Round 21 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Hero match turns into losing game

St Kilda were missing Nick Riewoldt and that was a big factor in their loss to Melbourne in Round 21. Can they still make the finals in 2017?

Finding hope when all is lost

Peter Mangold watches the Dees-Saints game and spares a moment to reflect on a genuine tragedy. He concludes that hope is at the heart of it all. [Welcome Peter – JTH]

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Youth, teamwork and matching – My birthday extravaganza

Mark O’Sullivan flew down to Melbourne on his birthday to watch his Giants in action. Not only did he enjoy the win, he took in plenty of Melbourne’s culture and food.

Round 21 – West Coast v Carlton: Unrequited

Peter Fuller imagines the 2017 season as a romantic drama. If so, Carlton is having a bit of a dry spell.

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Just how good are the young guns?

Peter Fuller is a Carlton supporter but he went to this important match and had a good look at the two sides. What happened? And was it more than accuracy that won the Giants the game?

AFLM Round 21 – Melbourne v St Kilda: When “Good Grief” turns into “WTF” and then hope

Yvette Wroby and Saints fans are in recovery after the game against the Dees. Nick Riewoldt is retiring, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the season is over for the Saints. Is there such a thing as good grief?

Round 21 – Geelong v Richmond: Sleepy Hollow No More

Tigers fan Sam Steele, at Kardinia Park for the Geelong v Richmond game, has noticed the transition of Geelong from a country town to progressive city. Mirroring the rise of the city’s football club. But were the Tigers robbed?

Round 21 – Brisbane v Gold Coast: Bar the Shouting

Jamie Simmons, having spent five weeks without internet and being forced to attend the Brisbane Ballet (and enjoying it!), finds it’s the familiarity of a Gabba game day crowd that he yearns for. (So many great lines in this- ed)

An angel in our corner

Bob Murphy was the sort of player who walked the walk as well as talking the talk. Neil Anderson has penned a thank you to the man they call Bob.

Fearless 2017 Round 20 and 21 – The closest season in yonks… the 8 might just yet be a % option.

Fearless recaps all the controversy, retirements and key moments from Rounds 20 and 21.

Round 21 – West Coast v Carlton: Saturday Night Live

Andrew Cochrane was able to attend one of the last AFL games at Subiaco Oval. The Eagles barely managed to get over the line against the Blues, and now have to face the top 2 teams in the final rounds.

Round 21 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Peeking out from under the veil of negativity

It was a battle to stay in finals contention, and Melbourne were superior against St Kilda. Seventh spot is currently theirs, can Dees fans get excited for September?

Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: The Bad Times

Cam Hooke is already dreading the Bad Times that are the months between Round 23 2017 and Round 1 2018.

Round 21 Mega Post

Both South Australian teams had strong wins on the weekend with Adelaide seemingly locking in top spot. Aidan Hammond also had a big win of his own with his Walkerville Footy Club.

Round 21 – Sydney v Fremantle: Making Waves

Joe Moore gets amped, drops in and backdoors on the Swans’ Saturday afternoon barrel.

Round 21 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: Solid effort, falling short (for the Floreat Pica Society)

Port Adelaide got over the line against the Pies, but Collingwood stayed in the contest. This weekend sees a beauty against Geelong.

Round 21 – Essendon v Adelaide: International. Airport Dwellers.

Swish took in two very different but similarly enjoyable games on Saturday, GB v IRE and ESS v ADE.

Round 21 – Sydney v Fremantle: Heave Ho? Not today, Freo!

Jan Courtin watches her Swans give Freo the old heave-ho.

Round 21 – Essendon v Adelaide: Is Matt Crouch the New Garry McIntosh?

Malcolm Ashwood, revelling in another strong performance by the Crows, sees similarities between Matt Crouch and the great Garry McIntosh, while also expressing strong views on retiring players and the MRP (plus you asked for it, The Chaplin is back!!).

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Surf’s up

The orange tsunami is back. Gill Dite watches them overwhelm the reigning premier.