Round 6 – Richmond v Sydney: Altered States (or A Celebration of Brisbane Footy and Buses)

Better late than never! Ben Fenton-Smith regales with a tale of being a Tiger fan in unfriendly (or simply uncaring) territory for most of his life, before the pandemic relocated the team into his own backyard. [Worth the wait – Ed.]

Round 6 – Richmond v Sydney: Disinterest

It was only a fortnight ago, but Paddy Grindlay’s tale of watching Richmond play Sydney at a Victorian pub hurts those left in lockdown. From young teenage life stories to a flowing tab, Paddy’s story has it all on a difficult day for a Tigers fan.

Jack Riewoldt’s application of Newtonian physics

Michael Viljoen comes up with interesting takes on Newtonian physics, simple arithmetic and proposed penalties for inane television commentators. (Sign him up, Gillon! – Ed.)

2020 FEARLESS Round 6: Officially the lottery begins…games like Shakira…wherever whenever

Footy moved entirely north of the Barassi Line, and Fearless follows with his summary of Round 6 action.

Sal’s Round 6 Preview – Footy in a strange land but Caulfield back to normal

Sal’s got the inside information as always, particularly important when AFL matches are played in unusual places. Tips for Caulfield, too.

Round 6 Preview – A nation-wide weekend of season-defining contests

Sean Mortell has an eye for the contest. Here he runs it over the AFL’s Round 6 fixtures.

Round 6 – 2020 Scores and reports

Round 6 2020 scores & reports.

Round 6 – Fixture details: Where and when is your team playing?

Want to know who and where your team is playing this week? All Round 6 2020 details can be found in the footy fixture.