way to end the night.
    Sweet dreams.

  390. 387: LOL, just like in ‘Pleasantville’ :p I sometimes think that too. Even though I know it wasn’t, I unconsciously find myself picturing the world in black-and-white pre-colour tvs when I read books and stuff.

    Night Danni!

    I should head off too. Uni is such a drain :(

  391. Lol yeah, it’d be cool to go back to the 40’s or 50’s and live a day in that era.

    Night girls.

  392. Steve Healy says

    Good night. I had lasanga for dinner tonight

  393. I had fettucine carbonara. Delicious. That’s why i went for a run lol.

  394. Steve Healy says

    I had 4 pieces of lasanga

  395. How can you have 4 pieces of lasagna? Don’t you just have a pile of it?

  396. Training was bloody brilliant :D

  397. Steve Healy says

    well Mum gave me one piece, and then I asked for 3 more

  398. Steve Healy says

    anyway im off now cya

  399. Damian Watson says

    Happy St Patricks Day!

    A large blow for Geelong today with Travis Varcoe to miss two months due to a broken finger.

  400. Steve Healy says

    you too Damo.

    Yeah I’ve heard, with Stokes and Varcoe not playing for the first third of the season it will open the door for Djekkura, Duncan, Steven Motlop and even Adam Varcoe

  401. Poor Travis. Geelong may potentially play without any indigenous players in round 1. That would be very unusual in this age.

  402. Steve Healy says

    It would be unusual, but I suppose its nothing that should be publicised. For my whole life I’ve noticed a lack in aboriginal players for Geelong, they had Ronnie Burns of course but no one else really until Varoce and Stokes came along

  403. Steve Healy says

    Wade Skipper will undergo surgery and miss up to eight weeks after injuring his hamstring

  404. For a while I didn’t even realise Stokes was aboriginal.

    I keep forgetting I’m 18 tomorrow, I don’t actually feel like an adult since I’m still in high school…

    By the way, Gigs has inspired me to make anagrams out of names of mates at school.

  405. Steve Healy says

    lol, awesome.

    I’m struggling to find a second ruckman in Hawthorn’s list. They’ll have to play Roughead as a part time ruckman, or use youngsters like Sam Grimley, Jordan Lisle and Luke Lowden who havent played games yet

  406. Damian Watson says

    402- Well don’t forget they had Polly Framer, but yeah I understand your context.

    Is Brent Renouf available?

    Well done Adam life flows along quickly doesn’t it.

    By the way we had our Athletics Carnival and I got to call the high jump, which was great because one of my friends broke the Australian record for his age group.

  407. okay, i just tried to do a sample question from last years History exam…based on my sitting there for 10 minutes, not understanding what im supposed to do and then flicking through my text book which was no help, it looks like im going to FAIL!!

  408. Damian Watson says

    You won’t fail Danni, was this an essay question?

    What topic are you leaning about anyway? I finished a SAC the other day on War Poetry.

  409. Steve Healy says

    Yes, Renouf is avalible, he just suffered those burns after being pushed into the fire in the pre season. Luke Lowden is actually injured too. Gee, well done Damo, how high did he jump?

  410. Damian Watson says

    Well it is possibly because I was the only one willing to commentate. I find it fun calling new sports becuase it gives you a broad experience.

    He jumped about 2m, which is the equivalent of jumping over a player of Steven King’s height.

  411. Steve Healy says

    Coming from you Danni, your a history expert! leysh she inta ketir!

  412. 408- nah its not an essay, basically theres a half a page extract from a Histrorian called Schama about the night of August the 4, 1789.
    Theres four questions on it all together worth 18 marks…

  413. Steve Healy says

    410- wow, thats unbelievable

  414. 411- ‘why something a lot’

  415. Damian Watson says

    Well he did seem to curve perfectly as he was in mid-air.

    What was so significant about that date?

    Steve do you believe there should be a week off between the Pre Season Final and the beginning of the Home and Away season or should the schedule be altered?

  416. Steve Healy says

    Well, Damo, I hate the weekend because there’s no footy, but it gives me a bit more time to prepare for the home and away season I suppose. It is designed for AFL officials to have a week off as well, which is the reason why Brisbane V Geelong isnt being played this weekend as the Lions tried to make happen

  417. 415- im pretty sure that the date is around the time when the August Decrees were signed….
    ahhh im putting history away for now! i should be studying for English instead, btw i started that Sac today, and it aint looking pretty…

  418. Steve Healy says

    414- yeah, sorry lol

  419. Damian Watson says

    You’ll be fine Danni, you haven’t exactly had a nervous breakdown yet so I’m sure if you keep studying you will understand it.

    I’m just wondering whether we should commence the season earlier with the new teams entering. I think two rounds need to be added similar to a NRL format.

  420. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, if the grand final is played a week later, that means my birthday will be in grand final week.

    Maybe something like this:

    Start of Season: March 19

    GF: 1 October

    What do you think about the nab cup Damo, should it stay? Matthew Knights wants it dead

  421. 419- the way im going Damo, ill be having one very soon!!
    i did almost have one b4 untill i thought theres no use sitting her over a question for 2 hours, just put it away and work on english!
    ill ask around tmro ill bet all the girls are having trouble. infact the whole class has been having a nervous breakdown cos everyone is so lost!
    The French Rev has to be the hardest thing i have ever had to learn!

  422. Steve Healy says

    421- I really think your coping well with school, Danni.
    Throughout all the summer holidays you were saying how we would barely hear from you for the whole year, but, well, that hasnt been the case, and I hope this continues lol

  423. 420- i would guillotine the nab cup!!!
    but well i dont want to restart the bloodshed…

  424. Steve Healy says

    The nab cup/ nab challenge is necessary, it gives fans a chance to see their youngsters, gives teams and fans a taste of competitive footy, brings footy to venues all around australia, gives fans an idea of what they are prepared for in the year ahead, and it gives the National Australia Bank and shitload of money

  425. Steve Healy says


  426. Damian Watson says

    I believe it should stay, it is a un ique part of our game and it is essential for clubs to have competitive preperation.

    We could use what the NRL defines as trial matches as less important Pre Season matches.

  427. 424- if there was no NAB cup Jurrah wouldnt be injured- case closed

  428. Steve Healy says

    thats not true danni, I dont believe in “If this and this didn’t happen a player wouldn’t have gotten injured”.

    The fact is that Jurrah got injured, when a player walks on to the field they have a chance of being injured, whether it be for training, in a premiership season match, a practice match, going for a run, in the cereal aisle at safeway, slipping in the shower or being knocked out by a door frame, injuries happen danni

  429. Damian Watson says

    Yeah but that is the clubs juristiction Danni, the Melbourne selectors wanted Jurrah to play in the practice match.

  430. Steve Healy says

    426- Yeah, you’re right damo, players need practice games to get into the year of footy. I love the nab cup, myself. No nab cup= Less footy. Who wants less footy? Not me.

    Pretty much every sporting league have practice matches like NBA, major league baseball, NFL, NRL as you mentioned and yeah others as well

  431. Damian Watson says

    There is no use in saying ‘What if’. When Glenn McGrath was injured in the Ashes cricket series by innocuosly stepping on a cricket ball many thought Australia’s Ashes hopes were gone, as it turned out Lee and Kasprowicz almost producede a remarkable victory.

    You probably gave up after the word ‘cricket’ Danni. lol

  432. ill bring in some Media terminology. Have you guys heard of the concept of ‘Cause and effect’?
    in this situation,
    CAUSE- the NAB cup, pretty competitive, selectors picked Jurrah who is a top player and gave his all.
    EFFECT- b/c of this Jurrah is now injured and will miss part of the thing that really matters, THE SEASON!

    Otherwise i think that if you still want the NAB cup, teams should only play their younger players and rookies as a chance for them to get more spotlight and see how they go. Star players should in my opinion, not be considered until the real season.

  433. 431-

    gee this is worse than History ;)

  434. Steve Healy says

    Danni, if you’re not aware, teams have 38-40 players on their senior lists, plus 5-7 rookies.

    Nab cup teams will have 26 players, that means that it is impossible, you cant field a team of rookies and youngsters, clubs dont have enough, and of course, you have to bring injuries into this as well.

    And players want to play as well, its good experience in the pre-season.

    That cause and effect thing is absolute crap, sorry

  435. Steve Healy says

    And of course there are players who are simply not ready to play footy right after they are drafted

  436. 434- yes i understand but i think intra-club matches are enough.
    for example i wouldnt play: Medhurst, Anthony, Didak, Maxwell, Harry O, Shaw, Pendlebury, Lockyer in a NAB cup match.
    i think Ball and Jolly should be played since they are new and need to be more familliar with the team play.
    everyone else i would play, Davis for example had a not so hot year so he needs hit fitness to go up, Toovey and Reid- nuff said, Beams although he has skills hes not of senior player status (as been at the club for more than 3 years)

    Rusling wouldnt be an option, ive never seen anyone so injury prone.

    catch my drift?

  437. Steve Healy says

    That is the case a lot of the time danni, I think you should cross Medhurst off that list though since he had a bit of a down year too. But you can’t really say that it should be scrapped all together, since it gives players like Ball and Jolly to show their worth.

    Intra club matches are an event for fans to go to, it should always be a one off it should never be a thing that is repeated 3 or 4 times. And teams need to play other teams for preparation

  438. Okay, knowing what happened to Jurrah do u still stand by Melbourne’s decision to play him in the NAB cup?
    If you knew he was going to get injured would you still have wanted him to play?

  439. Steve Healy says

    Danni, of course I wouldn’t have wanted him to play if I went into the future and saw that he got injured for 4 months. But you don’t know its just footy.

    And yes, I stand by Melbourne’s decision to play him in the nab cup, since he was on fire in the intra club game, and the more times Jurrah gets on the field the happier I am because he is an exciting player to watch, I dont care if its a practice game or a regular game

  440. cool i see what you mean, although i have to say that the LAST thing the Dees need is an injured star before the season! Like you said players get injured all the time, theres always a risk. In saying that i dont think they should have risked Jurrah and i was not happy with Collingwood choice in playing Jack Anthony.

  441. Steve Healy says

    I know Danni, but its arguable that a player getting injured in Round 1 is worse, like Sean Rusling did a couple of years ago ad you would know.

    I know YOU wouldn’t be happy, the collingwood selectors would have been more than happy for Jack to play the last two practice games because they knew that Jack had a little bit of an injury and I’m sure Mick would’ve wanted to get some game time into him before season’s start, and he played well against Richmond and Port Adelaide.

  442. 411- lol give it up, were not going to agree on this!
    oh well debating is healthy, and much more fun when its not against Mikey!
    :P lol

  443. Steve Healy says

    lol yeah, and I might add that Anthony also had a poor finals series, even though he won that game

  444. 443-
    “it was a good win, i contributed the smallest bit and thats all that matters.”

    “i just kicked it straight and hoped to god it went through, and it did…”

    – Jack Anthony

  445. Just got back from tennis training. I played absolutely shithouse tonight. I need to gear myself up for Saturday.

    Can’t wait for the AFL magazine to come out with tomorrow’s HS.

  446. Steve Healy says

    I cant wait for the Age’s one on Sunday, lol.

  447. Steve Healy says

    Oh well, I suppose Jack had a point.

  448. 447- i cnt watch the interview without getting shivers…
    when dudes get emotional, they really let it out

  449. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that is correct players like Anthony and Davis had a terrible finals series last year. That is one of the factors Collingwood need to improve on- to consistently perform in big matches, in terms of talent Collingwood has the ability to almost win a flag.

    Although Jack did well to send it sailing through the big stickjs.

    I should add that many key players have injuries within the Pre Season and at training, that is one of the features of sport.

  450. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I agree, Collingwood players generally don’t perform well on the big stage.

  451. 449- lol did well?
    if it was me…i would have dropped the footy and bolted to hide behind a rock and cry!
    i think you can tell a player’s profession from how they handle situations under pressure, or in Jack’s case DO OR DIE moments.

  452. 450- no you mean Collingwood players cnt perform in the finals series!
    ahhh, the ‘JOYS’ of being a Collingwood supporter!!!!

  453. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I don’t think the MCG curators would allow rock’s on the field, although the Etihad stadium ones might, lol.

    Yes you can Danni, I’ll especially agree with you if Jack does something like that again

  454. Steve Healy says

    452- Maybe you should consider supporting another club danni lol

  455. 453- dont ya think its funny how the player that gets the free happend to me Jack, the overconfident, attention seeker. imagine how it could have gone if it was Cloke….
    im a believer in the ‘everything happ for a reason’
    expect big things from our number nine.

  456. 454- hahahha lol
    you know i think dad would take
    “im going to vegas to marry an elvis impersonater”
    better than
    “dad im ditching collingwood”

  457. Steve Healy says

    456- hahaha

    Adelaide really deserved to win that game

  458. 457- i dont think so, i mean it was a tight match in the end. its not like they were up by 20 points with 7 mins to go and Jack got 5 free kicks at goal!!

  459. Steve Healy says

    yeah Collingwood were up by 10 at three quarter time, but yeah I wanted Adelaide to win

  460. My english teacher was raving on about how hot Max Rooke and Paul Chapman are today, lol bloody Carlton supporters.

  461. 460- lmaoo that reminds me!
    my business/homeroom teacher said something that reminded me of steve soo much!

  462. Steve Healy says

    460- Yeah, but I know that Susie will back that argument up lol

  463. Steve Healy says

    461- What????

  464. 461: Go on..

    And i’m sorry about last night.

  465. 464- oh its alright.

    we were talking about footy and stuff and he was like
    “i used to be like really obessed with essendon, once when i was in grade 2 i wrote a whole story on an ess match, the whole thing was like this person kicked to him, who handballed to him who tackled him ect…and i was like to my teacher you HAVE TO READ IT, ITS SO COOL, i thought it was the coolest thing.”


  466. Lol sounds like what i used to do, but when i was grade 4-5.

  467. Steve Healy says

    what happened last night?

    465- lol

  468. LMAOO i was like sqealing i couldnt contain it!! its just so cute that he wrote the whole thing literally saying who had the footy and who they passed it to and how cool he thought it was!! lmaoo nawwwwwww

  469. Steve Healy says

    you should see my books from primary school, we used to say what we did on the weekends in my early years and every week I’d do a match report on a game, and draw a picture at the end

  470. 469- omg thats soo cutee!!!
    you should scan them, save them to your computer and email them to us!
    i remember drawing players as a kid but i never used to write match reports.

  471. Some stupid telemarketer or something keeps calling me, i’ve had 58 missed calls from them today and when i answer its just a blank sound so i rang the number back and its some old lady in Adelaide who hadn’t used her phone for the whole day. And it’s using up my credit as well!

  472. Steve Healy says

    I still draw players today sometimes.

    Nah I dont have a scanner, but if you ever come to the footy ill show you lol

  473. 471- LMFAOOOOO

  474. 472- the only thing i draw these days is love hearts with jacks name in them on my folders and text books in class

  475. Steve Healy says

    are you a good artist danni?

  476. 475- im not bad, i did do Graphics and Architecture in my years.
    i do like drawing, im not amazing but im not bad either.

    lol btw that same teache, when told i wanted to be a sports jurno said
    “ohh, i kinda pictured you being like an AFL massuer or something really”

  477. Steve Healy says

    Nice, im all right at drawing, my Mum’s a really good artist though.

    Just looking through club membership tallies, The pies are up to 49,198! thats unbelievable. The Hawks have 46,776. The Dees have 24,838,

  478. 477- LMAO the funny thing was that it was the aim to get to 50,000 by the end of the year!! LMAOO
    im not a member but it doesnt look like they need me eyy? lol

  479. I don’t feel good.

  480. Steve Healy says

    Of course they need you danni, lol, it looks like the Pies will have a record smashing 55-60 thousand

    Sorry to hear that Josh

  481. This number has started calling my house phone and i’m really scared now..

  482. Steve Healy says

    481- Serious? Jeez

    Hopefully its just a fan of your work Josh

  483. Steve Healy says

    Get on the Dees in round 1 against the Hawks, $4.90 to win

  484. Don’t think so Steve, how would they have gotten my mob. number and house number? But yeah..

    I’m thinking of getting a hair tie to wear on saturday (Cameron Mooney style) so my hair doesn’t get in the way when playing tennis.

  485. Steve Healy says

    Maybe its someone whos read our almanac conversations lol.

    When was the last time you got your hair cut?

  486. Launch day

  487. Steve Healy says

    Gee it must be pretty long now then.

    I got mine cut just before I wnet back to school

  488. Damian Watson says

    I probably had my hair cut late in the holidays.

    I feel sick as well, ever since I ran the 1500m today I have felt like spewing lol.

  489. Damian Watson says

    Apparently the Vics just escaped from an embarrasing total in the Shield Final today.

    Of course the crowds would be significantly low because most are gearing up for the footy season.

  490. …geee that’s not good…have you tried calling back? If not and it continues you might want to get a word out to the cops…

    You guys will never guess who my brother’s PE/ HOMEROOM teacher is…

  491. Damo are you going to any games in Round 1?

  492. 490: Mum’s calling telstra tomorrow to get the number blocked.

  493. Damian Watson says

    490- Really? Is he a fan of Souvlaki Hut? lol Kouta was a strong athlete as a youngster I wonder if he was talented as well.

    Yeah I got a couple of tickets to Richmond v Carlton.

    I’m happy to attend any games that you guys are heading to.

  494. Richmond Carlton should be a good game. I’m hoping for a Richmond upset of course. I think we’re not without a chance.

  495. Carlton by 33 points.

    I was talking to Steve on MSN a few nights ago, Round 6 sounds alright..

  496. Steve Healy says

    490- Wow.

    Damo, do you want to go to Melbourne V Hawthorn with me?

  497. Damian Watson says

    Well remember the Tigers are entering a new era so don’t expect sudden progress in the manner that the supporters did last year. Although I’ll expect the Tigers to be very competitive, I’d hate to experience that losing feeling the next day.

  498. I’m very interested to see how Carlton is going to field a team this year. Will they play Waite in the back half or of the forward half? Will Betts, Yarran and Garlett all get a go? Can Henderson impose himself? Can’t wait for those questions to be answered.

  499. Damian Watson says

    496- Yeah definitely of course I will have to confirm it, but Saturday afternoon is a perfect timeslot.

    Aren’t you driving down for the lunch Josh?

  500. 499: Nah my Dad would have to take two days off work we found out.

  501. Adam I know this will interest you,
    My hair and makeup was looking especially good for school today!
    Ps- Joshy- “someones obsessed with my hairrrrrr!!!” LMAOO

  502. Steve Healy says

    499- Awesome.

    Waite will have to play forward I reckon, Jamison, Thornton and Bower can cover the key forwards

  503. Damian Watson says

    Well I would expect Waite to possibly enter a key forward role although that is debatable because Kreuzer is another contender and Waite is a talented defender.

    I’m sure Betts, Gartlett and Yarran will recieve significant game time this season.

    Lachie Henderson is a working progress.

  504. Steve Healy says

    Well, hopefully you can come down 3 or 4 times Josh, that would be good. Roos V Dees is a perfect match to go to lol

  505. 497: They said the exact same thing in 2007… look how that turned out.

  506. Carlton needs a solid backman before a replacement full forward in my opinion.

    501: Lol

  507. Steve Healy says

    Do you think that Betts, Garlett and Yarran all fit in the team. I’ve been wondering that my self

  508. I’m under no illusions. I’m seeing 2010 as a building year, a more positive one than 2009 in which I will enjoy watching the youngsters develop, pull together for a few wins here and there…

    We should field quite a lot of debutants.

    Astbury, Gourdis, Dea, Taylor, Webberley, Nason, Contin, Roberts and of course Martin are players I’d expect to get a run.

  509. Steve Healy says

    508- Yeah, great to see that Roberts got elevated yesterday

  510. Damian Watson says

    505- Let’s just add that Richmond supporters have expected promise from their team over the last 28 years.

    26/28 times the tigers have basically failed.

  511. I’m looking forward to seeing Astbury play, he seems a bit like Sam Wright.

  512. Damian Watson says

    Steve how much do tickets cost for Round 1?

  513. 508: If they’re building this year, they have to stick with pretty much the same team every week, regardless of whether you win or get slaughtered. They only way Richmond are ever going to come good is if they get a LOT of consistancy, experience and meshing going on.

    Look at Geelong last year, especially the second half. We had 4 or 5 key players out every week, and our team balance went, and all our plans fell apart. Bring back Otto and Kel, and BAM! Instant success :-)

  514. Steve Healy says

    512- About $10 for a concession ticket Damo

  515. Susie, comment 450. Is she crazy or what?

  516. Damian Watson says

    Susie when do you believe was the turning point for the Cats in 2009?

    Was it the return to a full strength side?

    Or was it the Round 21 loss to the Bulldogs that galvinised them into action?

  517. I’ll tell you who seems like Sam Wright: Dale Thomas. Or may Sam Wright seems like Dale Thomas. Anyway, when I saw him run out against Geelong at Skilled Stadium last year, I had to do a double-take. Surely that wasn’t Thomas running out for the Roos??? ;-P

  518. BUILDING WHAT?? :)
    ohhhhhhhhhh i hope its a castle!!

  519. Hey Guys,
    Gourdis he has been on the rookie list for a whild now and I know bugger all about him.
    What sort of player is he ?

  520. Josh, do you mean 460? I don’t think Steve would appreciate being called a “she” :p

    And no, she is not crazy. May just be the most sensible person I’ve ever heard of. Max Rooke has a wild appeal (women love that when they come of a certain age – I just think he’s a bloody good footballer). And Chappy’s got a cheeky charm.

  521. Steve Healy says

    The key to Geelong’s success was clearly Brad Ottens.

    Ottens came into the team in Round 22, and the Cats went on to win 4 games for the flag, by an average margin of 35 points.

    I know Shane Mumford did well as a ruck stand in, but when Ottens came back it all started ticking like it has for most of their previous 3 seasons

  522. Oh yes, comment *460..

  523. Steve Healy says

    I hope he means comment 460!

  524. Where did you get the Sam Wright comparison from Josh? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Ben Nason or someone? Astbury’s a tall key position prospect.

    Jeff – Gourdis is being groomed by Hardwick as a key defender – he’s about 193cm tall, is very quick footed and can play forward too. Wears number 33.

  525. Damian Watson says

    Has anyone seen that controversial Hawthorn membership ad? with Lehmo and the myki card.

  526. I thought that was just a Footy show joke Damo?

  527. 525: Nope

    524: In the match against Hawthorn in the NAB Cup Astbury took the ball out of the pack and snapped a goal, just reminded me of a goal Wright kicked against Fremantle last year.

  528. Steve Healy says

    525- nup, I havent

  529. 524- Thanks Adam, I think Josh may be thinking of Farmer.

  530. 516: It’s important to keep in mind that Geelong weren’t playing for wins rounds 14 – 22. They were just trying to get players in the best condition and position for September.

    We were always going to lose to Brisbane, but the complete absence of skills of any description cannot be excused. That was disgusting. Our loss to Carlton was probably the low-point of the season after that. Round 19 I think that was. The Bulldogs loss was not bad, because we had patches of great play, and they were a real quality opponent.

    I’d say the turning point was Round 22. Never underestimate how important Ottens and Kelly are to the team.

    I’d say, structurally, they are our two most important players. We started off the game terribly, but the second Ottens walked on to the ground, about 6 minutes in, you could just sense the whole team lifting, standing taller. And then we started playing like the Geelong of old.

    Ottens did little directly that game, but his presence made everyone else step up to the plate.

    Kelly was brilliant, too. He completed our backline and they performed as the solid, best defensive unit in the land they truly are. He’s creative and tough and smart. Incredibly smart. Keep in mind, he was our big hope when he was just in his second and third years. Prior to breaking his leg, he was as important to the team as Bartel or Ablett are today.

  531. Damian Watson says

    Nah it was a genuine membership ad. When Lehmo tries to place the myki card in it doesn’t work however when he places his Hawthron membership card in the slot it allows him through.

    Here is a link, although they had to ban the myki sketch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdVPcKohgQg

  532. well i just wrote myself a lovely intro for my essay, if i may say so myself!
    now…the only problem is that i dont know if i can have it memorised for when im doing my sac 2mro!

  533. I remember when Kelly broke his leg, Round 14 or 15 against West Coast in 2004 i think.

    Susie, what do you believe has been Geelong’s best match in their three year stint as the best team in the league? Apart from the obvious mauling of Richmond and Port Adelaide in 2007.

  534. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that is a fair point Susie, Ottens presence was vital and they had already sewn up second place.

  535. Steve Healy says

    530- Susie, just considering yourself lucky that the Cats beat the Hawks by a point in Round 17, 2 points in Round 18, and five points in Round 20. If it wasn’t for those 3 wins they could’ve slipped to 5th

  536. Steve Healy says


  537. Well i’m off guys, i’m buggered.

  538. Did anyone (Danni?) read the big interview involving Nick Riewoldt in the HS today?

  539. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I better head off too.

  540. 537- cya Richo!! :)

  541. Steve Healy says

    Cya Damo and Jeff

  542. 533: I think the game against West Coast in 2007 was pretty big. I mean, I can’t quite remember what happened, but it was the week after we’d thrashed Richmond. WCE were undefeated and reigning premiers. It was our first big test, and we passed with flying colours.

    And to add to the list of maulings: we beat WCE by 135 points in 2008.

    It’s a tough call, what our best game was. One that would probably be in contention is the game against Adelaide in Round 4, 2009. Ablett’s 150th. He got 46 possessions, we won by 48 points. Up to the last quarter, it was a really close affair, yo-yoing a bit. We played some great footy, and so did they.

    Then there’s last year’s grand final, of course. As a footy spectacle, not so flash. But perhaps the best tight, contested game of football there ever has been.

    We’ve had a lot of good wins, so it depends on your criteria.

    I like our win in the 2007 qualifying final as well ;-p

  543. 540: Danni, his hair looks nothing like Richo’s after i inspected it today. More like Chris Newman’s but not as sharp.

    Mine is looking like Chris Mayne/Matt Priddis hair at the moment, but brown of course.

  544. 538- lmaoo you know what i did i would turn it to face Cuz on the other side and yell “YAY” flip it over to Princess and yell “EWWWW!” lol i did it for about 5 minutes!

    nah i didnt read it, i did swear a fair bit though!

  545. Steve, if we’d lost one of those games, everything after that point would have been different. Not just for us, but for every team. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? If we’d lost one of the close ones, we would have made a more concerted effort in one of the following games.

    And yeah, I saw it Josh. Do you ever feel the monumental urge to punch MR in the face? LOL

  546. 542: Good answer, my criteria was based on when every Geelong player had an influence and everything just gelled. I think the Round 5 clash against Brisbane last year was as good as you can get really.

    2007 Qualifying Final? Dunno what your talking about.

  547. Steve Healy says

    Its ridiculous to think that Geelong have won 53 more games than the Dees in the past 3 seasons

  548. Mark Robinson is indeed a tool, but hey, he gives us some pretty good one-on-one interviews.

  549. Steve Healy says

    The 2007 Qualyfiying final, I rememmber that well, for a sec in the first quarter I thought the roos were gonna cause an upset when they hit the lead 12 to 18.

    41 scoring shots to 10: An absolute belting

  550. 549: Zip your mouth Healy

  551. 546: I forgot about that! That was good, but that was a domination, a clinic. I like that every played great games, but we have to take into consideration that the opposition put up as much fight as witches hats. So would that win REALLY be better than the one-point win over Hawthorn where we were down and out for the count, but found something and turned our fortune around? Or perhaps the game against St Kilda last year; even though we lost the game, we won the final three quarters against the other best team in the land. They were a much tougher opposition than Brissy from Round 5

  552. Steve Healy says

    It doesn’t matter Josh, I think the Roos did really well to make it to the Preliminary final

  553. I like that every player had great games*
    Sorry, my computer stuffed up

  554. Robinson aint got nufin on RALPHY!!

  555. That’s why i took the beltings you gave Richmond and Port Adelaide out of the equation coz they didn’t put up a fight at all, while with Brisbane you have the likes of Brown, Power, Black, Clark, Rischitelli, Sherman, Brennan and Bradshaw to contain. Although the Lions have a shocking record at Kardinia.

    But yeah, if your an emotional supporter, the close games against Hawthorn, the Bulldogs and St Kilda last year were rippers.

  556. 549: Don’t forget that North thought it would be a fun idea to run through the Geelong warm-up pre-game. What did that cost your boys, Josh? A $10,000 fine and the game? It was gonna be a close game to that point. Your boys shot themselves in the head.

    Don’t ever raise the ire of the Cats, most especially Cam Mooney.

  557. Steve Healy says

    I remember Geelong V Port Adelaide in 2007, that was almost the best game in the past 3 years. The Cats did so well to get back, I was barracking for them heaps at the end, and when Ablett kicked that one I was really excited, but when Cassisi kicked a goal it was almost like the dees were playing instead of Geelong, thats how much I wanted Geelong to continue their winning streak that day. I was listening to the game on the radio

  558. K all im outie, my hair needs straightening and I need to get my sleep on!

  559. Steve Healy says

    Sorry, I forgot to say Round 21 2007 if you guys thought that was the grand final lol

  560. 556: That match would have been dull and unspoken of if the Roos hadn’t of done that Susie, and Mooney should never punch Scott Thompson in the back of the head like he did last year. He should be thankful of North Melbourne, after all we delivered him his first and only meaningful premiership :P

  561. 555: What are you talking about? We didn’t beat the Lions at ANY venue from their birth in 1995 (?) til 2004. We beat them for the first time then. At Skilled Stadium. At any ground. But no team has played well at Skilled, really, since 2004. Not many of them get beaten by 93 points, though. And it was mainly thanks to Moons and Tomahawk that we won by so much.

    I can’t wait to see our three-pronged attack get unleashed this year. It should definitely be happening now, since Varcoe broke his hand…

  562. 559: Yeah i was gonna say..lol. I was at Jeff’s house that day, Kevin Sheedy and James Hird’s last games in Melbourne were played that evening.

  563. 561: Yeah but since 2005, I don’t think the Lions have kicked a score of over 50 points at Skilled Stadium.

  564. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I think your forgetting 2008, Round 7. The Cats won 105-78

  565. Steve Healy says

    564- And it was neck and neck until the Cats broke out in the final quarter

  566. 560: You mean the one where he had zero possessions? Right. Because people are TOTALLY still talking about that epic Kangaroos GF to this day…. Who did they play again? How much did they win by? ;-p

    And I’d punch Scotty Thompson, too. He’s a former Cat, remember? And he and Mooney never got on. Not to mention, Thompson is a flipping dirty player. When the ball is down the other end of the ground, there he is, bumping Moons, pinching Moons, elbowing him, just being a jerk in general. I know a lot of defenders do this, but with Scotty it’s just relentless and petty. It’s disgusting. One of these days, Mooney is going to punch his head clean off his shoulders, and no one will have any sympathy for him.

  567. Steve you would probably be able to tell me, what’s the biggest score that’s been kicked at Skilled Stadium this decade? Because for Geelong’s dominance, I haven’t seen them absolutely belt sides at their home ground, just slowly suffocate them and then kick a short flurry of goals.

  568. Steve Healy says

    562- And at 1:10 at the Dome Franklin kicked 2.11 in their thrashing of the Bulldogs on the same day

  569. Steve Healy says

    567- ill look it up

  570. How could you say that Susie?? Thompson is a good Full-Back, yes he is annoying, he gives me the irrates just looking at him, but he’s effective.

    Anyway i’m off now, night all.

  571. He is a great full-back. But he’s still a jerk.


  572. Steve Healy says

    Im not sure if it is, but they scored 24.20 164 against the Eagles in Round 22 2008, they won by 99 points

  573. Steve Healy says

    cya Josh

  574. That sounds about right, Steve. Well done :-D

  575. Steve Healy says

    Susie, what was your opinion on Geelong’s 116 point defeat of Melbourne at the MCG in Round 19 2008? It was one of the few Melbourne games in Melbourne I havent been to in the last two years. The game was overshadowed by the fact that the Olympics were starting that night and it raining heavily

  576. 575 – I’m going to reveal something to you: I don’t remember 2008. At all.

    After the Grand Final, I think I repressed an entire year of football matches. All I remember of footy that year was walking back to Flinders St after the loss, and seeing frigging Hodge on the big screen getting the Smithy. It should have been Ablett. I also accidentally broke my flag. :-(

  577. 575: Actually, wait! I think I have a memory of that game! I remember there were American tourists sitting in front of us. There wasn’t a big crowd, the weather was rubbish. They left at half-time because the contest was over then. But I don’t remember the game per se.

    I don’t remember any of the games, LOL.

  578. I feel for you Susie. It must be so tough to come a long way to defy expectations and lose. But at least you won two other flags.

    On a totally unrelated topic: If you want to see something funny, go to Google maps and type in “528 7th street rapid city south dakota”, go to street view and rotate the camera around to the west.

    I’m 18 in 60 minutes time.

  579. Happy birthday for an hours times, Adam! :-D

    Prepare yourself: All you’re going to get tomorrow is, “So how does it feel being 18?”

    I must’ve been asked that at least 80 times when I had my birthday. Everyone thinks it’s such a big deal, then you turn 18, and… nothing. It just feels exactly the same as it did before.

  580. I’m not expecting it to be much different. In fact year I felt depressed because birthdays didn’t seem as special as they used to. Tomorrow I’m still going to school, just like I did before and just like I have for years. I’m going to the Eltham pub though with my folks in the evening :)

  581. 580: That sounds lovely! I hope you have a great time.
    And it will be special tomorrow. Because everyone will corner you and quiz you on being 18. LOL. At least, that was what was in vogue back in my day, all those years ago in 2008.

  582. Steve Healy says

    thats funny Susie, because I remember pretty much every game of Geelong’s 2008 season like it was yesterday

  583. Steve Healy says

    well im off now, I was just playing AFL 98 then.

    Happy birthday in 46 minutes Adam, Ill probably tell you that tomorrow if your on anyway

  584. Actually, I think I have one more memory of that game… was that the game where you were held scoreless for almost the whole first half, and your first score was when Josh Hunt fumbled a handball receive and knocked it over the point line? :p

    I’m off too now.

    Night Adam! Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  585. Steve Healy says

    It was 8.5 53 to 0.0 0 at QT, and yeah Hunt fumbled through our first point when it was 61 to 0.

    Here’s a message for Adam: http://www.getprice.com.au/images/uploadimg/927/350__1_t_20680.jpg

  586. okay, *clears throat*


    mind u that was sung wayyy of key!

  587. off key*

  588. Steve Healy says

    lol, danni did you actually sing that out loud, because you dont need your throat cleared to type, unless the computer keyboard is a natural extension of your body

  589. When i’m angry i type really hard and furiously so maybe Danni sings when she type-sings.

  590. Steve Healy says

    well im in a great mood at the moment, hows this herald sun footy magazine?

  591. 588- yeah i sang it!! :)
    Pendleburybear joined in too.

    omg that mag is soo cool, i got quick look at it lmaoo poor daisy though..the truth hurts

  592. 590: Haven’t given it a read yet..

  593. Steve Healy says

    only a week and 2 hours and 22 minutes until the footy season starts.

    It seems like yesteray it was this day a year ago

  594. I can’t wait for the Footy Show tonight, it’s going to be great.

  595. Steve Healy says

    594- Do you who’s on?

    I think I’ll ahve to record it again

  596. I don’t know who’s on, but i’m just excited in general for it.

  597. So did anyone witness this high-speed escape thing today in Melbourne? I saw it before on the news, looked pretty bad.

  598. Steve Healy says

    No, what happened Josh.

    Just rememember my friend, Melbourne is a big place

  599. Did anyone else notice in the AFL 2010 booklet in the Herald Sun, Jon Anderson called a certain Carlton player “Anthony Carrazzo”?

  600. Steve Healy says

    599- Typical, typical, typical, typical.

    For the record, ANDREW Carrazzo was a de la sallian

  601. 600- everyone goes on about Carrazzo being hot…i dont see it!!

  602. It’s also quite out of date as evidenced by the section on Hawthorn.

    “Simon Taylor shapes as one of the most important men at the club, where the ruck stocks remain worryingly thin. With the luckless Max Bailey again sidelined after more knee surgery and Robert Campbell retired, Taylor needs to stand up. Brent Renouf and dumped Dog Wayde Skipper are also in the mix.

  603. 598: I have ‘remememebered’ that Steve, although surely you guys would have seen it on the news or something. Just an out of control bloke driving around the city recklessly with the cops chasing him, he stole a car and drove off and escaped.

  604. Steve Healy says

    remembered, you mean

  605. What did you mean in 598 then?

  606. Snap.

  607. Steve Healy says

    Oh, in comment 598, I used rememember because it is arabic for lunch time

  608. Do you do Arabic at school Steven?

  609. Steve Healy says

    my name isn’t Steven

  610. Steve Healy says


    on a completely unrelated topic, one of my friends called you John Barnes at school today lol

  611. rememember is arabic??lol

  612. Why were they talking about me and how did they royally stuff it up so badly? Lol

  613. Steve Healy says

    He said: I went on the Almanac and saw you talking to that John Barnes guy


  614. Has everyone in Waaia heard of Steve Healy?

  615. 614: A few have

    Ben Speight has been nominated as an eligible rookie for 2010, I hope he can get a game this year.

  616. ^He’s the most recent of a spate of rookie elevations.

  617. Adam,
    Pendleburybear jst made u an imaginary birthday cake. lol

  618. So it IS pronounced Spate..i thought it was Spyte.

    Haha, Levi Greenwood broke his toe putting on trackie pants while trying to walk down the stairs at his house, he fell and hit his foot on the stairs on his way down.

  619. 614- they have a billboard in Waaia with my face on it!!

  620. Steve Healy says

    More like a billboard of McDonalds, those stupid McDonalds billboards ruin a scenic country drive

  621. 618- sounds like something i would do!!

  622. If the size of a billboard is proportional to the size of the town the billboard is located in, then a billboard in Waaia would be about the size of a postage stamp.

  623. Steve Healy says

    621- Obviously, only rich bastards with two story houses would trip down stairs

  624. 618: Dagnabbit! He’s in my Supercoach team!

  625. 623- very funny considering i dont live in a two-story house!! :P
    although i dont need stairs to fall down, i am perfectly capable of tripping on a flat surface when im getting dressed in a hurry. lol

  626. 624: Lol, 2-3 week injury so he’ll be back for Round 1-3.

    Billboard? What’s that? Lol kidding.

  627. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, even if you did have one you’d still be respected by me.

    Danni , didnt you say you always get dressed in bed?

    Everyone, especially Danni, look at JTH’s latest email

  628. Damian Watson says

    Hey Danni you should help JTH out, his latest piece on the site is about texting and blogging terms and I think you have the best knowledge of those on this site.

  629. Back to a footy conversation, I read the Essendon 2010 preview in the HS today, and Jackie Epstein had Paddy Ryder at Full Forward in the best 22. Is this correct or not? I think not.

  630. Steve Healy says

    Ryder will be used more as a forward this year, Josh.

    He played well against the Dees at visy Park, and it looks like he’ll be a rotating ruck/forward and not a backman

  631. But Full Forward? I think Hille should be permanent Full Forward, with Ryder and Bellchambers as the main Ruckman.

  632. Steve Healy says

    No way, the Dons need hille is the ruck, him and Ryder would make a great combination, but of course both would be rested in the forward line?

    Can we stick to Susie’s piece for our conversation though please?

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