Round 21 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Hero match turns into losing game

St Kilda were missing Nick Riewoldt and that was a big factor in their loss to Melbourne in Round 21. Can they still make the finals in 2017?

Finding hope when all is lost

Peter Mangold watches the Dees-Saints game and spares a moment to reflect on a genuine tragedy. He concludes that hope is at the heart of it all. [Welcome Peter – JTH]

AFLM Round 21 – Melbourne v St Kilda: When “Good Grief” turns into “WTF” and then hope

Yvette Wroby and Saints fans are in recovery after the game against the Dees. Nick Riewoldt is retiring, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the season is over for the Saints. Is there such a thing as good grief?

Round 21 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Peeking out from under the veil of negativity

It was a battle to stay in finals contention, and Melbourne were superior against St Kilda. Seventh spot is currently theirs, can Dees fans get excited for September?