Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: The Nothing

Jerry Rinse confronts mortality, irrelevance, nothingness… Such is the lot of a Carlton supporter after Round 3.

The twenty year old canoeist

Jerry Rinse outlines his plan of attack for the Blues as they head into next weekend’s clash with arch-rival Essendon.

We are Carlton and f*!k the rest

Almanac debutant Jerry Rinse considers the place of Carlton in the footy universe and ponders the task ahead of Mick Malthouse and his capacity to complete it. [This a People’s Elbow like heading, but that’s where the resemblance stops. Very measured from you Jerry – Ed]

Nowhere to hide

This week, Jerry Rinse heard something no Carlton player or coach has said post-loss in living memory. And it’s something he’s been waiting to hear. Mick Malthouse has transformed Carlton from within.

Fish Fingers, Aliens and losing to Essendon.

Jerry Rinse peers into the future and sees rivers of snot and a heavy tag on Marc Murphy and wonders what life has come to. [For those who want to know the outcome of a Round 11 match – Ed]

Carlton, Mick Malthouse and “process”

Despite the process in place, Carlton is still paying the price for its recent dark history. Its current batch of leaders came into the club during a dark period and absorbed it. They remain incapable of seizing an opporunity like that on Monday night.

Plato, Mick Malthouse and the Blues

OK Mick, I’m in, says Jerry Rinse.

Baulking the truth

There is no place for failure in football. I understand this. I’d make a terrible footballer, despite the fact I once kept Justin Murphy to 4.7 in an HDJFL game circa 1986….. However, I would like to know if the elite champion footballer ever hits a wall they can’t break through? Juddy, Browny, Hirdy, Buckley…you [Read more]

Nail biter

Ive bitten my fingers right down. I can barely type this because of the pain. It starts when the game starts. I’m a Carlton supporter. My Dad who I no longer have any contact with was and still is a Hawthorn supporter. I grew up going to watch Hawthorn games right throughout the 80s and [Read more]