Sweet Saintly unshackling

Me ole’ mate Randy, a blue-bagger, is carving out solid “livin’ the dream” sectionals in Los Angeles. Mixing with “entertainment types”. Promoting cheeseburgers to their own food group. Happy snaps with Earvin Magic Johnson. Trips to Vegas. Waffles for breakfast. A pornstar resides in his apartment block. Heady days indeed. The good wife and I [Read more]

Dare to dream…..again

Prelude: This mad Monday for night footy saw Rina and I picking up Amanda from her place.  Someone had run into her car a while ago, and by next week she will have a new set of wheels.  At Amanda’s front door, we met a “fairy” in the form of her very little sister.  Once [Read more]

Perplexed, Warburton.

  Never has a club been so blessed in being sacked by its coach as St Kilda in losing Ross Lyon. Two years ago I wrote up a Carlton-St Kilda game for the Almanac.  In 45 years of watching the game I’ve seen some monumental thrashings, but always there’s been a Bobby Skilton, or even [Read more]

Nail biter

Ive bitten my fingers right down. I can barely type this because of the pain. It starts when the game starts. I’m a Carlton supporter. My Dad who I no longer have any contact with was and still is a Hawthorn supporter. I grew up going to watch Hawthorn games right throughout the 80s and [Read more]