How the Pies keep bookies in European cars

Friday night on a crisp Canberra evening. Greeting-card sunset. Chill in the air. The High Court and the National Library looking US-grand behind the autumn reds and yellows of the trees across the Burley-Griffin’s lake. In Melbourne, people bustle. A sense of happy urgency prevails. They are invoking their footy plans (which I’ve been cc-ed [Read more]

The ‘Sore Head Loss’

Collingwood went into the Friday night blockbuster against Geelong brimming with all the confidence of Bindi Irwin. This was to be a marquee night for Mick’s maturing Pies, this was their big dance. Alas, they copped a lesson. And not just any run-of-the-mill primary school period between recess and lunch when everyone sits cross-legged in [Read more]

Cats bring cheer to a hoarse throat

By Susie Giese This game will probably never be used in a promotional package for the AFL. There were no standout performers, no exceptional displays of skill. What this game was, though, was something quintessential to the game we all love. It was a contest. Tackle after tackle, pressure to match a game being played [Read more]

Haiku Bob: Round 9- the cat’s purr

after the sky bleeds cats from every nook and cranny no moon Beams the light inside the arc the dark rises – I wait for the moon and Leon one star – the pack releases Ablett ravaged trees – the flimsiest of hopes on Caff’s boot the cold begins its creep shots drift wide footprints [Read more]

Banter and blue cheese in front of the telly

I can’t remember a home and away game ever having so much riding on it. It was indeed a battle of the titans. Collingwood, terrifyingly, were on top of the ladder and, with St Kilda hampered by the loss of Nick Riewoldt and the Bulldogs struggling to find consistency, seemingly a real chance for a [Read more]

“The Bloke” goes home disappointed

The lights on the MCG towers shine down upon the poor huddled masses with such brightness it looks like the set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It’s a Friday night in Melbourne, brisk is the air and somewhat dewy is the grass. Approaching the MCG with thousands of other football worshippers gives me [Read more]

Respite from the lounge room, but none from the Cats

Cats V Pies. By Jeffrey Paterson I get home from work, 10 past seven and my lounge room is a little to noisy for my liking so I head off to my room which is a lot quieter, I decide to listen to the footy on the radio and watch it at the same time [Read more]

Pies present as apprentices as masters do what they wanna do and be who they wanna be

conviction act of convincing, settled belief I had a vision the other night. Collingwood was on the podium holding up the Cup.  The only problems were (1) It was Paul Collingwood, and the Poms had beaten the Mike Brearley, I mean Michael Clarke – led Aussies in the Twenty 20 final, and (2) it wasn’t [Read more]

PIES VS CATS: I should have gone to the wedding party

You can learn many things in a week. On Monday, when I delivered my speech in front of the school at assembly I learnt that I would never be the next Prime Minister or put myself in that position again. On Thursday I learnt how spine chilling an atmosphere can be, when we went to [Read more]

Geelong makes its point loud and clear

So I hear there was a game on Friday night? Myself, I’ve been stuck in Outer Uzbekistan all week; so I’ve only had to trawl through a dozen or so feature articles on the Big Game. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Try explaining Cameron Ling to an Uzbeck goat herder. As far as [Read more]


The Victorian view. In potentially the most important match in the game’s illustrious history, the world champion Geelong Cats will clash with Australia’s biggest sporting club the Collingwood Football Club tonight at the greatest stadium in the world, the mighty MCG. With a potential world wide audience of seven billion people potentially tuned into this [Read more]