Preseason pretence

  by Jamie Gault As we approach round three of the AFL season and start to, as the fans, settle into the 24/7 football bubble that encapsulates the community at this time of year, let’s take a moment to reflect on what has come and gone and how we got sucked in yet again. Getting [Read more]

Round 1: Crowd Behavior – The Six Golden Rules

So footy in Melbourne has kicked off and we could not have asked for any better games to kick us off. Richmond looked competitive against Carlton, Hawthorn just had the edge over Collingwood with incredible goals to Franklin and Gunston in the last quarter, and last night Hamish MacIntosh missed a shot after the siren to cost North Melbourne [Read more]

Round 1; emergency dental work, anticipation and Reality!

Thursday night football is not a family friendly timeslot. There’s kids with school the next day, stories to read and homework to be done. As such it was a ‘gently gently’ approach I took with my better half in regards to my attendance at a football match. It had been a rough week with late [Read more]


Sometimes you look forward to something and it turns out a lot differently to what you expected. I always wanted to walk the Overland Track through the Cradle Mountain–Lake St. Clair National Park in Tasmania. After a few practice rambles through places like Wilson’s Promontory, I landed in Devonport in January 1997 with a mate [Read more]

Another disappointing start for the Tigers

By – JACKSON CLARK After an impressive preseason you cannot blame Richmond supporters from being disheartened after the Tigers’ momentum came to a shuddering halt in the first round of the season. The 44-point loss to Carlton is far from catastrophic but it was certainly an anticlimactic way to start the season – something that loyal [Read more]